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Signal for help from little patients. 5

Ivano-Frankivsk. Started 21.6.2017

The Department of premature-born children of Ivano-Frankivsk Region's Children's Clinical Hospital treats newborns with weight 500-2500 gr. 80% of them need oxygen support. But oxygen, in addition to its healing properties, and has many side effects. In order to obtain the positive effect of oxygen therapy, it is necessary to determine the saturation of blood and oxygen to tissues by a special device – a pulse oximeter. The aim of the project is to purchase 1 pulse oximeter for Ivano-Frankivsk Region's Children's Clinical Hospital.

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000 018 396 UAH

Medical mistake is not a verdict.

Dnepr. Started 3.8.2017

Eight years ago, our family was waiting for our little boy Mikhailik. The child was born healthy and for me was the most beautiful baby in the world. Until two years Mikhailik not very different from other kids. But then we began to notice that he does not understand the inverse language and his speech is not developed. We turn to nevropatolohiv, took a bunch of drugs. The child was very hyperactive and nervous, it was very difficult.

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Vadik fights against epilepsy

Dnipropetrovsk. Started 22.4.2016

Vadim Ruban was born while his mother Julia was studying at university. The baby was growing and progressing properly pleasing mommy. But their happiness didn’t last over a year. Once when Vadim was 10 months he fainted for some minutes. Ever since such bouts were frequent. Doctors said ‘Never mind’ and didn’t diagnose before the boy turned 3 though the progress of the child has stopped. Just then frightening word ‘epilepsy’ was told.

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000 024 820 UAH

MIBG therapy for Liliia! Stage 2

Kharkiv. Started 2.8.2017

Liliia is too small to realize what is happening to her. Mom somehow tries to explain why she has to endure painful injections or take bitter "magic" pills. The girl was hospitalized for almost a year before she completed a treatment protocol. In June Liliia underwent MIBG scanning in Italy. We raised funds for it here on UBB. Unfortunately, the result was not comforting as the remnants of the tumor were detected.

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000 138 386 UAH

She's one in a million!

Kyiv. Started 7.8.2017

One Ukrainian schoolgirl in a million chooses journalism. Inna Zhmud is the one, one in a million. She has made hundreds of packages which have helped thousands of people to save children, to reach out to thick-skinned utility service providers, to stand upon their right and stick up for their rights. And now Inna herself needs help. And again she is one in a million. In a million of oncology patients, there is only one similar case. Adrenocortical carcinoma of the left agrenal gland. Ukrainian doctors have done their best. But such cases are not cured in Ukraine. Germany has tackled the case.

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I will hear!

Dnipro. Started 15.8.2017

Loving parents, common plans, goals, care. The greatest happiness is daughter! Pleasant саses, the organization of the first birthday, the first (!) – a joy for a young family. Two weeks before the long-awaited holiday, the parents sensed something was amiss, due to the fact that, to some very loud sound, from which all those present jerked and turned, Milochka did not even blink... everyone panicked, began to test in various ways the reaction to sound, but it wasn’t there.

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000 196 330 UAH

Without a kidney, there is no life!

Kiev. Started 20.6.2017

Four months after the birth of Bogdan, they were hospitalized in a serious condition in "Okhmatdet", in the intensive care unit of chronic diseases. Diagnosis of a boy: a kidney disease of the 5th degree, bilateral hydronephrosis, congenital anomaly of the development of the urinary system. Later, the doctors delivered another neurologic diagnosis, which, as it turned out, was withdrawn. Almost four months, Bogdan spent in the hospital.

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002 534 390 UAH

Happy childhood for Az

Kharkiv. Started 4.8.2017

The young girl Aza, who lives in the Kharkov Region of the Ukraine has a rare name and a rare genetic disorder--cystic fibrosis. This illness affects the entire body, including lungs, the digestive system, and the liver. Children with cystic fibrosis can survive and grow only if they get daily treatment--pills, breathing treatments, special exercises...

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Support Bogdana in the treatment of blood cancer! 2

Poltava region. Started 9.8.2017

A charming girl named Bogdana is already familiar to UBB donors. Thanks to the support of not indifferent people, she received the necessary medicament Revolad for treatment. Bogdany's parents are grateful to the UBB donors for their help! And now the girl needs of our support again!

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Сosiness for premature born babies. Kyiv. 2

Kiev. Started 15.8.2017

The first house of Neterplyachki (prematurely born children) is the plastic transparent boxing. Their first bed is the twisted up towels and diapers. And they so want to convolve and fall asleep in warm mother cuddles. Unfortunately, sometimes is so, that a child forces to be in boxing long time and cuddles of parents for him only on-schedule and on a limit time.

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