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I’m running for those who can’t breathe. Yuiya Bannikova

Kyiv. Started 19.3.2020

My name is Yulia, I'm a graphic designer. I love my job, the people I meet. My life goal is to make the world more beautiful, not only from the outside but also from the inside. And I always start with myself. This marathon is a challenge because it is new to me. I run for life of those who can no longer breathe on their own. I want to raise some money for an oxygen apparatus that will help to make the lives of seriously ill people better and give them possibility to breathe free! It's the least I can do. 

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I’m running for those who can’t breathe. Olena Pavlycheva

Kyiv. Started 19.3.2020

My name is Olena. The second year I know about the oxygen service of the Open Palms Foundation and I need to run this year. Because last year I got sick... I was diagnosed with cancer and I was undergoing long-term treatment. I'm lucky that I'm in remission. But there are those who were not so lucky... There are those whom I helped in many matters including to end their lives suffering not much. The second year I meet people who still have respiratory problems today.

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I’m running for those who can’t breathe. Tonya Basova

Kyiv. Started 12.3.2020

Hi, friends! My name is Tonya Basova. Most of you know me as a photographer and a photography teacher. But I have another important area of activity: I work as a palliative care coordinator at Open Palms CF. Our foundation helps people with untreatable diseases that damage lungs and make the process of breathing very difficult. There are special devices – oxygen concentrators, which takes oxygen from the air and gives it to the patient in a concentrated form.

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Run for prematurely born babies 2.0. Skydan Olexandra

Kyiv. Started 10.3.2020

Motherhood is crazy happiness. I can't imagine my morning without my twin princesses – my daughters. I want all children to have a happy future, to be healthy, strong body and spirit, and absolutely necessary for us. The regional perinatal center of the city of Rivne is the main institution for providing medical assistance to seriously ill children and their mothers. The center consists of 11 wards, the main ones being the neonatal intensive care unit and the intensive care unit, also, the post-intensive care unit and the birth of premature babies.

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I want to travel by myself! 4

Kiev. Started 24.3.2020

The diagnosis of cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, forever changed the life of Misha Shcherbakov... Numerous hospitals, doctor's consultations, injections and stretch marks, exhausting physical therapy exercises and massages – instead of walking and toys, from the first steps and the first words, this path stretched for many years of Mikhail’s life. Thanks to the help of a huge number of wonderful and caring people, Misha could undergo intensive rehabilitation courses, be treated with medication, and undergo several operations. Three times there was a fundraiser for Misha on the UBB website. And you can’t stop, because the development of the boy depends on this. 

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You can’t give up. 2

Donetsk region. Started 21.2.2020

In two years of remission Maksym began to forget about the disease, returned to the normal child’s life in which there were games with peers and no injections and pain. Unfortunately, the disease manifested itself again… Again the boy was separated from his brother, again instead of school he had to go to the doctor. 

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High-quality medicine in Ukrainian villages

Lviv region. Started 8.8.2019

Contemplating our project, we clearly knew why and for whom we were we arrange Observations by doctors that patients in rural areas have larger health problems, prompted the hospital administration to create a new one a medical program that would allow the rural population to be detected in a timely manner disease, as well as motivate the peasants to a more responsible attitude to prevent diseases.  

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Smile outside but pain inside

Odesa. Started 29.1.2020

Andrii is a very positive and open-hearted boy. Looking at him smiling on the photo, it is impossible to imagine how much he has already suffered and all that pain he is still experiencing now. Andrii has multiple malformations of the central nervous system and several related conditions. In simple terms, the entire left side of his body is paralysed: his brain, face, tongue, hand and internal organs. 

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I’m running for the rehabilitation of ATO participants. Andrey Login

Kyiv. Started 16.3.2020

My name is Andrey Login and I am the director of the charitable foundation “Sheptytsky Hospital.” Turning to mental aid, a person makes the first step “to himself”: he begins to live “at peace with himself”, to feel more, to become aware, to change his relationship with the outside world. Also, understanding the need for this kind of support, we created a mental health center at the Andrey Sheptytsky Hospital. On the basis of charitable activity, our patients, among others, are also ATO (OOS) participants. 

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Fight for every breath of Alice. 2

Zaporizhia. Started 12.3.2020

Alisa is an ordinary teenager. She’s 12 years old. She’s lots of fun and cheerful. She goes to school, worries about her grades, doesn’t like doing her homework and can’t wait to start her school holidays. She loves pizza and French fries. She enjoys watching films with her friends. She loves riding her bicycle and skate. She goes to the swimming pool and practices yoga. She dreams of travels and adventures. However, Alisa has to work hard to make this ordinary life real. Every single day. Regardless of her mood, plans, and feelings. At home, visiting friends or on the train. Every day Alisa spends about 4 hours on inhalation, breathing apparatus and special exercises. This is a reality of cystic fibrosis patients. 

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