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Help Alice after the clinical death! 3

Kherson region. Started 19.1.2018

How can one moment change a lifetime? How does one careless or wrong move become a point of no return? It can not be changed, time cannot be returned. It remains only not to give up and fight for the future. The Tarasov family knows about this like no other. In September 2014, a grief happened to them: their little daughter, Alice, fell into an inflatable pool filled with water…

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000 048 264 UAH

Medicines for Illia

Vinnytsia. Started 19.1.2018

Now Illiushka is in an intensive care. He has already had six surgeries. The doctors are fighting for his health every day. To eliminate inflammatory processes, the boy had drainages and catheters replaced. Also every day he receives expensive antibiotics and a lot of manipulations. Yesterday Illia’s mom brought to the hospital the whole package of necessary medicines for her son’s treatment. And today the woman is puzzling where she get money to guarantee her son’s further treatment. After five months in the hospitals, the boy’s family exhausted all possible resources.

Сплатити Need 20 000 UAH
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000 017 171 UAH

Treatment with wind in hair

Donetsk region. Started 19.1.2018

The story of Miroshnichenko family started in 2007 when parents after long-term infertility treatment found out that they are expecting twins. Kids were so in a hurry to see the parents that were born 10 weeks earlier. Valia was born first with a weight a little bit more than a kilogram. Valerii weighted 270 grams more than his sister. Mother Tatiana didn't expect that on such happy day she will feel a lot of fear for her children. In the first minutes of life tiny newborns were connected to artificial ventilation. Three long months of injections, droppers and treatment.

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000 029 819 UAH

I want to understand and talk! 3

Odessa region. Started 19.1.2018

Do you like listening to a symphony orchestra? And imagine for a moment that all the instruments suddenly start to play their music, other parts. The sound is not very pleasant, is it? However, about this feels 6-year-old Nazar. After birth, he had a brain MRI, which showed an arachnoid cyst, and genetic studies showed that Nazar for metabolic processes corresponds to a half-dead gene. The brain of Nazar works like that orchestra, in which instruments play their music, that is, the perception of reality occurs fragmentarily, without creating a whole picture.

Сплатити Need 30 150 UAH
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000 030 073 UAH

Birthday present, at the cost of life

Odessa. Started 18.1.2018

Hello! My name is Alex Cooper, and today is my birthday. Today I'm 30. I was very inspired by the example of Maxym Bakhmatov, and on my birthday I want to help save Ekaterina's mother. Natalia Petukhova is an Odessa citizen, who was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis last summer: acute leukemia. In other words, more familiar to us is the blood cancer. If you want to congratulate me on my birthday, then transfer money to Natalia. Now she really needs support.

Сплатити Need 60 000 UAH
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000 029 914 UAH

Two weeks to save Tymophii

Cherkasy region. Started 18.1.2018

It is difficult to understand where a happy young family can take such a grief. Young parents Angela and Alexander were waiting for their happiness firstborn and were the happiest in the world when little Tymophii was born. The kid grew up, developed, smiled to his parents, had a slightly yellowish tint of the skin, as many children, bilirubin - jaundice. But once when he caught a cold and had an injection his blood did not curtail, it was the alert, then - analysis, Ochmatdit, examination, diagnosis - biliary atresia, biliary cirrhosis and the purpose of liver transplantation!

Сплатити Need 300 000 UAH
Still needed
000 270 209 UAH

Arithmetic of life

Donetsk region. Started 18.1.2018

Ilia has a very serious disease: melanoma of the skin. Doctors say that the disease can be cured. Yes, it can be but only on condition of timely and high-quality treatment. In the world, the drug Keytruda is successfully used. Doctors in Ukraine have also started to use it quite successfully. In fact, this is Illia’s only chance for survival. But the price of one vial with a life-saving injection is one hundred and twenty thousand UAH! And for the beginning of treatment two vials are required. This is arithmetic of life.

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000 240 040 UAH

I'm running out of healthy skin!

Chernihiv region. Started 18.1.2018

Look, in front of you - Rustam from the city of Bobrovytsia, which is in the Chernihiv region. You can don’t believe but this guy is 15 years old! From the first birthday, he suffers severe pain. Rustam's life goes along with bandages and ointments. He is a butterfly. His diagnosis is bullous epidermolysis. The skin of the guy is so fragile that even his mother can harm him!

Сплатити Need 30 430 UAH
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000 030 167 UAH

Give the chance to speak!

Kiev. Started 18.1.2018

Soon, Maxym will be years old, but he still does not call his mother the word "mom". Actually, the boy still does not talk, he does not understand when people address him, he avoids communication with other children. All this is because of the illness that befell the boy.

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000 031 150 UAH

Young mother needs help. 3

Vinnytsia region. Started 18.1.2018

Positive, comprehensively developed, educated and very sociable. It's all about Ira Vlasyuk from Gaisin Vinnytsia region. The girl is already familiar to UBB donors. Thanks to the support of people who are not indifferent, Irina twice received the necessary medicines, for which she is very grateful! Recall that at Irina was found an oncological disease - a neurosarcoma of the retroperitoneal space. All the forces, means and capabilities of a young woman are aimed at fighting this insidious disease.

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000 004 392 UAH