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Save Victoria's leg! 2

Rivne region. Started 18.7.2019

Bone cancer... It happened 5 years ago. Vika and her mom at the hospital, Vika after surgery, Vika and crutches, Vika and uncertain steps, Vika’s exhausted face after rehabilitation session – that’s a chronology of the girl’s life which we now see in the picture smiling and happy in a traditional embroidered shirt. The disease remained in the past, and two years ago an artificial endoprosthesis was inserted on the site of the removed bone. 

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Invisible Vania's tears. 2

Lviv. Started 15.7.2019

Misfortunes never come singly. Vanya is sick from birth. He is the third child and the whole Voynov's family adores him. He’s born at 30-31 week pregnant, weighing 1 kg 980 g. The results were terrible: hypoxia, hemorrhage that led to resuscitation. In his 2 years, Ivan can't sit and play without assistance. He is clever, understands everything and tries to talk. He is an interesting, merry and normal fellow who wants to stand up on his feet and make first resolute steps. But he can’t do this… 

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Defeating sarcoma. 3

Zhytomyr region. Started 15.7.2019

Katia dreamed of a bicycle. And on St. Nicholas Day, the girl received a gift - a bicycle, bright and beautiful. "Strawberry" – so Katrusia called him. In her village, the road was repaired and asphalted. The girl dreamed of riding a bike in the summer. But, unfortunately, three months ago she had a relapse of the disease. And now all the efforts of the baby are aimed at combating the disease. 

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Different sisters. 3

Vinnytsia region. Started 12.7.2019

Sisters... Some are similar in appearance, some are similar in character, some are destiny, and some are completely different. Maria and Daria are different. Maria is healthy, she walks and speaks, Daria – is sick for brain atrophy and microcephaly, does not walk and does not speak. Daria needs help! 

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Wake up slim

Chernivtsi region. Started 2.7.2019

Galyna is only 29 years old. Half of her life she struggles with the disease and suffers daily pain. She is trying to survive psychologically. After all, when a young and beautiful girl has a hump on her back, it is worth a lot of effort to hide it from prying eyes, and even more to perceive it herself. Galina believes that one morning she will wake up slim and full of strength! Let's help her in this, it is quite real! 

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Sensors that save the lives of premature born babies. 5

Ivano-Frankivsk. Started 1.7.2019

Premature birth is always a risk. And it does not matter whether they occurred spontaneously or were caused by artificial means to save the life of the mother and child in severe pathologies. Fortunately, today medicine is at such a level that doctors are able to save and go out a child born with a weight of 500 grams. 

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Summer for Sasha

Zakarpattia region. Started 24.6.2019

"He has got into the hospital with a complaint about difficulty breathing through the nose caused by mucous purulent discharge and polyposis, and a dry periodic cough", it became clear that Sasha needs not just a powerful inhaler, but its special model, the only one that helps patients with cystic fibrosis and such complications. Its price is also "special" and is simply not affordable to an average family. Sasha has been living with his illness for already 10 years – from birth – and until now his condition has been quite stable; now the boy needs intensive and proper treatment to get out of exacerbation. 

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Сosiness for premature born babies. Lutsk

Lutsk. Started 20.6.2019

Bright light hurts the eyes, something rattles all the time, it's cold and laying is not comfortable. This is how the world meets the Preemies, their first home is a plastic box - the incubator. The first bed of a prematurely born child is towels and cloth, they feel cold, it is loud all around and it is scary. They'd be better off being wrapped in mother's embrace. Unfortunately, sometimes the child has to stay in the incubator for a long time and that embrace is only scheduled and short time. 

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Maternal duty to live

Zhytomyr region. Started 19.6.2019

"I have a six-year-old daughter, we live together. In the morning, when the oxygen level in the blood falls, I can’t bring her to school, I don’t go out of the house, because I just don’t have strength. I get tired just moving from one room to another. I understand: I need an oxygen apparatus, but I can’t afford it "- our acquaintance began with this letter. Olga is 34, and only this summer they managed to determine the correct diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. Because of ignorance of the diagnosis, a lot of time is lost without proper treatment, and today the lungs of women are very damaged that Olga cannot breathe and live without a powerful oxygen apparatus. 

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Baby-butterfly: I want to live

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 12.6.2019

For the first time, having heard the phrase "butterfly child," you imagine a serene insect among the flowers and the joy of childhood, which is devoid of bitter disappointments and anxieties. Meanwhile, the life of children with "butterfly syndrome" does not look like a fairy tale or an ideal picture. By the dreamy term, there is a "bullous epidermolysis" – a very rare hereditary disease, characterized by the formation of blistering on the skin and mucous membranes. At the slightest trauma, the skin is clogged. The pain that a child feels, in this case, is hard to imagine.  

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