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Help us make the first steps! 3

Kyiv. Started 4.6.2020

Valeria and Denis are twins, and from birth they have been suffering from cerebral palsy. Both of them could not sit on their own, walk... But willpower and constant treatment bring their results, and today these 9-year-old brothers and sister show incredible achievements. And a great merit in this is yours, dear donors! 

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Save the children from allergies!

Zaporizhia. Started 22.6.2020

Wonderful warm summer! How anxiously our children are waiting for it! For Zaporizhzhia region, the industrial and metallurgical centre of Ukraine, summer is also the time for unpleasant surprises – the detection of mass episodes of bronchial asthma among children, severe allergic rhinitis. Incidence rates in the region differ significantly from other regions of Ukraine, which are not subject to industrial pollution. Under such conditions, plant pollen acquires particularly aggressive properties.

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She dreams of using her left hand same way she does her right one

Odessa. Started 27.3.2020

Looking at the photos of this beautiful girl it is hard to believe how difficult her life is. Valeria was born healthy. Later in life, her parents began to notice she started to have health problems. Examinations showed that Valeria had cerebral palsy and left-side hemiparesis. Since then, the girl regularly undergoes rehabilitation treatment courses. But the left hand does not work at all. Valeria underwent surgery but unfortunately the last operation on the wrist was not successful.

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Save the heart of Evdokim Kolesnikov. 2

Zakarpattia region. Started 25.5.2020

Three years ago, you saved the Evdokimchik's heart. Exactly three years ago, the boy underwent urgent heart surgery and removed the high pressure in the right ventricle using two stands. The boy survived only thanks to this operation. But now he needs surgery again. Again on the heart, and again time is not waiting. In 2013, Evdokim was doing a radical correction of the pulmonary artery is the artery it is necessary to install a special biological conduit, lest grief. 

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000 038 526 UAH

Save the lives of babies. Ternopil

Ternopil. Started 30.6.2020

Unfortunately, there are more and more children who are born prematurely. They appear tiny with small lungs and want to breathe deeply. It is vital to monitor the pulse of a premature baby constantly, since the pulse is very weak. Conventional medical equipment is not suitable for such patients. We need special extra-sensitive devices for monitoring pulse and oxygen saturation for newborns in the Neonatal Center of the Ternopol Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. 

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000 039 749 UAH

Save Diyanych Oleksandra

Zakarpatia region. Started 3.7.2020

Oleksandra grew up a healthy girl, cheerful and happy, but at the age of 12, happiness turned into a terrible grief. Then the doctors made Sasha a terrible diagnosis – a tumor of the fourth ventricle of the brain (papillary ependymoma). Doctors quickly reacted by having surgery, and trouble knocks on the door again... During the operation, the child had a hemorrhage, and Alexandra fell into a coma for a month and a half. Now the child has come out of the coma, and again happiness seems to be turning away... The girl is lying without any movement – complete inaction.

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000 066 625 UAH

Together Against Blood Cancer

Ukraine. Started 1.7.2020

Do you want to help a person in the fight against blood cancer? You can do it! UBMDR creates a register of bone marrow donors. A donor is a person who gives a chance to life to children and adults with blood cancer and other diseases. More than 1,200 potential donors are registered in the Ukrainian Register of Bone Marrow Donors. The register searches for donors for young Ukrainians at the request of OKHMATDYT hospital, in its database and in the world register. 

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000 084 347 UAH

Give the smallest air

Odessa. Started 9.4.2020

A small heart is of great importance in the life of each of us! Probably each of us dreams of becoming a parent: kind, sensitive, fair and a little crazy. The appearance of a child in a family is a holiday, a new stage in life, new emotions and much, much more. But let us look at this event through the prism of parents whose children were born special... In this case, with congenital heart defects, i.e. the heart is not functioning properly. 

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Help feed Mikhail. 3

Luhansk region. Started 10.6.2020

Misha is one of the most difficult among our wards. Congenital disease cystic fibrosis has led to the destruction of the liver. The issue of transplantation is hanging in the air (how and where? It is not yet clear). On the one hand, organ transplantation is an extreme measure, on the other hand, in order to get to such an operation, you need to be in relatively good shape: the operation is difficult as well as life after it. Like it or not, Misha needs to keep as fit as possible, to have as much strength as possible. 

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Misha is a real fighter! 2

Vinnytsia region. Started 18.5.2020

Even before the birth of the boy, mother knew that her son already had health problems. She knew, but could not change anything. Doctors did not give any guarantees regarding the condition of the baby after birth, but little Misha survived. Despite all the diagnoses. Because Misha is a real fighter. 

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