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Roma cannot go on without treatment. 3

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 17.9.2019

Last September, thanks to kind-hearted people, Roma could go to the clinic for rehabilitation. And in October the boy made his first independent steps – without support! Then he received more medication and, of course, did everyday exercises with his parents. However, now it is not enough: the boy’s hand and leg are still not working well. One more rehabilitation cycle is needed at the clinic under the supervision of professionals but the parents are not able to pay for it. 

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From the playground to the hospital

Odessa. Started 29.8.2019

Maxym was born and grew up a healthy and active boy. He was well known for his huge blue eyes and playfulness. On the 3rd of May in 2019, everything changed. Having fun at the local playground, the boy fell from a low slide landing on his head. Maxim had a severe head injury. Since then, his parents and doctors have been fighting for his life.  

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All-conquering laughter

Dnipro. Started 15.4.2019

If you have ever been in a hospital, remember: how often did a good mood accompany you there? We assume that only when they found out about the upcoming discharge. But a good mood in the hospital is worth its weight in gold: it increases the number of endorphins in the blood, which directly affect the immune system, that is, the ability of the body to fight the disease! To raise the level of these endorphins is the main purpose of our favorite team "Doctor Clown Dnipro". 

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Let’s help the fragile Dima! 3

Zhytomyr region. Started 5.9.2019

Dmytro was born with chromosomal abnormalities, an abnormality in the development of the upper palate and a delay in psycho-speech development. For already 8 years, a fragile boy has been struggling with these diagnoses for the right to be healthy and independent. This diagnosis knocked the earth out from under the feet of the boy’s parents. Then it became clear: it will not be easy. However, love for his son and a desire to put him on his feet was stronger than any fears, and parents began to fight along with their Dmytro. Behind many rehabilitation courses that have yielded results. 

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Cerebral palsy and great achievements of Illia. 2

Kiev region. Started 7.10.2019

You already know this smiling boy — Ilya Kravchenko Serhiiovych. He comes from Makariv, Kyiv region. He is a very cheerful, positive, kind, fidgety, curious and talented child, who loves watching informative scientific films, reading books about nature and doing creative work (modeling, appliquéing, painting, singing and dreaming). He goes to “Suzirya” studio and with the help of his mom wrote his first poetry:

Spare no paints and paint magnificently,
The beautiful exhibitions and wishes will be!
Paint your life brightly, and then you will see
How the creations more superb become!

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Bandages are my companions for life! 2

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 11.9.2019

Having a baby is the happiest moment in a parent's life. At first, you look forward to the appearance of a little angel, and then there is a great overwhelming desire to hug him. And it is very painful when you cannot do it because your arms can cause unbearable pain because your baby is not like everyone, but special because he was born with a rare genetic disease – bullous epidermolysis. The slightest pressure on the skin causes damage to the skin. Unfortunately, this is the diagnosis diagnosed by little Vladyslava. 

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Wake up slim

Chernivtsi region. Started 2.7.2019

Galyna is only 29 years old. Half of her life she struggles with the disease and suffers daily pain. She is trying to survive psychologically. After all, when a young and beautiful girl has a hump on her back, it is worth a lot of effort to hide it from prying eyes, and even more to perceive it herself. Galina believes that one morning she will wake up slim and full of strength! Let's help her in this, it is quite real! 

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Greeteng from the world of silence

Kharkiv region. Started 3.9.2019

"THE MARATHON IS OVER. IT IS DEFEAT". Such words 25-year-old Iryna Sholik wrote on her Facebook page. “I was looking for all possible ways, knocking on all doors, doing everything I could do. However, I have to admit my defeat. I did not cope with the task." Iryna set herself the goal and timing of her marathon when the world was losing sounds and colors for her. For 270 days girl tried to raise money for a cochlear implant. 

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It's not too late, I'll go! 5

Donetsk region. Started 9.10.2019

Every boy dreams of a brand new shiny bike. To drive it down the street, while scaring pigeons. So that the wind burns your face and gets tangled in your hair. To be an adult and independent of mom. Andrey does not dare to dream about it. Andrew wants to learn how to walk. Andrey has cerebral palsy. Having overcome meningoencephalitis in infancy, the boy lost the opportunity to physically develop like all healthy children. In order to overcome the consequences of a terrible disease, the child needs to exercise a lot and persistently, both in specialized rehabilitation centers and at home.

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A complicated Ryta’s story

Odessa region. Started 3.10.2019

What a complicated story of Margarita... Pregnancy in the mother of the baby proceeded well, without complications. Rita was born on time, everything should be fine. But on the next day after birth, everything changed: the girl had a rash on her arms and legs, her body temperature dropped to 35, Rita stopped eating. A few hours later, the girl was taken to intensive care with convulsions and respiratory arrest...

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