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Two lives but one hope. 4

Kryvyi Rih. Started 22.2.2017

Our colleagues have already raised funds these magical kids, and now to help them continues our Foundation. Vanyia and Mykyta now 3 years old, and during this time they have gone through a lot. The boys were born in a very close-knit family where mom and dad loved each other and were looking forward to the birth of their sons as to a real miracle. The fairy tale ended very soon – the kids from the first days were in intensive care. Unable to bear this, their father died and mother left alone with her two children. Do not leave them alone!

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000 010 650 UAH

Kurazh Bazar. Opening of the season

Kiev. Started 15.3.2017

Kurazh Bazar is the biggest flea market of Kiev, and we invite everyone to the opening of the season. On 25-26 March at the art factory Platforma we will enjoy the spring, to update your wardrobe and help premature babies!

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000 011 290 UAH

Help Alisa after clinical death!

Kherson region. Started 20.3.2017

The parents named their daughter Alisa. And for two years the girl lived like in a fairy tale, or rather in Wonderland – grew by leaps and bounds, parents were happy living together with their child. But once misfortune knocked at their door. This happened in September 2014. Alisa’s father Andrii was at work, her mother Viktoria was busy at the house, and their daughter Alisa was playing in the yard, next to a small inflatable pool. Incorrect movement – and the girl fell down into the pool. When parents found her, the baby was not breathing.

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000 016 863 UAH

To save the son of the defender

Kiev region. Started 14.3.2017

"Dear friends! I ask for Your help. My youngest son, Melnyk Pavlo, is being treated at Kyiv regional Oncology clinic with a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, high-risk group. From October 2016 he carried out a series of chemotherapy. Now he is carried out unit HR-2. This treatment requires funds for the purchase of medicines, specialized nutrition.

Сплатити Need 70 000 UAH
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000 022 203 UAH

Save Nadia!

Kiev. Started 10.6.2016

The most important thing in the life of every person - is family. Parents, marrieds, children. When someone from the family is sick, it's unspeakable pain. The pain, which compresses the throat, squeezes the heart, does not  allow you to sleep, to live, to enjoy, to breathe.

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000 026 010 UAH

Let's help the little Dandelion!

Kherson region. Started 23.2.2017

Why can little hearts get sick? Sometimes because they lack love! Naughty little Dandelion – so wanted to call restless Victoria two years ago. The unruly hair out on the sides, and behind the eyes lies a sadness because the girl never knew my mother's tenderness and love. It's seven years the girl lived with priceless treasures – three brothers and one far too heavy for her slim children's hangers – heart disease.

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000 033 697 UAH

Save Viktoria’s leg!

Rivne region. Started 20.2.2017

Vika does not want to lose her leg. She wants to go dancing with her friends, to run in sports competitions, to ride a bicycle. But she cannot because one of her legs is shorter than the other by more than 10 centimeters. Viktoria won over the oncology disease – osteosarcoma. She was hospitalized for more than a year and she underwent several surgeries.

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000 442 842 UAH

My children are my wings

Zaporizhzhia. Started 18.1.2017

Thirteen-year-old boys usually dream about a shining career of a football player, a new cellphone, round-the-world journeys and new discoveries. Danil’s big dream is both surprising and shocking – this boy wants to move freely and bend his knee.

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Oksana Stebelska I'm running to thank a hero

Kyiv. Started 16.3.2017

We often ask ourselves what good and useful things can we give to the mankind and the country? Do we do enough to make the world a better place?

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Solomia Vitvitska: I'm running to thank the hero

Kiev. Started 10.3.2017

We want to dedicate the first race in the First Kyiv Half Marathon on April 9 to one of the participants of the project "Victors" Oleksii Avanesian who lost his leg in August 2014 in Starobeshevo (at the Ilovayskovo Caldron Battle). He is a real hero!

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000 001 295 UAH