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Responsive Yuliana overcome cancer!

Kiev. Started 7.2.2019

Yuliana is a young girl who has recently worked, dreamed about her own family and children, worked good. More recently, she herself helped people, collected the necessary things for orphanages in the Kiev region. But suddenly Yuliana suffered a disease. Tumor... 

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Mom, I have no childhood! 2

Donetsk region. Started 21.1.2019

Eve sits at the table and colors a funny picture. The girl is 11 years old and she is absolutely no different from her peers. We visited Eva in a rehabilitation center where she is undergoing treatment. Why does she need treatment? The girl hardly gets up from the table and we see how, in the literal sense, the earth moves away from under her feet. 

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Alisa and her wonderland

Vinnytsia region. Started 4.12.2018

Blue eyes, long braid – her name is Alisa. She looks like a dreamy girl, but she is thirty-one already, and she has cerebral palsy. She practically cannot move her arms and legs. Old retired parents carry Alisa in a wheelchair. Alisa is intelligent, intellectually developed, interested in everything and she loves to learn. One day, this family visited Dr. Bersenev’s Medical Centre. The girl has been getting treatment courses for many years. It helps to relieve her ailment. 

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Surgery is a saved hand

Odessa. Started 8.2.2019

Yan just went to the first grade and did not even have time to get acquainted with all his classmates when he was diagnosed with shoulder bone cancer. Yan knows perfectly what his diagnosis means and that he needs long-term treatment. Yan also understands that his mom doesn’t have the money for treatment. The woman is a single parent, his father abandoned the family long ago and wasn’t interested in his son’s life. His son whose hand now has to be saved from amputation. 

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To breathe and live. Cost of freedom. 2

Ivano-Frankivsk. Started 5.11.2018

"It'll soon be a year that I haven’t left my room, for behind its doors there's this sickening feeling of shortness of breath. And I'm just 21 and eager to live. I was stable till 17 years of age – I went to school, attended many sports sections. Ever since I'd been diagnosed with a genetic disease of cystic fibrosis at 5 years of age I've been adhering to a strict daily schedule – a bunch of pills, inhalations, breathing exercises, antibiotics… This has helped me to keep on for quite a while." Igor is an adult, he's already 21 and he doesn't need mediators to speak on his behalf no longer, he communicates with his doctors and various foundations on his own. 

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Surviving boy

Kiev. Started 23.1.2019

In early March last year, near the station "Troieshchyna-2", drivers of the Kiev city electric train picked up a child without consciousness. It was a boy with serious injuries. They called for an emergency ambulance, which took the child to the hospital where the boy was operated. Then it turned out that it was 11-year-old Danylo Bartosh, who was returning home from school. For 10 months doctors have been struggling for his life. He is alive but in a difficult condition. The child needs a long-term rehabilitation and medical support. 

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Buy breath for Yana

Lutsk. Started 15.1.2019

Yana is a 26-year-old young girl who dreams of walking and living without dyspnea. Yana dreams about her own family with children and feels like everyone else. But this is not possible. Since birth Yana suffers from a disease, so she struggles with her illness throughout her life. She has an inferior heart disease that has led to pulmonary hypertension. Pulmonary hypertension is a rare, incurable progressive disease that prevents a young girl from fully walking, moving, and even breathing. 

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Do not let the story end

Poltava region. Started 29.1.2019

"Please do not put a period, this is not the end! Life must go on!", Artem's parents asked doctors. But onco-hematologists of OKHMATDYT have eliminated his son from the list of children with perspectives. They have failed to overcome the congenital lymphoblastic leukemia in the 1.5-year-old Artem Makhno with standard protocols of chemotherapy. After quick relapse doctors have sent the child home, offering parents to prepare for the worst. But there are methods to help Artemka already well-known in the world. 

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Simple things for Diana's happiness

Kryvyi Rih. Started 6.12.2018

Diana was born on the St. Panteleimon's Day, the birth was very difficult, the girl was born blue, but the happy parents could not think about the bad. At the crumbs on the first day of life was diagnosed with physiological jaundice, which lasted 3 months and was the cause of the death of brain cells. 

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Lada's Birthday for Danila

Kyiv. Started

Hello. My name is Lada Tesfaye.

February, 17 is my birthday.

My attitude to this day is quite simple. I never make plans in advance. I’m not waiting fo congratulations and presents. But this year I would like to make a remarkable birthday gift to myself. I want to give Danil an opportunity to write stories, read fantasy, help his parents to take care about his younger sister again.

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