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Let Ruslan's life be long

Kropyvnytskyi. Started 3.9.2019

"We get almost all medicines provided at the budget cost, but we have nothing from the equipment except for the old inhaler. There are no even bags to go to school", says our coordinator based on the conversation with Ruslan’s mother. This means that the help is urgently needed. The quality of daily treatment and the risks of developing serious infections and their complications depend on the availability of the equipment. Whether Ruslan's life is a long one depends on it. 

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000 004 129 UAH

Vania really wants to walk!

Kryvyi Rih. Started 18.7.2019

Vania is already 6 years old, and he finally has a favorite toy – an automatic toy, like the rest of the boys. Why finally? Because before the child was not interested in toys, he did not fix his eyes, did not live on his own, did not crawl, did not speak, eating only food from the blender... Vania was practically dragged from the next world, he has been ill since childhood. 

Сплатити Need 29 000 UAH
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000 022 091 UAH

Treatment again and again. 2

Kirovohrad region. Started 19.7.2019

For two years of his life, Radion had 14 surgeries. Last year, together we managed to save the boy, and he returned home. However, he could not return to normal life. Without a rehabilitation cycle Radion cannot move but his parents, unfortunately, do not have money to pay for the necessary procedure. Our help is the only chance for the child. 

Сплатити Need 32 200 UAH
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000 027 687 UAH

Wake up slim

Chernivtsi region. Started 2.7.2019

Galyna is only 29 years old. Half of her life she struggles with the disease and suffers daily pain. She is trying to survive psychologically. After all, when a young and beautiful girl has a hump on her back, it is worth a lot of effort to hide it from prying eyes, and even more to perceive it herself. Galina believes that one morning she will wake up slim and full of strength! Let's help her in this, it is quite real! 

Сплатити Need 83 726 UAH
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000 058 307 UAH

Let's put Artem on the legs! 4

Kiev region. Started 27.8.2019

Artem is the third child of parents-athletes. It would seem that healthy and strong-minded parents should have the same healthy children. However, the theory is not always the same in practice. For 5 years the boy has been struggling with cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, pseudobulbar syndrome and a delay in all types of development... Just a little, but Artem wins in this fight. 

Сплатити Need 125 705 UAH
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000 067 386 UAH

I’m running to double your donations. OSS team

Kyiv. Started 13.9.2019

The main aim of our team is to let those with severe illness have a taste of what it's like to live an active life. We can do good here and now, and not put it off till later. We know what it's like to be on the other side, among those who need help, and that is why now, when we are able to help others, that is what we do.

This time we are raising funds to support the launch of the Foundation's charity shop. This means that the funds you invest in our project will multiply and will be twice as much help, had we had just used them to pay for some medicines or equipment.


Сплатити Need 5 000 UAH
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000 002 425 UAH

Save the heart of Darina. Alyona&Roman

Kyiv. Started 9.9.2019

Hello! My name is Alyona and this is my son Roman.

I’ve been thinking so long how to explain to my little son what is his mother doing all day and why should we be apart till bedtime. Now he wonders why I’m willing to run, to share my love and warmth with other children. Therefore this Good Marathon in Support of Little Darinka I’ve decided to run with him! For my son, the words "Good", "Help" and "Charity" are just beginning to gain the essence and color, so I have a great chance to show him in reality that you don’t have to be a magician to save someone's life. Help and support towards others can be a pleasant and joyful adventure.

Сплатити Need 5 000 UAH
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000 003 192 UAH

MIBG for Ivan

Odessa region. Started 5.9.2019

5-year-old Ivan from a small village in Odesa region likes to play with little cars and wants to drive a big tractor. But now the main goal of his life is to get well. For the second year in a row, Ivan has been receiving treatment for neuroblastoma. During this time, the boy went through many chemotherapy cycles, a surgery to remove the tumor and an autotransplantation of stem cells. Now Ivan is receiving supportive therapy and is awaiting the necessary examination to make sure that there are no cancer cells left behind. 

Сплатити Need 14 600 UAH
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000 003 533 UAH

Save the heart of Darina. Bogdan Berdnik

Kiev. Started 6.9.2019

My name is Bogdan. I am 22 years old and I am a PR manager.

I know for sure that love is different. Big and small, for life and lasting one trip by public transport. The one that makes you sad and the one that makes the happiest person on Earth. There are so many around her.

Love makes a person kind.

To be kind is to accept people as they are, however much they differ from you. To be kind is to take care and support when necessary, but it is always necessary. To be kind is to help those who alone cannot cope with their troubles or problems.

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000 004 055 UAH

Save Daryna’s heart. Ivanna

Kiev. Started 6.9.2019

11 millimeters. A little more than a centimeter. It is difficult to compare this value with anything: a pea, an insect, a cherry stone or a tic-tac candy? It is hard to imagine how these tiny 11 millimeters can affect human life. But little Daryna Levenets knows because she has been living for 2 years with an 11-mm hole in her heart. Although it’s not a little but a big hole in such a small heart.

Сплатити Need 5 000 UAH
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000 004 096 UAH