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In order to live a small Toma needs to constantly take medication! 2

Kiev region. Started 6.10.2017

Toma Lopatina from the town Bila Tserkva is already two and a half years old. From birth, she lives with a granulomatous disease. This genetic disease belongs to the primary immunodeficiencies, which the domestic physicians began to diagnose relatively recently. Today, only about 700 cases have been recorded for the whole of Ukraine.

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When your own body says "no!"

Kiev. Started 18.10.2017

Little Yaroslava likes traveling with her grandpa, swimming in the river, listening to music; she also likes visiting friends and giving gifts. When you are just six years old, you want to be friends with everyone in the world and to learn everything you can. But Yaroslava's own body, imprisoned by spasticity, tells her "no". To eat a cookie by herself, to brush her own hair, to crawl up to a favorite toy is a trial and an accomplishment for Yaroslava. The doctors say that she should be able to walk, but for that to happen, she must have surgery according to the Ulzibat technique.

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Defeat the fateful event

Cherkasy region. Started 23.10.2017

16-year-old Karina Olefir from the Zolotonosha city is a first-year student of the Cherkassy Medical Academy. On October 14, she had a misfortune: together with her friend Vlad, at the pedestrian crossing, they shot down Zhiguli. The children were taken to the regional children's hospital. Karina suffered a pelvis as a result of the accident. For the operation and rehabilitation of the girl need money, which the family does not have.

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Help put children on their feet! 2

Zaporizhia. Started 11.10.2017

In the 28th week of pregnancy Natalia started bleeding, she was peeled off of the placenta. By cesarean section, she gave birth to twins: a boy and long-awaited girl. Then saved and the mother and her children. The first boy was born with a weight of 1.55 kg and an increase of 41 see He wasn't breathing, I was connected to a ventilator. The second was a girl with a weight of 1.23 kg and a growth of 38 cm Two and a half months they were in OPN daily drip, the procedure associated with intrauterine infection.

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A boy-reed

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 12.10.2017

Imperfect osteogenesis is a case of bones breaking down in an even place. For his 9 years, Sergii suffered over 50 fractures: he leaned on his elbow – and got a fracture of his hands, took off his sock or lingered slightly on another foot – a hip fracture. He just has removed the old gypsum, as again gets fractures. There are full eyes of tears, terrible pain – all these child experiences almost every month. Doctors state – the worst of all, fractures will continue, and it the boy has to accept it.

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Help Dania live fully

Rivne region. Started 5.10.2017

"I wish all children were healthy and my son is among them! He's such a little angel and from the very childhood knows what trouble is. Though it is still small already understands that's not like all healthy children. You should have seen his eyes when he looks at kids who run and play.

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Save the future of the rescuer!

Rivne region. Started 12.7.2017

"From the very beginning of my life, everything went wrong. Something was wrong with my body. We had to correct one or the other defect. I am very grateful to my parents and doctors that they "repaired" my body while helping to develop and strengthen my spirit. I did not hank, was positive, smiled to the whole world. I decided that fate quizzes my strength. I was ready to go through it to become strong вecause I want to be a rescuer. But the fate brought me another terrible test – cancer.

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Running for little kids

Kyiv. Started 12.9.2017

Annually in the world about 15 000 000 children are born prematurely. This is an average of every 10th child. Prematurely born children are a special category: they are very tiny and weak, their body functions are still immature. A child born to a weight of less than 1500 grams, faces problems with the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems. His life depends on correct and modern nursing.

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I will manage to overcome cerebral palsy

Poltava region. Started 29.9.2017

Oleg Dovgal has been suffering from a severe cerebral palsy disease for more than 11 years. A difficult life was given to the boy. Oleg has been fighting for his life since birth, from the first minutes of his life! The child was born disabled due to the heavy labor and medical malpractice. First resuscitation, then children's neurological department and the terrible diagnosis - cerebral palsy.

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Grow up, Nastia!

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 9.10.2017

"I always knew that I would name my daughter Nastya as the heroine of many fairy tales", said a mother of this little girl. She was confident from the first day of pregnancy that she would have a girl. When Anastasia was born, her parents were very happy! Her big brother Nazar was most happy.

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