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Another surgery for Ania

Kirovograd region. Started 21.1.2020

Ania’s mom got to know that her daughter would have health problems in late pregnancy. The baby was born with spina bifida, which is an incomplete closing of the spine. This pathology is commonly called a hernia. The girl was immediately operated on. However, unfortunately, this disease is usually accompanied by hydrocephalus. Another surgery is required to install the CSF shunt system. But the family is no longer able to buy everything they need.

Сплатити Need 20 000 UAH
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000 019 881 UAH

Час йде проти мене!

Kyiv. Started 21.1.2020

Oksana is the mother of 4 year old daughter and beloved wife. Until recently, all was well in her life, but in February 2018, she’s got into a trouble. The lost the possibility to walk and till now the doctors cannot find the cause of her illness. NODUS Clinic is ready to undertake an examination to determine if there is a chance to get out of the cart! But the amount to pay for it is huge and the family cannot pay it.

Сплатити Need 28 504 UAH
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000 028 504 UAH

Smile through the pain. 2

Dnipropetrovsk region . Started 20.1.2020

Good afternoon, dear friends! Due to the previous project that helped Artem to undergo a course of treatment in Kharkov, many of you are already acquainted with this guy. He will be 19 soon, and he has grave cerebral palsy and epilepsy from birth. Due to serious illness, such children can’t learn how to do simple things by themselves and even hold a head. This is all caused by strong brain damage. But this kid’s strong character and his persistent thirst for living prove that nothing is impossible.

Сплатити Need 25 050 UAH
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000 025 050 UAH

Stop Victoria's Disease

Kyiv region. Started 20.1.2020

Vika is a kind, sincere girl. In February, she will be ten years old. The eldest daughter, she was always a special child in the Kosenkov family. At the age of two, the girl began to develop autism. The restoration of such children requires special efforts, patience, and huge financial investments. Regular massages, pool, treatment in specialized institutions. Speech therapist, defectologist, AVA-therapy, hippotherapy, drug therapy. And as a result, Vika went to school along with healthy children!

Сплатити Need 17 159 UAH
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000 016 977 UAH

Ruslan and Roman believe in the future

Lviv region. Started 17.1.2020

Healthy children are undoubtedly the greatest happiness in the world. Ruslan and Roman’s parents wished their children born healthy, but their dream didn’t come true. Cerebral palsy diagnosis came like a bolt from a blue. That day has engraved in their memory as if a bad dream, it was hard to accept such a news. Difficult times began, so many questions have arisen – what is to be done, what to do, where to find much money for drugs and treatment? Sometimes mother used to ask her friends for funds. However, it is by no means easy in the village where everyone knows each other, where no one wants to help you and support; only blame and glare. But in spite of everything, the family did not surrender and made every effort hopefully to provide kids with treatment. 

Сплатити Need 48 880 UAH
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000 046 404 UAH

Vadym struggling with cerebral palsy

Sumy region. Started 16.1.2020

Little Vadym often smiles. At first glance, it is hard to imagine that the boy is hurt and hard, but it is. Vadim has cerebral palsy – double hemiplogy, spastic tetraparesis, persistent motor disorders in combination with impaired vision and speech. The boy has been sick since birth, and like no one knows what the thirst for life is. If not for her, who knows, the baby would have survived. The umbilical cord wrapped around the boy’s neck, and he almost died. Having been born, Vadim was blue, he did not cry...

Сплатити Need 28 000 UAH
Still needed
000 020 473 UAH

Let's help Vitalii see the world

Lviv region. Started 14.1.2020

Vitalik was born a very painful child. Immediately after giving birth, the baby was taken to the intensive care unit of the Lviv Regional Children's Clinical Hospital OKHMATDET due to congenital heart defects. After being discharged home, after a while, little Vitalik began to show eye problems: they "ran around”. and did not react to objects. Doctors diagnosed the baby with a disappointing diagnosis – cataracts of both eyes. 

Зроблено Funded 8 106 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

I want to understand and talk! 5

Odessa region. Started 13.1.2020

Not to be like everyone else. Not to understand what others are talking about. Do not be able to speak. All these “not” are about Nazar. The boy has been living with autism symptoms and mental disorder through the central nervous system affected at birth for almost 9 years, he still does not talk, his brain does not work like other people, the half-broken gene is responsible for the metabolic processes of the body of Nazar.  

Сплатити Need 22 000 UAH
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000 019 085 UAH

Hope in mother’s heart. 3

Kyiv. Started 13.1.2020

On one hand, the story of the birth and a few first months of Bohdan’s life is similar to the stories of all children with ICP. On the other, it strikes. Pregnancy period was difficult. The baby was developing good, he supposed to be born healthy and in time. But it happened a bit different than the boy’s parents expected. On the 40th pregnancy week, Bohdan’s mother was taken to the maternity hospital, where she was put in a corridor expecting regular contractions, then waiting for doctors’ shift changes, a vacant delivery room etc. The baby was without water for almost a day... 

Сплатити Need 34 600 UAH
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000 032 694 UAH

To take a breath

Kyiv. Started 13.1.2020

"Mom, I can’t breathe!" says a scared 7-year old girl.
"I keep on thinking about it, feeling like a fish out of water: will I be able to take another breath?" says a young woman.
"People don’t even realize how lucky they are when they don’t have to fear not being able to breathe" says a 30-year old man.

These three strangers have one thing in common: a regular fear of suffocation and constant lack of Oxygen. They have terminal problems with their lungs because of rare, so-called, "orphan diseases".

Сплатити Need 25 525 UAH
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000 015 257 UAH