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Let's give Lera a chance. 6

Dnipro region . Started 1.11.2018

The little girl Lerochka is 10 years old now. It is hard to imagine that she has been treated right from her birth. The diagnoses she got are sthenic. The picture is joyless and hopeless at the first glance that the heart sank. Judge for yourself: cerebral palsy, spasmodic tetraplegia, scoliosis of the thoracolumbar spine, flat-footed stop, motor allia, symptomatic epilepsy. 

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000 004 298 UAH

The road to the heart: prematurely born

Ukraine. Started 27.7.2018

Оn August 1, together with WOG filling stations, we begin a new wave of the charitable action "Road to the Heart: Prematurely Born." We need to collect 1 000 000 UAH, for which we will purchase medical equipment for the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Gynecology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Kyiv, as well as medical institutions that help premature babies in Odessa, the Dnieper, Chernivtsi and Kovel.
During the promotion period at any WOG network, everyone can buy a drink in a special charity cup. The cost of such a cup is 2 UAH. The action will last until the sale of charity cups. All funds collected from their sale will be transferred to the purchase of equipment for preterm infants. In addition, you can make a donation on our website. 

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000 006 280 UAH

It's not too late, I'll go! 4

Donetsk region. Started 1.11.2018

"My dream is for my son to become healthy. My dream is a routine for thousands of people – to see how the son walks on his own. My dream... it is small for thousands of mothers – to see my son playing football with friends. My dream is not to see my child’s tears from painful procedures. My dream is to give to Andrii a world filled with happiness and goodness. But my dream has a price...".
Andrii was born a healthy child, but at the age of three months, he became ill with meningoencephalitis. As a result – he was diagnosed with the cerebral palsy. 

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000 006 764 UAH


Sumy and Dnipro region. Started 24.7.2018

DO IT is a charity project of HR Network company aimed at providing equipment for Ukrainian hospitals, where children and adults with respiratory problems receive help. 

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000 006 871 UAH

Healthy heart and bright mind

Odessa region. Started 17.5.2018

This boy's name is Sergii, he is 6 years old. During these 6 years, he has experienced many trials. When he was still a child, he began to develop seizures, after which Sergii had an operation on the heart. Only the boy recovered, the parents noticed that he became whiny, nervous, very difficult to learn new words and spoke vaguely. Since birth, the boy is under the constant supervision of a neurologist, who diagnosed "minimal brain dysfunction, delayed psycho-speech development."

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000 007 884 UAH

The miracle for Emmanuil. 3

Kiev region. Started 3.12.2018

"Emmanuil" means "God with us." God has actually been with the boy since his birth. Emmanuel was born in 2007, without breathing. The result of severe childbirth turned out to be a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, which doctors put in one and a half years after birth. His first trip - from the maternity hospital - to the neonatal intensive care unit. Today, the father takes the boy to a speech therapist in the rehabilitation center of the Dniprovskyi District, where possible - for massages, performs physical exercises with him, and is engaged in modeling and drawing. 

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000 008 697 UAH

On the wings of dreams. 2

Kharkiv region. Started 23.11.2018

The diagnosis of cerebral palsy leads to the fact that the child without treatment will not be able to move and serve himself. Unfortunately, this story happened to Maxim Nosik. Intrauterine pneumonia, swelling of the brain, ischemic damage to the central nervous system... Maxym works a lot to live a full life, but this requires regular rehabilitation courses. Earlier, we collected funds for Maxim on the UBB website, and about a year ago the boy was undergoing treatment.

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000 009 046 UAH

One disease for two. 4

Vinnytsia region. Started 29.11.2018

These are Panasenko brothers, and they have one disease for two. Sasha and Alesha have cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, episindrom. Twins were born at 32 weeks gestation weighing less than 2 kg. In both brothers the lungs did not open, resulting in hypoxia of the brain. For a long time, Sasha and Alexey were in intensive care for newborns, then in the department for premature babies. As a result, children were diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Three times on the UBB website, aid donors supported the twins, raising funds for their rehabilitation. The results of the rehabilitation made themselves felt. 

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000 009 451 UAH

Free the princess from the evil spell! 3

Dnipro region . Started 8.10.2018

Our little princess Nastia continues her struggle for a happy childhood and full life. A girl was born on the 31st week. No one explained to parents what had led to a serious birth injury, a mistake of doctors or incorrect management of the birth process. For several months, the baby could not breathe on her own and was kept in intensive care under an oxygen mask. As a result, a disappointing diagnosis – cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, delay in psychological development.

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000 009 482 UAH

Danylo needs your help! 4

Kiev. Started 17.9.2018

Danylo was born with a weight of 900 gram and a bouquet of diagnoses, listing which you will not have enough fingers. Bilateral intraventricular hemorrhage of the third degree with ventriculodilatation of the 3rd stage, subepidermal hemorrhage, anemia of the 3rd stage, sepsis: purulent meningitis, ventriculitis, pneumonia, edema of the external genitalia, blindness of the right eye. But he wants to be healthy! 

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000 009 679 UAH