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I want to go home to my sister. 3

Zhytomyr region. Started 4.9.2019

While Veronica is undergoing another course of treatment, her older sister is waiting for her at home. Veronica has cerebral palsy, and most of her time she devotes to the fight against this ailment. It all started from the moment the girl was born prematurely: first, there was fetal asphyxiation, then cesarean, then resuscitation, jaundice, blood transfusion and irreversible changes in the central nervous system. 

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Sasha needs medicine, to live. 5

Ivano-Frankivsk. Started 16.10.2019

The happiest period in everyone's life is childhood. Sasha is growing, he will be 5 years old soon! At this age, there are many questions about everything around. The baby enjoys walking with other children. He likes to play cars, watch his favorite cartoons about trains: "Trains-robots", "Chaggington". "He loves animals, he doesn't have his own pet", the boy's mother says. "But he is very interested in them. Very glad to be able to ride a pony. Like every child is better for his parents, he is special to us, he is our universe". 

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High-quality medicine in Ukrainian villages

Lviv region. Started 8.8.2019

Contemplating our project, we clearly knew why and for whom we were we arrange Observations by doctors that patients in rural areas have larger health problems, prompted the hospital administration to create a new one a medical program that would allow the rural population to be detected in a timely manner disease, as well as motivate the peasants to a more responsible attitude to prevent diseases.  

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Support Denys's thirst for life

Vinnytsia. Started 16.10.2019

Skateboarding tricks, a scooter, a bike, a swimming pool, a water park, karate… – this guy seems to have a lot of energy. Such a character – Denys is interested in everything, does not sit still, everywhere - among friends, is always busy with something. However, one character is not enough when the enemy of your life sits right inside your body. Since his birth Denys lives with a serious illness and every day has to do special exercises, take many medicines. The boy also needs special high-calorie food.

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Maternal duty to live

Zhytomyr region. Started 19.6.2019

"I have a six-year-old daughter, we live together. In the morning, when the oxygen level in the blood falls, I can’t bring her to school, I don’t go out of the house, because I just don’t have strength. I get tired just moving from one room to another. I understand: I need an oxygen apparatus, but I can’t afford it "- our acquaintance began with this letter. Olga is 34, and only this summer they managed to determine the correct diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Because of ignorance of the diagnosis, a lot of time is lost without proper treatment, and today the lungs of women are very damaged that Olga cannot breathe and live without a powerful oxygen apparatus. 

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DO IT. 3

Khmelnytskyi. Started 13.5.2019

DO IT is a charity project of HR Network company aimed at providing equipment for Ukrainian hospitals, where children and adults with respiratory problems receive help. Now we are opening a new project for the pulmonology department of the Khmelnitsky regional children's hospital. 

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Bandages are my companions for life! 2

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 11.9.2019

Having a baby is the happiest moment in a parent's life. At first, you look forward to the appearance of a little angel, and then there is a great overwhelming desire to hug him. And it is very painful when you cannot do it because your arms can cause unbearable pain because your baby is not like everyone, but special because he was born with a rare genetic disease – bullous epidermolysis. The slightest pressure on the skin causes damage to the skin. Unfortunately, this is the diagnosis diagnosed by little Vladyslava. 

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Сosiness for premature born babies. Lutsk

Lutsk. Started 20.6.2019

Bright light hurts the eyes, something rattles all the time, it's cold and laying is not comfortable. This is how the world meets the Preemies, their first home is a plastic box - the incubator. The first bed of a prematurely born child is towels and cloth, they feel cold, it is loud all around and it is scary. They'd be better off being wrapped in mother's embrace. Unfortunately, sometimes the child has to stay in the incubator for a long time and that embrace is only scheduled and short time. 

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To give battle to a genetic malaise. 3

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 13.5.2019

Bohdan is one of about 50 people in the world with a rare genetic pathology – Opic-Frias syndrome. The disease is extremely difficult, which can not be cured, but the consequences can be corrected. A sixteen-year-old boy with a height of one and a half meters and weighing only 35 kilograms. The disease manifests itself in the form of an underdeveloped body, namely in the deformation of the chest and the stop. Due to the slow growth of the tendons, the muscles of the hands and feet of Bogdan wipes out the tension. In addition, the child is poorly seen and wearing hearing aids on both ears. 

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Сosiness for premature born babies. Chernivtsi. 2

Chernivtsi. Started 24.7.2019

When the birth-giving is pretermitted is vital to ensure the nursing conditions that are close to the intrauterine. This is called the "growth-oriented nursing" and it is of particular importance for the physiological postnatal development of the preterm born child. In the mother's womb it is warm, dark and quiet, also the baby there is in the natural physiological position. In the modern medicine mother's warmth can be substituted by the special layings and positioners, which are the important elements of the non-invasive therapy and help with the nursing of the preterm born children. So-called nests and the laying pillows are irreplaceable in the long nursing of a child.

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