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The signal that saves kids. 2

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 3.1.2019

The Department of premature-born children of Ivano-Frankivsk Region's Children's Clinical Hospital treats newborns with weight 500-2500 gr. 80% of them need oxygen support. But oxygen, in addition to its healing properties, and has many side effects. In order to obtain the positive effect of oxygen therapy, it is necessary to determine the saturation of blood and oxygen to tissues by a special device – a pulse oximeter. The aim of the project is to purchase 1 pulse oximeter for Ivano-Frankivsk Region's Children's Clinical Hospital. 

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000 020 907 UAH

You can save the Mozart from Rivne!

Rivne. Started 3.12.2018

This boy's name is Francysk, he is 6 years old and he is the sixth child in the family. In 2016, he was diagnosed with multisensory alalia – a disease that interferes with hearing, perceiving speech, and even moving. Now he barely speaks, but he really wants... to play the violin! This incredible boy is already called the Mozart from Rivne. 

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000 034 458 UAH

To return the opportunity to walk! 5

Odessa. Started 22.8.2018

You already know Kristina Buivol. This summer she has improved greatly. Very good results have been obtained just for several months. There can be nothing more heartwarming for the parents to see their child making progress. “Mom, today I stood by myself for several minutes, I made a couple of steps, kept balance and was walking with a stick!” These words of Kristina are good news for the parents after she stays in a wheelchair for 4 years! Now her eyes shine and she wants to live! She became more persevering and self-assured – now she is a quite another person. 

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000 052 504 UAH

He saves the nation, she fights for life

Kiev. Started 15.1.2019

2 bone marrow transplants, a lot of chemistry, weeks of high temperature, fainting, muscle atrophy – all this has been experienced by Irina for the last year, the wife of the ATO warrior, she has been struggling with aplastic anemia of severe degree for more than 10 long years. He fights freedom for each of us, but can not win the health of his wife. 

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000 061 675 UAH

So that a sunny baby can breathe

Dnipropetrovsk region . Started 28.12.2018

Of the 2.5 years of life, almost half are in intensive care, 10 heart surgeries, multiple severe infections, days in the hospital are more than days at home. Lungs didn’t learn to breathe well. For the first time, the baby was able to be taken home for the first birthday - along with an oxygen device operating from an outlet. You won't connect it in the train, you often have to go to the hospital, and every trip is not for the weak-nerved: the lips are blue, the face is white, the baby suffocates. The sunny baby needs a portable oxygen machine so that he can breathe wherever he is. 

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000 108 667 UAH

A boy-reed. 2

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 14.1.2019

Serhii Petryshyn has a brittle bone disease. His bones can break at any moment even just from standing on his feet. He always breaks legs or arms, often several bones simultaneously. Serhiy suffers from a hideous pain. The boy can wear a cast for several months. As soon as he takes the cast off, other bones are broken.  

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Put the boy on the legs. 2

Vinnytsia region. Started 20.9.2018

This story is about how viral encephalitis has crippled the childhood of a newborn baby. This happened when Nikita was 11 months old. Before that, he was a healthy boy, in his 7 months he walked, holding on to the support. But suddenly the baby enters the intensive care unit. During the day, Nikita lost all his skills and forgot everything he knew before... 

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000 178 994 UAH

Help not to get to boarding school!

Dnipro region . Started 26.11.2018

Lyonchik and Lyonushka – so affectionately call his parents. He is 5 years old, but so far he speaks only individual words. He is five, but in his family, he is 4 years old. Prior to that, he lived in the Krivyi Rih Children's House. In June 2014, he met Yulia and Vadim, and in July he became their son. And in the autumn after the examination, the audiologist, without particularly choosing the expression, told mom and dad: “Your child does not hear. He will lag behind in development and the boarding school shines for him". 

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000 336 196 UAH


Sumy and Dnipro region. Started 24.7.2018

DO IT is a charity project of HR Network company aimed at providing equipment for Ukrainian hospitals, where children and adults with respiratory problems receive help. 

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Give Misha a chance to survive. 3

Vinnytsia region. Started 18.12.2018

When Misha's mother was pregnant with a child, doctors said that her boy had intrauterine growth retardation and the size of his head was less than the norm. And then – like a button the head – deformity and smoothness of the convolutions, hypoplasia of the corpus callosum, spastic tetraparesis and coloboma of both eyes. Misha was born prematurely by cesarean...

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