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The girl is in trouble. 2

Berdiansk. Started 10.5.2018

This courageous girl is 5 years old, she does not know how to walk, and without support – even to stand or sit. Each new movement and sound – the struggle of Oleschi long life. This condition of a child is a medical error. During childbirth infants weighing only 1,700 grams twist their neck. This brutal error will only be revealed in a year and a half. After the appearance of the light, the girl did not scream, only the lyrics zaprilila. Further resuscitation, life support devices and... no predictions.

Сплатити Need 37 800 UAH
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000 014 000 UAH

Beauty will save the world if we save beauty. 3

Dnipro region . Started 4.5.2018

It is a long way that Dasha Kondyuk has overcome with us – in the struggle for her health, calmness, and confidence. Slowly and gradually, the procedures of laser therapy that we and you paid together erased purple spot from Dasha's face – vascular malformation, which progressed before the treatment began, threatened with heavy bleeding and the possible development of oncology. Dasha has almost reached the goal, 9 courses are passed, 4 are left. The nearest course takes place in the summer and costs 38,950 UAH.

Сплатити Need 38 950 UAH
Still needed
000 022 719 UAH

The sad story of little Mirza. 3

Mykolaiv region. Started 8.5.2018

Mirza Izatov is a child of six-year-old who fights desperately for his life. The boy is already familiar to the UBB donors. Thanks to the support of people who are not indifferent, Mirza twice received the medicaments for treatment, for which his parents are very grateful! And now this child needs our help again!

Сплатити Need 74 400 UAH
Still needed
000 028 222 UAH

A friend who treats traumas of children

Kyiv. Started 14.5.2018

They were terribly beaten, raped, bullied. Some long time was in one room with the dead body of the mother, some people could not eat for weeks, some wandered and because of problems at home became homeless.

Сплатити Need 73 416 UAH
Still needed
000 032 552 UAH

Return the vision to the musician. 2

Odessa. Started 8.2.2018

Denis's family has already sought help from UBB donors. Thanks to the sincere support of the well-doers, Denis was surveyed at the University Hospital of Dusseldorf. But the survey cost more than it was collected on the UBB. According to invoiced accounts, the family owed the clinic 1180,76 euros. As per the results of the survey, for the restoration of visual acuity, Denis was offered scleral contact lenses, costing 2,080.00 euros. For the family of Denis, both of these sums are very big and they won’t be able to collect them on their own! So, we have to appeal to you again, dear UBB donors!

Сплатити Need 115 757 UAH
Still needed
000 083 360 UAH

Help make a miracle!

Khmelnytskyi. Started 11.5.2018

Positive and purposeful near-fifteen-year-old Darinka wants to change the world for the better and starts with herself. At present, she is already preparing for taking a state exam, as she dreams of a successful admission to the university and does not see her future without high education. Until recently, she enthusiastically engaged in sports dancing, from which she drew inspiration and received a unique charge of life energy, but... Suddenly, at one of the training sessions, she felt sick. Fainting, dizziness, shortness of breath, fell upon recently such an active Darinka like an avalanche. The diagnoses of the doctors were definitively and irrevocably confirmed after the examination at the Heart Institute, that the girl suffers congenital heart disease, a thermodynamically significant open oval window.

Сплатити Need 102 000 UAH
Still needed
000 098 058 UAH

The device will breathe, and Ivanco - live!

Kherson region. Started 26.12.2017

Van’ka hastens to live. Cystic fibrosis doesn’t give a chance to relax, but the boy doesn’t give the illness any extra day. Van’ka rides a horse, shows tricks, plays the baby at the beach, and does yoga… He does chemical experiments, and inhalations, jumps over bonfire, peeps out of the tent… You can look at his photos for hours, and listen to the stories about his life for days… Van’ka hastens to live. His lungs are late. Breathlessness and weakness require staying at home more often. But Van’ka is not going to calm down. He is dreaming about portable oxygen concentrator. Let the apparatus breathe if they lungs can’t. And Van’ka will live!

Сплатити Need 118 900 UAH
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000 102 349 UAH

Let’s not allow problems to grow with Misha

Dnipro. Started 18.4.2018

Again our unique Misha needs help. He is unique not only for his rare disease, but also for the amazing strength of spirit and the ability to enjoy life in spite of difficulties. There are a lot of difficulties: edema, pain, long healings on the legs, bleeding right through the pores on the skin. These are just symptoms, and there are a number of really serious threats. To remove for the near future from the boy the risk of embolism, a stroke, a heart attack, in the summer he needs to undergo an operation in a German clinic.

Сплатити Need 350 000 UAH
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000 188 351 UAH

Yesenia hopes for your help! 4

Kryvyi Rih. Started 21.5.2018

Yesenia is a girl with a poetic name and a hard fate. Few of the adults could bear the loss, which suffered the crumb one month after birth. She fell ill and lost her mother. Father and her relatives do everything to put Yesenia on her feet and compensate for her mother's love...

Сплатити Need 489 000 UAH
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000 472 913 UAH

I run for the sake of children's smiles. Ekateryna Gavrilenko

Dnipro. Started 16.5.2018

My name is Ekaterina Gavrilenko, I'm an employee of the CF "Pomogaem" and in the race almost a rookie. I was led to a charitable action by our foundation, and when it was over, I did not quit my morning jogs – so my work and life are closely intertwined with me. Now I'm running so that the smiles on the faces of children from the oncology department of the Dnieper appear more often!

Сплатити Need 3 000 UAH
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000 000 999 UAH