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Berlad Vasyl needs medicine

Rivne region. Started 23.6.2020

Vasily Grigorievich is already 81 years old. Despite his venerable age and illness, this courageous and strong man tries to stay alert. Vasily Grigorievich was born in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. After graduation, he entered the Snyatinsky Agricultural College, where he studied as an agronomist. He graduated from college in 1960. Next, the young man had military service. After his release in 1963, Vasily Grigoryevich was sent to the Rivne region, where he worked in various positions. 

Зроблено Funded 9 396 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

I want to live on!

Dnipro. Started 12.9.2017

UPD: Ministry of Health of Ukraine has allocated funds to pay for surgery for Galina.

This happened unexpectedly. Only yesterday Galina Savchenko supposed to be healthy, and the next day laboratory report revealed, she urgently had to consult a doctor, the kidneys were working thoroughly bad. The nephrologist diagnosed glomerular nephritis, chronic renal insufficiency. Within 5 years that was possible to keep health status with planned therapy, and in spring 2017 it has become clear that Galina needs for kidney transplantation.

Сплатити Need 100 000 UAH
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000 002 254 UAH

Protect a child. Khmelnytskyi

Khmelnytskyi. Started 1.8.2018

"Why should we buy equipment for the hospitals? We have already paid all taxes " – it is heard often and it’s true. Perhaps the only answer might be: "Children are sick here and now and they can not wait. The renovation is too slow. By the moment when adult men and women from ministries and departments will solve all organizational issues with budgets, applications and tenders, children, who are already sick right now, could die. But we can save them, today. And those men and women will have enough work too after that. Problems with breathing, with the lungs – this is serious.

Сплатити Need 40 925 UAH
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000 003 448 UAH

Do not leave the enemy a single chance. 4

Kyiv. Started 28.4.2020

A person with cystic fibrosis can be killed by an infection (and it happens to many people). The infection can also be killed. When you have cystic fibrosis, life turns into a continuous struggle: who will win? Our foundation helps people to survive, helps them to live longer. Preventing or controlling an infection is easier and cheaper than treating it in the midst of it, so we buy sterilizers for our wards. 

Сплатити Need 17 930 UAH
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000 004 214 UAH

Help feed Mikhail. 3

Luhansk region. Started 10.6.2020

Misha is one of the most difficult among our wards. Congenital disease cystic fibrosis has led to the destruction of the liver. The issue of transplantation is hanging in the air (how and where? It is not yet clear). On the one hand, organ transplantation is an extreme measure, on the other hand, in order to get to such an operation, you need to be in relatively good shape: the operation is difficult as well as life after it. Like it or not, Misha needs to keep as fit as possible, to have as much strength as possible. 

Сплатити Need 16 001 UAH
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000 004 577 UAH

Misha is a real fighter! 2

Vinnytsia region. Started 18.5.2020

Even before the birth of the boy, mother knew that her son already had health problems. She knew, but could not change anything. Doctors did not give any guarantees regarding the condition of the baby after birth, but little Misha survived. Despite all the diagnoses. Because Misha is a real fighter. 

Сплатити Need 36 000 UAH
Still needed
000 005 350 UAH

They are in particular danger

Kyiv. Started 16.4.2020

We fear for our wards. Our boys and girls with cystic fibrosis are in high risk group in the COVID-19 pandemic. They already have the lungs that are infected and they have difficulty with breathing. They have chronically reduced immunity and a high vulnerability to infection. In spite of fragile health they are men of spirit. Now they are in particular danger. They and their relatives living together need protection.

Сплатити Need 9 448 UAH
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000 006 104 UAH

Examinations that save children's lives. 2

Zaporizhia region. Started 21.2.2020

The birth of a baby is accompanied by a scream informing the world about the appearance of a new person. Unfortunately, for many of them have it is a cry for help. The meaning of intensive care is to help vital organs (lungs, heart, intestines, etc.) cope with their functions. This often requires the use of necessary manipulations and mandatory continual monitoring of the child’s condition using sophisticated equipment. There are situations when it is necessary to help the baby’s breathing, and then through a special tube brought into the respiratory tract, it is connected to the lung ventilation apparatus. Moreover, in order to understand how each blood cell is saturated with oxygen, a constant study of blood gases is carried out. 

Сплатити Need 44 150 UAH
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000 006 222 UAH

Dima, we will never give up! 3

Kherson region. Started 11.2.2020

Dmitry came to the world prematurely and received his cradle in the form of an emergency resuscitation. There, without his mother's hands, he spent the long 10 months of his young life. During these 10 months he had intragastric hemorrhage into the brain, hydrocephalus began to develop. At 9 months a shunt was put in the head. This is such a painful start to life. At home, the boy finally began to recover. 

Сплатити Need 30 600 UAH
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000 006 419 UAH

Need help with medicines!

Rivne region. Started 24.6.2020

Viktor Ivanovich Kirilchuk was born 65 years ago in russian Omsk. His father, a ukrainian by nationality, met a german woman there from the Volga region and started a family. And at the age of 5, little Vitya moved with his family to his father’s homeland - the city of Korets, Rivne region. In this wonderful town he spent his whole life. 

Сплатити Need 9 396 UAH
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000 006 800 UAH