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Let’s help the fragile Dima! 2

Zhytomyr region. Started 6.3.2018

It's hard to imagine the feel of parents when they find out that they will have a son, how happy the father is, how they expect the birth of their first child, the time of birth is coming, a long-awaited son is born, but... it turns out that the boy has an anomaly of development of the upper sky. Doctors diagnose: Dima has chromosomal abnormalities, delayed psycho-speech development.

Сплатити Need 30 000 UAH
Still needed
000 018 860 UAH

Specialist for Viktoria. 3

Kiev. Started 15.2.2018

With your help Vika was provided with special food for 2 years. She is stronger and already studying in the second grade (teachers come to her home). But... without food a girl can not lose weight. She has a very dangerous disease – spinal muscular amyotrophy. She cannot walk, cannot sit without support, cannot lift the arms of gravity and generally cannot raise her hands up. All this is due to weak muscles. But her condition can be improved if you take medicine, vitamins and a complex of amino acids. Victoria also needs special food, because she is very ill gaining weight.

Сплатити Need 37 908 UAH
Still needed
000 019 762 UAH

Save the heart Viktoriia Mykhalska

Ternopil. Started 12.4.2018

The parents of this girl hoped that a miracle would happen, and the vice in her heart would eventually disappear. However, a miracle did not happen, and 6-year-old Vika still lives with congenital defects – an open arterial duct and an open oval window. Doctors sound alarmed because they urgently need to be treated with an occluder and a spiral, and his parents should buy it themselves. However, the price of the implants is extremely large for the family.

Сплатити Need 123 215 UAH
Still needed
000 030 015 UAH

Life is expensive!

Chornomorsk. Started 4.4.2018

In 2015, the life of Denys and all his family turned upside down, when the boy was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Over the past two and a half years, Denis suffered a lot – bone marrow transplantation, daily procedures, administration of medications and sometimes intolerable pain, isolation from friends, relatives. Not every adult can even imagine it! On August 12, 2016, Denis came through BMT in Turkey, and the results were good at first. However, six months later, aggravation began – the necrosis of the bones and tissues of the lower leg developed and he stopped walking. Then, necrosis developed in the hip joints.

Сплатити Need 300 000 UAH
Still needed
000 158 211 UAH

Let Mykyta live! 6

Vinnytsia region. Started 7.3.2018

Half year ago, Mykyta's parents stopped hoping that, perhaps, suddenly their son would get up and walk himself. Six months ago, his parents decided to act gradually and clearly plan what exactly Mykyta needs from the next rehabilitation. Six months ago, they know that in China there is a unique method of treating such children as Mykyta. Then they decided to fly to the Middle Kingdom and find out whether miracles really work there.

Сплатити Need 362 600 UAH
Still needed
000 216 699 UAH

Let’s not allow problems to grow with Misha

Dnipro. Started 18.4.2018

Again our unique Misha needs help. He is unique not only for his rare disease, but also for the amazing strength of spirit and the ability to enjoy life in spite of difficulties. There are a lot of difficulties: edema, pain, long healings on the legs, bleeding right through the pores on the skin. These are just symptoms, and there are a number of really serious threats. To remove for the near future from the boy the risk of embolism, a stroke, a heart attack, in the summer he needs to undergo an operation in a German clinic.

Сплатити Need 350 000 UAH
Still needed
000 348 813 UAH

Climbing to the first top

Kuibysheve, Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Started 22.1.2018

Beautiful Sevil was born in the picturesque Crimea. Since childhood, she loves the sea and the mountains. Distant peaks hidden in the clouds lure her but now she can only dream about them… The girl’s left leg is shorter by almost five centimeters. In 2010 Sevil survived a terrible disease: osteosarcoma. The doctors and the mother did their best to save the leg affected by the tumor from amputation. The Crimean girl had a temporary endoprosthesis installed and it allowed her to grow and live a full teenage life.

Сплатити Need 1 474 880 UAH
Still needed
001 194 570 UAH

We run to help Sonya may hear! Alexander and Valery Vishnevsky

Dnipro. Started 22.3.2018

Oleksandr Vyshnevskyi is a project manager in an IT company and a volunteer; Valeriia Vyshnevska – project manager in the field of Internet marketing.
"We love sports and participated in volunteer activities for ATU fighters, but we did not have to unite sport and charity. And the idea is magnificent! In this half marathon we support Sonya, who needs earphones and supplies. It is unfair that someone is born with fewer opportunities than others. We want Sonechka to hear and do everything possible for this!

Зроблено Funded 8 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

I'm running for the sake of the military. Oleg Kuzminykh

Kiev. Started 22.3.2018

Let’s get acquainted, this’s Oleh Kuzminykh. He’s the regular serviceman. His war in the east of Ukraine began on March 8, 2014, and continues today. The history of his struggle, courage, boldness, unconquered is well known to the whole world.
On April 22, 2018, Oleh will participate in the charity marathon held in the framework of Nova PoshtaKyiv Half Marathon 2018. Oleh and the team of the ICF have a purpose to gather the money for Stairs with an inclined plane for adults and transfer it to the rehabilitation center in Zhytomyr.

Зроблено Funded 5 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

I run for the sake of the hearts of the kids. Nataliya Schuka

Kiev. Started 10.4.2018

Nataliya Schuka is a journalist, an actress and the presenter of "My Guide" section in the "Breakfast with 1+1" program. She is an irrepressible traveler and participates in a charity marathon many times.

Сплатити Need 7 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 838 UAH