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Essential little things. 3

Chernivtsi and Poltava. Started 4.3.2019

Small hands, small legs, little kids. Babies born preterm are so tiny that they can sometimes fit into a hand of an adult. So far, doctors cannot determine all the causes of premature births, what exactly is the reason and how to deal with it. But there are methods of treatment and nursing that save lives of premature infants. After all, the life of a child, born with all underdeveloped organs, is a problem that is solved only due to modern methods of treatment and use of modern equipment, which sometimes replaces the functions of all vital organs. Doctors are often forced to ask for help from non-indifferent people very often turn to our fund for help, because the state does not provide their departments, where women prematurely give birth to their children, with all the necessities. 

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Inhalations save lives. 5

Kiev. Started 6.12.2018

Right next to us, there is another world. A world in which there is a large risk that one's life will end before one grows up. A world in which feeling all right is not a normal thing but a luxury, for which one must pay a large sum of money every month. It is a world of daily constant work, and whether you will wake up in the morning or stop breathing overnight depends on doing this work. It is a world of a rigid daily schedule, any deviation from which can result in a premature death. It is a world of people who have cystic fibrosis. And they cannot survive without our help. 

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The life of babies under supervision

Uzhghorod, Vinnytsia. Started 13.11.2018

Premature birth is always a risk. And it does not matter whether they occurred spontaneously or were caused by artificial means to save the life of the mother and child in severe pathologies. Fortunately, today medicine is at such a level that doctors are able to save and go out a child born with a weight of 500 grams. Premature babies are born with underdeveloped organs and systems not yet adapted to function outside the womb of the mother. Against this background, almost always develop any complications. The life of a child is completely dependent on modern medical equipment and a monitoring system for each change in the current state. 

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Babies who hurry to live

Ivano-Frankivsk, Summy and Chernivtsi region. Started 11.9.2018

15 million children are born prematurely every year on the planet and it is every tenth infant. Many factors that provoke the premature appearance of a baby and they can not always be preserved. Twins and triplets are almost always born prematurity. Such babies need special medical support and care. For the life and health of babies every day fight physicians and they come to the aid of highly professional equipment. It is incredibly important to monitor all vital indicators of the crust in order to provide health care in time and they can grow healthy and happy.

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"Symphony of Life" – to hear the world around

All Ukraine. Started 22.6.2018

In developed countries, there is a system for auditory screenings of newborns and appropriate early intervention. In Ukraine, there is no system of early detection of hearing impairment. Diagnostic and therapeutic options in Ukraine are limited
As a result, hearing impairment is detected quite late, which often leads to irreparable consequences. Our task is to create an opportunity for early diagnosis of hearing impairment of newborn babies and timely clinical intervention.

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