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Lada's Birthday for Danila

Kyiv. Started

Hello. My name is Lada Tesfaye.

February, 17 is my birthday.

My attitude to this day is quite simple. I never make plans in advance. I’m not waiting fo congratulations and presents. But this year I would like to make a remarkable birthday gift to myself. I want to give Danil an opportunity to write stories, read fantasy, help his parents to take care about his younger sister again.

Зроблено Funded 5 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Family disease?

Kharkiv region. Started 5.2.2019

The family was preparing for Christmas dinner when suddenly little Andrii felt sick. Then he had a severe headache and lost consciousness. The celebration was spoilt. He was taken by the ambulance, got to the intensive care and eventually there was a terrible diagnosis of aneurysm rupture in the brain. The boy was stabilized and sent to the Institute of Neurosurgery in the capital. There Andrii was operated on and after it, he needed expensive drugs. Unfortunately, the family has no more money to buy the necessary medication. 

Зроблено Funded 30 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Mom, I have no childhood! 2

Donetsk region. Started 21.1.2019

Eve sits at the table and colors a funny picture. The girl is 11 years old and she is absolutely no different from her peers. We visited Eva in a rehabilitation center where she is undergoing treatment. Why does she need treatment? The girl hardly gets up from the table and we see how, in the literal sense, the earth moves away from under her feet. 

Сплатити Need 16 000 UAH
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000 001 953 UAH

Vira wants to walk. 2

Kiev region. Started 31.7.2018

Life was not very friendly to Vira. Especially the first month after her premature birth: hypoxia, cerebral hemorrhage, meningitis, and hydrocephalus. All this Vira courageously survived and survived. The girl's mother is trying hard to put the girl to her feet, and she believes that Vira will be able to do everything! 

Сплатити Need 27 600 UAH
Still needed
000 002 746 UAH

Help Sofiika curb cerebral palsy. 3

Zaporizhia region. Started 10.1.2019

Her life began with the loss of her mother – the woman died, giving birth to Sofiika... But the girl survived terrible births and forever got a burden – cerebral palsy. Sofiys are already 4 years old, but insidious illness does not allow her to become a full and healthy child. During childbirth, Sofiika stuck in her mother's basin and bleeding began, which led to the mother's death right on the operating table. After the doctors resort to a cesarean section and quickly pull off Sofiuka from the hands of death. But with this twist, the neck of the child and in addition to the girl was along oxygen starvation. 

Сплатити Need 29 500 UAH
Still needed
000 006 024 UAH

I believe that I will be able to walk! 6

Odessa region. Started 31.1.2019

Dear donors! You have many times come to the aid of little Tina Shpatakovska, who is fighting hard against a serious illness: cerebral palsy. Girl regularly undergoes rehabilitation only owing to the constant efforts of her parents and the efforts of Tina herself and, of course, thanks to the help of caring people. Tina had small but quite pleasant achievements after the latest, the fourteenth, rehabilitation course in Clinic named after Kozyavkin (Truskavets). Tina can now stand a little longer at the support, and she learned to balance with her body. Earlier she could stand only for a half a minute, but now she is able to stand for 2-3 minutes. 

Сплатити Need 10 999 UAH
Still needed
000 006 517 UAH

A dream to walk, fulfill! 2

Donetsk region. Started 20.9.2018

A fourteen-year-old girl in a wheelchair plays with pleasure with younger children and is making serious plans for her future.
"I dream of getting married and having three children," says Ania, embarrassed: "But I can not walk"... Ania studies in the eighth form and doesn’t like school much, most of all she likes reading and drawing. Her best friends are cousin Max and Vovka-bully, her brother, who is one and a half years old. 

Сплатити Need 49 167 UAH
Still needed
000 006 630 UAH

Let's help Vikulia to overcome the disease!

Zaporizhia. Started 23.1.2019

Victoria is an active and clever girl! She is like a flower that struggles to explode and bloom, but the disease prevents her from doing it! Victoria's parents were really looking forward to their "flower" coming-into-being. Labor was prolonged, more than 30 hours! And after the birth, the child's condition was supported by the artificial lung ventilation apparatus for another three weeks. When, finally, Victoria was able to take her first breath, the doctors announced the verdict: "ICP (Cerebral palsy). She will never sit or eat, or walk on her own". It is scary and hard to hear such words about your long-awaited baby! But there was not even a thought to leave, even so, tender and weak girl, with a minimal chance to survive! 

Сплатити Need 15 750 UAH
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000 008 533 UAH

I want to walk like my twin brother! 4

Odessa. Started 5.2.2019

Those children who live with cerebral palsy have their own daily routine. It includes continuous classes at home as well as the compulsory rehabilitation courses in specialized clinics. After each of such rehabilitation sessions, a good push can be given and the patient’s task for the future is to simply keep the result up to date. Such children are real fighters! Danila has a great will power as well as a great desire to walk. Nowadays the rehabilitation is very important for him since the boy has entered puberty. His body is growing rapidly which requires continuous monitoring by specialists. 

Сплатити Need 12 293 UAH
Still needed
000 008 601 UAH

Masha and her "bear". 2

Luhansk region. Started 1.2.2019

Masha is the first, the only and very long-awaited child in the Novodolski family. Since birth, Masha fights for life. Pregnancy coincided with the hostilities, which took place just 15 km away from native home. This could not but leave its imprint, stress led to the threat of interruption. Masha was born at 38 weeks, a beautiful, but very little girl – only 2.0 kg. 

Сплатити Need 16 500 UAH
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000 009 027 UAH