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I want to run on morning dew. 2017

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 22.12.2016

We don't value what we have in our lives... In the fast moving life we often do not have time for simple things like to thank God for being healthy and able to walk... So many of us don't. I could have been one of these too. If grief didn't come into my life.

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Nutrition of premature born babies

Kiev. Started 26.12.2016

Prematurely born children, especially if they are born weighing less than 1500, aren't capable to receive and acquire enough feedstuffs, even when feeding via the probe. The large volume of food is necessary for rapid growth of the kid, and the sizes of a stomach are still very small, also activity of digestive enzymes is reduced. Therefore to such children carry out a parenteral nutrition.

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To breathe and live. Cost of freedom

Ivano-Frankivsk . Started 27.12.2016

It seems it is the first fund-raising for such a thing in Ukraine. This is about the oxygen device which can be carried on the shoulder. This is about a person, who cannot breathe by himself, but he should not be in the intensive care unit, he is not stuck to the socket at home. This is about a man who is seriously ill... but free. To breathe and to live. The price of freedom is UAH 70 000.

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000 023 163 UAH

Save the heart of Masha Kozachok

Kiev. Started 16.1.2017

Looking at this smiling baby with big blue eyes you would never say that she really needs our help. Maria was born on 1 July 2016. On the third day after birth the child has established a disappointing diagnosis: congenital heart defect – patent ductus arteriosus.

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000 029 624 UAH

Save my sunshine!

Poltava region. Started 12.1.2017

In the body of a three-year old Karolina there is an evil tumor that affected her female organs. The doctors did everything possible to stop the spread of the disease. Unfortunately, now they can offer only a surgery to remove all the organs of the pelvis, or treatment abroad.

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000 559 576 UAH

My dream is to be a support to the ill father

Zaporizhia. Started 13.1.2017

Sveta is 38 years old, looking at her pictures and reading her posts in social networks, one would never say that she cannot move and feels constant pain. Sveta has reuhmathoid arthritis in joint-visceral form. Her big and small joints are also affected as well as internal organs.

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Million per thousand healthy hearts

Kiev. Started 26.12.2016

The photo of the child with a heart defect will cause us to pity and rather desire to help, but because of the treatment of this child is that such a team of professionals who urgently need a device that will allow doctors to perform surgeries without cutting chest and x-ray activity for children and adults. This unit - one for the whole hospital. In the year he saves the lives of more than 400 children and adults.

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Jump to healing

Khmelnytskyi. Started 1.12.2016

Five monthes of exhausting blocks of chemotherapy gave nothing for 4 year old Yaroslav. Only bone marrow transplantations from an unrelated donor abroad will give him a chance for life.

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002 865 250 UAH

Twins – one dream for two. 2

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 13.1.2017

Dear friends! Last October due to your help our boys has passed the first treatment course in Truskavets. It was very successful and effective. We don't want to stop at the first success, but to move on we can only with your support. Let's remind you the history of our wards.

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Let's support the kid in the fight against leukemia! 3

Dnipropetrovsk region, Tsarichanka. Started 16.1.2017

Step by step Sasha is going to win, to a life without pain and happy childhood! This way continues the daily struggle of Sasha Samokisha for his dream, such a simple and difficult to achieve: to be healthy!

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