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Save Diyanych Oleksandra

Zakarpatia region. Started 3.7.2020

Oleksandra grew up a healthy girl, cheerful and happy, but at the age of 12, happiness turned into a terrible grief. Then the doctors made Sasha a terrible diagnosis – a tumor of the fourth ventricle of the brain (papillary ependymoma). Doctors quickly reacted by having surgery, and trouble knocks on the door again... During the operation, the child had a hemorrhage, and Alexandra fell into a coma for a month and a half. Now the child has come out of the coma, and again happiness seems to be turning away... The girl is lying without any movement – complete inaction.

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Protect a child. Khmelnytskyi

Khmelnytskyi. Started 1.8.2018

"Why should we buy equipment for the hospitals? We have already paid all taxes " – it is heard often and it’s true. Perhaps the only answer might be: "Children are sick here and now and they can not wait. The renovation is too slow. By the moment when adult men and women from ministries and departments will solve all organizational issues with budgets, applications and tenders, children, who are already sick right now, could die. But we can save them, today. And those men and women will have enough work too after that. Problems with breathing, with the lungs – this is serious.

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Misha is a real fighter! 2

Vinnytsia region. Started 18.5.2020

Even before the birth of the boy, mother knew that her son already had health problems. She knew, but could not change anything. Doctors did not give any guarantees regarding the condition of the baby after birth, but little Misha survived. Despite all the diagnoses. Because Misha is a real fighter. 

Сплатити Need 36 000 UAH
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000 003 452 UAH

Need help with medicines!

Rivne region. Started 24.6.2020

Viktor Ivanovich Kirilchuk was born 65 years ago in russian Omsk. His father, a ukrainian by nationality, met a german woman there from the Volga region and started a family. And at the age of 5, little Vitya moved with his family to his father’s homeland - the city of Korets, Rivne region. In this wonderful town he spent his whole life. 

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I want but can't talk

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 2.6.2020

“How healthy? Is there no hypoxia? ”, the doctor was surprised, examining the newborn Vladislav. The boy was born in the 41st week of pregnancy, labor began only after a dropper, the boy was literally stuck in the pelvis of the future mother, and the doctor tried to listen, or the baby still has a heartbeat... A boy was born. Mom had no idea what this hypoxia was, especially when the pediatrician confirmed that her son was healthy. 

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Hard ordinary fate

Rivne region. Started 1.7.2020

Almost all her life Zinaida Adamovna lives with a diagnosis of diabetes. From the age of 19, she constantly needs of insulin injections. The woman studied well at school, after she received the profession of a seamstress. But all her life she worked on the collective farm as a secretary. Now she is already retired, like her husband, with whom Zinaida Adamovna lived for half a century. Spouses have an adult daughter, who has her own family and she lives separately from her parents. 

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000 007 831 UAH

Maternal duty to live. 3

Zhytomyr region. Started 4.6.2020

Olya lives in a small town in the Zhytomyr region with less than 3.5 thousand inhabitants. Electricity supply is unstable – it is cut off often, unpredictably. Olya can't live like that. The woman lives with a serious disease that has already destroyed a big part of her lungs. She breathes with the help of an oxygen apparatus. To preserve the remnants of the lungs, she must do inhalations every morning and evening (including antibiotics). She cannot miss them, otherwise it will be difficult to breathe very quickly. So Olya really needs a portable device to do all the procedures on time. 

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Olya needs to become stronger than the disease

Zhytomyr region. Started 28.5.2020

Olya is kind and sociable, studies well, dances charmingly, loves animals, writes poetry, participates in various competitions. He dreams of becoming a lawyer. He fights for his life every day. She weighs 39 kg being 160 cm high. It's just not enough. For a girl who constantly suffers from severe lung infections, this weight is critically low. How Olya will get out of the next exacerbation directly depends on whether the girl will be able to gain weight. And only special food can help her to do this. 

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000 013 794 UAH

Help Masha live without pain. 4

Novohrad-Volynskyi. Started 13.2.2020

Even when the doctor said, "Your girlfriend has cerebral palsy", Masha's mother did not break! Massages, rehabilitation, physical therapy, sessions with a speech therapist, a psychologist, swimming in the pool, hippotherapy are all just necessary to do regularly to maintain positive changes in the girl's health, but with little money in the family. From the moment of her premature birth, after which she got to the orphanage, it took 5 months for her and her mother to embrace. 

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Butterfly child: I want to live. 3

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 18.5.2020

Margaryta is 6 years, and for 6 years she has been struggling with a terrible disease that came into the world with her, and does not allow her to live fully. Children such as Margarita are called "butterflies", in medical language their diagnosis is "bullous epidermolysis". This disease is considered incurable, it mercilessly affects human skin, the slightest touch causes wounds. 

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