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Buy breath for Yana

Lutsk. Started 15.1.2019

Yana is a 26-year-old young girl who dreams of walking and living without dyspnea. Yana dreams about her own family with children and feels like everyone else. But this is not possible. Since birth Yana suffers from a disease, so she struggles with her illness throughout her life. She has an inferior heart disease that has led to pulmonary hypertension. Pulmonary hypertension is a rare, incurable progressive disease that prevents a young girl from fully walking, moving, and even breathing. 

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000 144 218 UAH

A boy-reed. 2

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 14.1.2019

Serhii Petryshyn has a brittle bone disease. His bones can break at any moment even just from standing on his feet. He always breaks legs or arms, often several bones simultaneously. Serhiy suffers from a hideous pain. The boy can wear a cast for several months. As soon as he takes the cast off, other bones are broken.  

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000 133 568 UAH

The signal that saves kids. 2

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 3.1.2019

The Department of premature-born children of Ivano-Frankivsk Region's Children's Clinical Hospital treats newborns with weight 500-2500 gr. 80% of them need oxygen support. But oxygen, in addition to its healing properties, and has many side effects. In order to obtain the positive effect of oxygen therapy, it is necessary to determine the saturation of blood and oxygen to tissues by a special device – a pulse oximeter. The aim of the project is to purchase 1 pulse oximeter for Ivano-Frankivsk Region's Children's Clinical Hospital. 

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000 021 423 UAH

Diabetes is not a sentence

Vinnytsia. Started 27.12.2018

There is nothing worse for parents than illness of their children. And when it is a terminal illness it breaks their heart forever. And all you can do for your child is to relieve their pain, to make their life a little bit more comfortable or less dangerous... To save and rescue from death. All this describes Nastia and her brave mother. Nastia and her elder brother both have diabetes of type 1. This means that they live with the help of insulin injections and constant monitoring of their mom. What to eat and how much, what physical exercises, where to go or not to go – everything is supervised by their mother.

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000 000 000 UAH

I want to tell a poem! 2

Rivne region. Started 26.12.2018

Immediately after the birth of Masha, the doctors stunned her mother, saying that her girl was sick. When she was one year old, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and the worst: they said that Mary could not walk. However, through the efforts of doctors, parents and massage therapists, the girl did make her first steps at the age of three. She developed more slowly than the other children, each new skill she was given with great effort. 

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000 027 989 UAH

Pills of Life

Vinnytsia region. Started 21.12.2018

Since birth, Kostia has been fighting against a serious disease. He has a genetic disorder that causes the growth of benign tumors in the body. Such tumors affected Kostia’s brain. The boy has undergone more than one surgery and he is on anticonvulsants that his parents regularly bought. But those drugs only alleviate the symptoms. The only chance to stop the disease is the drug Everolimus. But there are no money for expensive drugs... 

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000 000 000 UAH

He strong and courageous

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 19.12.2018

"Be strong and courageous, don’t fear, don’t be afraid..." Denys singing to himself. Or to mom and dad? Or maybe to all the children who, like him, got into the net of a terrible disease? Two years ago, a small, brisk boy was diagnosed with leukemia. For more than a year of continued treatment, the boy has undergone 18 courses of chemotherapy with severe complications. And recently there has been a relapse and now the only chance for a child is to transplant the bone marrow from a non-native or haploidentical donor. 

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000 005 856 UAH

Give Misha a chance to survive. 3

Vinnytsia region. Started 18.12.2018

When Misha's mother was pregnant with a child, doctors said that her boy had intrauterine growth retardation and the size of his head was less than the norm. And then – like a button the head – deformity and smoothness of the convolutions, hypoplasia of the corpus callosum, spastic tetraparesis and coloboma of both eyes. Misha was born prematurely by cesarean...

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000 004 567 UAH

Let's help Vasia to stand on his own feet!

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 13.12.2018

At the 5th month of life, little Vasya was vaccinated, which is given to all children, but something went wrong, and on the same day mother and son were taken to the hospital. A completely healthy baby suddenly became restless, the boy stopped sleeping at night, left a breast. No one expected to hear the diagnosis, which was soon voiced by the doctors: cerebral palsy. What to do now? Mother of many children, Vasya is the fourth child in the family, and then the news falls on his head. It is necessary to bring up three more children, and when to keep up with the housework? And how do you care for a child with cerebral palsy?

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000 000 000 UAH

Need a breath of air

Vinnytsia. Started 13.12.2018

If someone looks at this pretty boy, he will not immediately see that he is terminally ill (in our country). Oleksii has a genetic disease, progresses and according to the statistics of doctors, such children do not live long. The boy was born without signs of illness. Up to 6 months developed as an ordinary baby. But after a common cold, began to sit badly. Parents turned to the pediatrician, she sent to the neurologist and began tests, consultations with doctors... At issue was the diagnosis: Verdneg-Hoffman Spinal Muscular Atrophy. His mother really hoped that it was not this disease, but a genetic analysis was made, and it was confirmed. 

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