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Zaporizhstal half marathon. Gaeva Kamila

Kiev. Started 12.9.2018

My name is Camilla Gaeva. I am a student, volunteer and a traveller for life. I study project management. Sometimes it’s difficult to youth to decide on, I defiantly want to help. Zaporizhstal half marathon will be my 4th half marathon and first the charitable one.

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Сosiness for premature born babies. Odessa. 2

Odesa. Started 4.10.2018

What did you like the most in your childhood? The warm and comfortable embrace of parents, their kind and gentle hands, right? Our little Preemies, nursed in the department of care of prematurely born children of Berdiansk Territorial Medical, are in need of this warmth. First weeks of their lives are a test of strength. Testing with the light, loud sounds, cold and the absence of mother's hands. They stay in incubators, personal boxes, which are their first home, first protection from the surrounding world, first bed.

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I want to travel by myself!

Kiev. Started 6.9.2018

When you look back, you realize that endless classes, workouts and painful injuries are in vain that thanks to this hard work you can now laugh and rejoice, have lots of friends and entertainments, plan your future and dream of long journeys!
Michael was born the second of twins, prematurely, on the 34th Sunday of pregnancy. Due to a gross medical mistake and negligence of doctors, his little sister died during childbirth, and his, almost inanimate, was taken to resuscitation.

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Myshko, Myshko, where's your smile? 3

Kiev. Started 16.8.2018

Misha Shcherbakov, who is 19 years old now, has always been a smiling boy. Despite the fact that he was born prematurely and nearly from birth received a terrible diagnosis of cerebral palsy. But the luck was at his side. When the boy was eight months old, the fate sent him a meeting with the wonderful person – Dr. Bersenev. Then, in the beginning, thanks to the unique method created by Dr. Volodymyr Bersenev, the child learned to sit and crawl, to stand; he took the first steps – at the same way as other healthy children, albeit with a delay. A little bit later Misha started to ask for a potty, to repeat the words and syllables and then – to talk. 

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Sofiika really wants cares and love

Kherson region. Started 21.9.2018

She tries to pronounce every letter... Speaks slowly and strives hard. For her diagnosis, this is a big breakthrough. Sofia is always her cutie. And this is also a great victory for her. Capture a girl is drawing, she persistently holds the pencil and displays either flowers or leaves. She also loves her when she is encouraged to participate in some events, competitions. Especially for this, she teaches verses and tries to declare them on stage so that everyone appreciates her talent. And still takes an example from older girls, wants to be just as beautiful and fashionable. 

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Blind life. 4

Donetsk region. Started 8.10.2018

At first glance, Maxym is no different from his peers. He is a cheerful, active child who is interested in everything in the world, he is riding a bike, scooter, does roller skating. The trouble is that the boy sees nothing. When Maxim was only a few months old, mom began to notice that he was not reaching for toys, he was behaving differently than other children, but she could not even imagine that her son sees nothing. He has a terrible diagnosis with retinoblastoma (cancer of the retina of both eyes). 

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A kind birthday. Natalia Tropak

Lviv. Started 4.10.2018

Today is my birthday and I want to dedicate it to not only myself, but to those who need help. I want to support Dzherelo Rehabilitation Centre and raise money to buy fuel for one minibus that will transport children and youth with disabilities for a month. Join me and together we will help them have rehabilitation, communication, and new impressions! 

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Kolia fight against rare disease. 4

Kharkiv. Started 20.2.2018

This is Kolia Tkachov, our ward is not the first year. The baby was born with a "whole bouquet" of diagnoses, and such happiness as a healthy, carefree childhood, alas, did not get him from birth... The child has to fight for every skill, for the first step, for "skillful hands"... And now not the first year we together with parents observe and rejoice, as one more child on the earth becomes independent and happy. And we, ordinary people, involved in this miracle.

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His Surgery Is Soon

Mykolaiv region. Started 10.10.2018

In a month Sasha lost more than fifteen kilograms. It was caused by the tumor in the boy’s neck and then he almost couldn’t swallow. The doctors plan to perform an operation but so far the boy needs to gain strength. Sasha’s mother is in despair. She is looking for all the possible resources to buy the necessary materials for her son’s surgery.

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Microphones for hospital clowns

Dnipro. Started 8.5.2018

Hospital clowning is one of the kindest and bright projects in volunteering. A funny costume, a little make-up - and an office worker turns into a magician for a few hours, who makes young patients forget about pain, fear, and loneliness – and to start laughing, laughing, laughing. In developed countries, hospital clowning is considered so serious matter that clowns receive official salaries in hospitals. In Ukraine, there are no salaries yet, but there are already "doctors" with rubber clown noses. And now the team "Doctor Clown Dnieper" needs your help.

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