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Are you my mom? 2

Lviv. Started 17.5.2019

The life of little Misha began with a heavy loss: a month after the birth of the boy, his mother died. This was a heavy blow for the whole family, and little Misha experienced this event especially hard. It is so hard that now when he is more mature, he constantly asks: "Are you my mom?". Now the boy is 5 years old, he is smart, he knows how to count, he knows the words of many songs and almost all the colors, but his body still does not obey him.

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Hurry to help babies who hurry to live

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 17.5.2019

By the information of Health Care Ministry, every year in Ukraine 20 thousand children are born prematurely and this number is growing. Preterm labor is the main reason for children's mortality, a lot of them can be saved by correct medical help. Also, these children often have temperature, breath and feeding problems because of low level nervous, cardiovascular and breathing Systems work. 

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Orphan's Glib fate in our hands

Rivne region. Started 15.5.2019

Glib will be 5 soon. He has a terrible cerebral palsy diagnosis. Father left his family a long time ago; the child was raised and treated by his mother and granny at Beresnev Medical Center. They’ve paid much care and attention to their beloved helpless baby. Maximum effort was made to ensure the little boy’s becoming healthy. According to a prepared program and not hanging their heads, mother and grandmother were engaged in treating the baby at home. The treatment’s been passing quite successful, everyone was happy with Gleb’s condition improvements. Why are all the verbs in the past tense? Misfortunes never come singly... Suddenly, a 26-year-old mother dies of a ruptured aortic aneurysm. 

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To give battle to a genetic malaise. 3

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 13.5.2019

Bohdan is one of about 50 people in the world with a rare genetic pathology – Opic-Frias syndrome. The disease is extremely difficult, which can not be cured, but the consequences can be corrected. A sixteen-year-old boy with a height of one and a half meters and weighing only 35 kilograms. The disease manifests itself in the form of an underdeveloped body, namely in the deformation of the chest and the stop. Due to the slow growth of the tendons, the muscles of the hands and feet of Bogdan wipes out the tension. In addition, the child is poorly seen and wearing hearing aids on both ears. 

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DO IT. 3

Khmelnytskyi. Started 13.5.2019

DO IT is a charity project of HR Network company aimed at providing equipment for Ukrainian hospitals, where children and adults with respiratory problems receive help. Now we are opening a new project for the pulmonology department of the Khmelnitsky regional children's hospital. 

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Let's help the girl save eyesight!

Zhytomyr region. Started 8.5.2019

This smiling girl name is Karolina. She is a little over four years old. She is very energetic, does not sit still for a minute, loves to draw and play with pets. This cheerful and bright girl easily finds a common language with other children. She visits a kindergarten, in which she takes part in various performances and holidays with pleasure, because she loves to sing and dance so much! The fact that Karolina has problems with her eyes, it turned out only by chance. Parents noticed that the daughter has dimmed right eye.

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I want to go home to my sister. 2

Zhytomyr region. Started 3.5.2019

Three years ago, Veronica was born. Deliveries were premature, the cesarean was made by asphyxiating the future mother. The girl was rescued in the intensive care unit, she developed jaundice, and Veronica immediately received blood transfusions. This led to irreversible changes in the central nervous system of the babe – she was diagnosed with a syndrome of movement disorders, and later – cerebral palsy. 

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Mission "Salvation"

Rivne region. Started 2.5.2019

6 years ago, two daughters, Nastia and Ania, were born in a large family. They are in the photo... The difference is incredible..., and then only quotes will go: "The child did not breathe herself", "the heartbeat weakly" "then we treated the pyelonephritis, then pneumonia, the operation on the urine in hospitals, Ania in her eight months was inept even to keep head", "at 4 years, I noted that Ania looks at one point and does not react to anything", "she has bronchoscopy, intervertebral osteotomy of both femur bones". We have not seen such a number of diagnoses and medical terms in the history of one 6-year-old child for a long time. 

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Help Masha live without pain. 3

Zhytomyr region. Started 26.4.2019

She was adopted by a small healthy beard, and a month later the doctor said: "Your girl is a cerebral palsy". But Mother Galina – a courageous woman, 10 years old was waiting for a child and did not break. Massages, rehabilitation, medical physical education, sessions with a speech therapist, psychologist, classes in the swimming pool, hippotherapy. Everything that can be done to treat Maryna, my mother tried to do. But it all costs money. 

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Mom, teach me to walk

Vinnytsia region. Started 22.4.2019

"Mom, teach me how to walk, I want to do this, like the other kids", Nikita's mother heard that phrase one day, since that it still breaks her heart because her son is a cerebral palsy... How to explain to a child why it can not do something that can do its peers, or this can be achieved, but does it require tremendous efforts? From the first days Nikita has to fight for his own life: prematurely born, 4 days was resuscitation, then - a month in the department of pathology of newborns with a diagnosis: in / uterine infection with a lesion of the brain. As a result, the boy was diagnosed with: cerebral palsy, double hemiplegia, myoclonic attacks, delayed psychological development. 

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