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Diapers for disabled children

Odessa. Started 7.12.2017

There are battles that can neither be won nor finished; have to struggle constantly, day after day. These battles exhaust the parents and sometimes they lose strength. Everyone who faces the problem of childhood disability is familiar with the feeling of fear and helplessness before grief. But every day, in families with handicapped children, in spite of any difficulty, mothers and dads carry out their parental feats. And they deserve great respect and admiration because they not only accept their children as they are but also often try to show people that such children are also happiness.

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Make a gift that will bring happiness

Kiev. Started 1.12.2017

Does a child who will never go to school need to learn how to read? Do we need to look for ways to sit up a child whose muscle tone is too weak to hold him/her in an upright position? Does a child who cannot see need a bed linen with a bright children’s print? Does a child cease to be a child if he/she is diagnosed with a grave illness? We all need to ask these questions, and there’s nothing wrong or awkward about it. We need to ponder it for ourselves. We become stronger if we accept life with all its dimensions, in all its fullness. In your mind, allow the children with incurable diseases to be just that, children. Help them be children in real time.

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