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Hearts Charity Evening 2019

Kiev. Started 16.7.2019

Hearts Charity Evening – a charity project which supports the development of endovascular medicine in Ukraine and holds charity events to raise funds to conduct operations endovascularly children with varying degrees of heart defects. We offer promotion and realization of this direction in the Executive and state level. Our mission is to provide access to endovascular implants for all children with congenital heart disease who require this operation. 

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Time is running out. 3

Dnipro. Started 16.7.2019

Ira defeated leukemia, but the threat to her life remains. At the age of 5 years, Irochka Zub underwent the most difficult trials of leukemia treatment and became the winner! The little girl spent almost a year in the hospital walls. During this time, two protocols and six most difficult high-dosage chemotherapy blocks, 13 lumbar punctures, 63 blood transfusions, and a thromboconcentrate, 10 sessions of irradiation of the sheaths of the brain have passed. There were complications, each of which could be fatal. Until now, her mother with a shudder recalls sepsis after the first block, anaphylactic shock from asparaginase, intestinal paresis, vincristine pain, not released in time 5-cubic methotrexate and zero leukocytes for 10 days against the background of bone marrow...

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I believe in recovery!

Odesa. Started 16.7.2019

Georgii Basko is 11 years old, he is a robust and purposeful boy who strongly believes that one day he will surely get up from his wheelchair and walk as before… Georgii was born absolutely healthy; he grew and developed on a par with his peers. However, when the boy was 4, a disaster happened – he was knocked down by a car. The child got a heavy polytrauma, head injury, brain contusion and was comatose for 5 days. By incredible efforts, the doctors brought him back to life.

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000 012 483 UAH

Little man in a case

Kyiv. Started 16.7.2019

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine that you have problems with speech, understanding, you do not know how to communicate, do not use gestures, cannot repeat actions, do not look into your eyes, do not understand danger and do not show feelings in general, and for all at the same time, you have an increased sensitivity, even hysterics, to noise, music, light, clothes, smells, bathing, haircuts, and you only eat a certain set of products, and the toilet is still a problem for you. Submitted? Complicated? And for people with autism, this is not a minute sensation, but a daily state. This is their special world. 

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000 008 832 UAH

Invisible Vania's tears. 2

Lviv. Started 15.7.2019

Misfortunes never come singly. Vanya is sick from birth. He is the third child and the whole Voynov's family adores him. He’s born at 30-31 week pregnant, weighing 1 kg 980 g. The results were terrible: hypoxia, hemorrhage that led to resuscitation. In his 2 years, Ivan can't sit and play without assistance. He is clever, understands everything and tries to talk. He is an interesting, merry and normal fellow who wants to stand up on his feet and make first resolute steps. But he can’t do this… 

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Defeating sarcoma. 3

Zhytomyr region. Started 15.7.2019

Katia dreamed of a bicycle. And on St. Nicholas Day, the girl received a gift - a bicycle, bright and beautiful. "Strawberry" – so Katrusia called him. In her village, the road was repaired and asphalted. The girl dreamed of riding a bike in the summer. But, unfortunately, three months ago she had a relapse of the disease. And now all the efforts of the baby are aimed at combating the disease. 

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000 000 000 UAH

They can lose mom. 3

Cherkasy region. Started 12.7.2019

Vira Нavrіshchuk, the mother of two wonderful children, continues the fight against cancer. Thanks to the support of caring people during the previous stages, this woman received the drug needed for the treatment Votrient, for which she is very grateful. The last control CT scan showed a positive dynamics of treatment – the process is stabilizing. But the woman's organism is very weak and can not withstand the load: this was manifested by spontaneous pneumothorax, which occurred three times, a cold and a large decrease in platelets. 

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Different sisters. 3

Vinnytsia region. Started 12.7.2019

Sisters... Some are similar in appearance, some are similar in character, some are destiny, and some are completely different. Maria and Daria are different. Maria is healthy, she walks and speaks, Daria – is sick for brain atrophy and microcephaly, does not walk and does not speak. Daria needs help! 

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Let's present them freedom?

Kiev. Started 12.7.2019

Heavy disease – difficult rules, and there is so much desire to place life among them! The patients of our fund are girls and boys with severe liver disease of cystic fibrosis. Just to live, they have to make a lot of effort. This time, we want to buy portable inhalers, which will help them feel easier, not to be tied to their homes, to be free. 

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Children's hope: help of the Dnepropetrovsk RCCH

Dnipro. Started 11.7.2019

In November 2018, Kyivstar, together with the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, launched the project "Children's Hope" to help children with heart and cancer diseases in Ukrainian hospitals.

In the framework of the project in the direction of Oncology in July 2019, the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital will receive assistance.

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