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We run that Vika could walk. Massage patrol

Kyiv. Started 20.9.2019

We are a team of professionals who love their job. We participate in festivals, races, marathons, charity events. Our specialization is a recovery of athletes after intense physical exertion.

We want to help Viktoria to win over the disease and make her dreams come true! And we hope to meet her at the next sports event!

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I’m running so that Andryusha lives without pain! Margarita and Valeria

Kyiv. Started 20.9.2019

Valeria Vishnevskaya is a project manager in the field of Internet marketing.
Margarita Gromova - team leader on the site on employment

We have been friends for more than a year and are engaged in crossfit together. We are united by many things, and now we will be united by a common good deed! Together we will run a ten-kilometer distance in Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon and not only in order to put another tick in terms of competition and not only in order to set a personal record. Our other goal is to help the five-year-old Andryusha Moskalenko get the better of epilepsy.

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I’m running so that Andryusha lives without pain! Olga Lavro

Kiev. Started 20.9.2019

Olga Lavro - wife, mother of two children, founder and co-owner of the automobile company Qiwi Motors.

My whole life is somehow connected with sports and charity. This fall I am running to support little Andryusha and help him defeat epilepsy.

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Little Polina dreams of dancing. 4

Donetsk region. Started 20.9.2019

Dreams should come true! Parents of a special baby ask to help their little Polina, who needs to undergo a very important rehabilitation course! Polina is special not because she has a cerebral palsy, but because this girl is stronger than many adults. During the 5 years of her life through hard work and pain, she already achieved a lot. She seats by herself tries to talk. Despite the disease, she is a cheerful girl, who wants to move. Everyone who knows Polina notes how much she wants to run and dance! But unfortunately her hands do not work well, she can’t concentrate, all the skills which are easily mastered by other kids, Polina needs to learn hard. 

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I want to go against all odds!

Kiev region. Started 20.9.2019

Ksenia is 12 years old. Despite she is already big, she is still small and thin as a rake. She has been put on severe trials from birth. Her mother gave her premature birth on the 7th month… As a result, the girl has a number of diagnoses: secondary hydrocephaly, bypass, meningoencephalitis, cerebral palsy. In spite of the doctor’s predictions who told the child won’t last longer than 1 or 2 months, she survived. 

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Angelina has a rare disease. 5

Kharkiv region. Started 20.9.2019

And here came the long-awaited September for Angelina – she went to first grade! "It can possible thanks to the right treatment", says the mother of the girl. Now Angelina is practically no different from her peers. She is mobile, very active, runs, plays and communicates with children. But it was not always so. Starting from the age of two and a half years, the little girl was constantly ill and she and her mother practically lived in hospitals. And only the trip last year to consult with specialists of the Kyiv immunological center clarified the situation. Angelina has a primary immunodeficiency. This is a genetically determined disease of the immune system that robs the body of its natural defense. 

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Kiev region. Started 19.9.2019

Children with cerebral palsy need ongoing rehabilitation. In addition to the main classes with rehabilitologists, children with such a disease really need the right pool, where there will be warm water and cool air in the room so that the nervous system relaxes and the body does not overheat, then the effect will be most powerful. So that children can attend such classes in Ukraine, we plan to launch the "Samotuzhka" social project, which will create a center where children from low-income families will undergo physiotherapy exercises on an ongoing basis.

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Run for Misha to live! Iryna Yarko

Kiev. Started 19.9.2019

My bike is my lifestyle, it gives me freedom of movement and freedom in the soul. However, now I face a new challenge – the 5,000-meter race. I can’t call myself an avid runner. I will be frank. Unfortunately, I will have no opportunity to run 5 kilometers in Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon, because that day I will “pedal” at the Veloforum in Vinnitsa city. But I also can’t remain indifferent to the story of Mikhail Bratushkin! Therefore, I sincerely undertake to go to the morning runs here in Zaporizhzhia till the official start of the marathon in Kiev and publish video reports daily. But, in spite of everything, I want you not to forget for a second: the focus of attention is the boy for whom we are looking for a liver donor. 

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Help find a donor Misha!

Luhansk region. Started 18.9.2019

Children must enjoy childhood, getting knowledge about an environment, they have to dream about the future and have some time to be naughty! Unfortunately this luxury is not accessible for Mykhailo. This boy sees the disturbed parents. He hears an unchild's conversations about the transplantation, how to find donors and where to get money. He sees mother’s eyes red in tears. He understands everything but does not know how to help. When he became 13 he gets this idea he would die. There always were many hospitals, pills and sickly procedures in Mykhailo’s life. Now he understands that he incurably sick but also he will live. 

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Is there life after 30 years old?

Kryvyi Rih. Started 18.9.2019

Denis is 31. He is a grown-up person. And, you know, it's a challenge for a person with cystic fibrosis to live to 31 here, in Ukraine. The disease affects the entire body, disrupts the assimilation of food and liver's activity, affects the lungs severely, taking away the ability to breathe. Celebrating your 30th anniversary means working hard for three decades: daily therapy, inhalations, huge portions of drugs and continuing running for money to buy all mentioned above... These are endless hospitalizations for intravenous therapy, needles in the veins... failed tries to find veins... and the frightening “there are no more veins”. And you should never forget that medications in time mean life itself. 

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