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Hear the world around. Lutsk

Volyn region. Started 11.3.2019

32 million children worldwide suffer from severe hearing loss. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, there are over a million people with hearing impairments in Ukraine and over a hundred thousand people with a deafness diagnosis. Almost every day we have to overcome various barriers because in our country the overwhelming majority of institutions and institutions are designed for those who hear and speak well. It turns out that society pretends that people with hearing impairments simply do not exist. 

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Sunny girl wins!

Zhytomyr. Started 7.3.2019

Olenka was the first and desired child. But after birth, doctors confused her parents: "Your child has Down syndrome, she has heart disease. You can give it up. You are young, you can still give birth to yourself". At that moment, their lives turned upside down. They did not understand how their child was different from others, they looked for the answer in the faces of other babies, but they did not find it, because their Olena is still the best.  

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A little miracle in a young family. 3

Rivne region. Started 6.3.2019

Mariika is a cheerful and funny girl, a ray of the sun that parents were looking forward to meeting. However, the happiest event in the life of a young family suddenly turned into a fight. Mariika saw the light only at the 24th week of pregnancy, and despite having low weight, and the disappointing predictions of doctors, she managed to defeat death. Mariika is unique – there are only five children like her in Ukraine. She is still small but was able to endure things we can not even imagine.  

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Сosiness for premature born babies. Ternopyl. 2

Ternopil. Started 6.3.2019

What did you like the most in your childhood? A warm and comfortable embrace of parents, their kind, and gentle hands, right? Our little Preemies, that nursed in the Ternopil Regional Children's Clinical Hospital, are in need of this warmth. First weeks of their lives are a test of strength. Testing with the light, loud sounds, cold and the absence of mother's hands. They stay in incubators, personal boxes, which are their first home, first protection from the surrounding world, first bed. 

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Ariana is waiting for the exam

Zhytomyr region. Started 1.3.2019

Ariana spent almost half of her life at the hospital. From two years old this little beauty has been treated for neuroblastoma. The girl has endured a lot of procedures but what about the results? The answer is MIBG scanning, which, unfortunately, is not performed in Ukraine. One has to go to the Italian clinic to find out about the effectiveness of therapy in Ukraine. The price of such an examination is 522 euros or 16 000 UAH. For Ariana’s mom who is a single parent, it’s a very big amount.  

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Run, Mark, run!

Vinnytsia region. Started 28.2.2019

He should have been born dead. So was considered by doctors who monitored the course of Irina's pregnancy. But the boy was born alive. No one except his parents believed in this weak life. Error in intrauterine diagnostics had severe consequences for the baby. But Marko overcame all, endured all the surgeries, kept the intellect, strengthened. The only remaining problem is dislocation of the femoral joints. Now there is a chance to correct this defect and give the child the opportunity to walk. 

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Margaryta needs medicine for leukemia. 3

Zhytomyr region. Started 27.2.2019

Recently, Margarita Stupak turned 11 years old. The most important and most important gift that I would like to give to this glorious girl on her birthday is health. At the end of June last year, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The hard way to recovery is a girl. Now Margaret is on the third protocol – the final stage of treatment. The body of the child responds to treatment with low levels of analysis, weakness. Yes, and the mood of Margarita is not very. 

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Save the life that hangs in the balance. Ivano-Frankivsk

Ivano-Frankivsk. Started 27.2.2019

Premature birth. Pain, anxiety, misunderstanding why it happened. Every 15th woman in Ukraine faces the misfortune of preterm labor. There are no definite medical reports about the causes of preterm birth. It does not always depend on the health of the mother or the conditions of her life and means. It can happen to anyone. Every 15th child in Ukraine needs to be saved, and it is completely dependent on medical equipment. Now in the Ukrainian maternity hospitals, there is a catastrophic lack of the simplest devices that can save the life of little babies, whose weight is sometimes not even equal to 1500 grams. Only we can help save them. Please, support this important charity project! 

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000 000 000 UAH

The lonely and blind need help

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 20.2.2019

The fate from the beginning was not affectionate to him. After the death of his mother, from the very early years he grew up in an orphanage, and becoming an adult, he could not create a happy family: his wife left him, taking his little daughter, forbidding her father to see her, and eventually forever lost her only native person, remaining on the slope of the years, very lonely, sick and nobody needs... To all the troubles was added a terrible war that came to his village, where during the fire he burned his house together with documents and all uncomplicated property, leaving him with nothing. But the worst thing was ahead – noticed that every day more and more rapidly loses eyesight and becomes almost blind.

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Nazar can do anything!

Lviv region. Started 19.2.2019

The boy Nazar is 11 years old. The child was born from the 2 pregnancy by an emergency cesarean section. Looking at Nazarko’s photo in funny socks, it’s hard to believe how many dreadful diagnoses the child has – cerebral palsy, multiple defects of development, dextrocardia and that’s all from his birth. He’s young, kind, sensible and gentle, but because of another diagnosis, psychomotor retardation, Nazar can't speak. He walks with the support on his fingers but bends to the side. 

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