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Life depends upon treatment

Novohrad-Volynskyi. Стартував 26.7.2019

It's hard to believe, but the life of this joyful boy absolutely depends on the treatment: daily, without breaks and weekends. A whole set of medical equipment at home, special physical exercises, a handful of medicines and a series of inhalations interleave his boys' games. Cystic fibrosis is a severe genetic disease that accompanies Artemka from his birth. You can live long with such diagnosis only if you observe the whole complex therapy scheme. Today, the boy's parents kindly ask us to help to buy the medical equipment necessary for the most effective daily treatment. 

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Tablets for babies. 4

Kiev. Стартував 19.6.2019

We have a big dream – that our beneficiaries, children with limited abilities turned in a happy adult with unlimited possibilities. This is why we do not get tired of asking you, again and again, to help Nastia, to help Masha, to help Andrii and Sasha. And you do help! To get on rehab, to do surgery, to undergo a course of treatment, to buy the necessary medicines, diapers, special meals, manuals, and even to please the children with the presents for the holidays. 

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Help Masha live without pain. 3

Zhytomyr region. Стартував 26.4.2019

She was adopted by a small healthy beard, and a month later the doctor said: "Your girl is a cerebral palsy". But Mother Galina – a courageous woman, 10 years old was waiting for a child and did not break. Massages, rehabilitation, medical physical education, sessions with a speech therapist, psychologist, classes in the swimming pool, hippotherapy. Everything that can be done to treat Maryna, my mother tried to do. But it all costs money. 

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Help Yaroslav to fight

Dnipropetrovsk region. Стартував 7.8.2019

"My son loves animals, especially dogs. Badger dog Charlie and tortoise Zina live in our house. Yarik dreams of becoming a veterinarian and opening a shelter for homeless animals", his mother says. In order for the boy's dreams to come true, we need to equip his house like a small human hospital. To live, learn and do what he likes, Yaroslav needs a whole range of medical equipment. The boy is seriously ill and needs to be treated seriously. 

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Help Kyrylko recover! 2

Odessa. Стартував 6.6.2019

Dear donors, you have already helped Kyrylo Ivanenko who was born in Debaltsevo in August 2014 when there were fierce battles resulting in the death of peaceful citizens. Fear and horror experienced during that time by Kyrylo’s mother, Yulia, had a negative impact on the childbirth and had catastrophic consequences for the baby. During his birth, Kyrylo came through brain oxygen deprivation that caused serious brain damages, tentorium damages. Later he was diagnosed with ataxic cerebral palsy, tetraparesis, speech delay, psychomotor retardation, and atypical autism. 

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More freedom for Diana

Rivne. Стартував 30.7.2019

Diana is 21, and freedom is the most important thing at this age. The girl studies at the university have left her parents and gone to another city long ago and live independently in a student's dormitory. But somewhat ties the girl stronger than the parental control, and this is a severe illness that accompanies Diana from birth. Only a strict regime and observance of all elements of therapy preserve life. We are not able to release the girl from her treatment duties, but we can ease their conditions. 

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Let Zhenia grow!

Kherson region. Стартував 8.8.2019

"This is my only son, Zhenia. He is going on for 10 very soon, but he does not look his age. He is very thin because ordinary food is not digested correctly”, this is how the letter begins. Feeding her son is more than a challenge for Svetlana. Zhenia was born with a severe disease of cystic fibrosis. DNA mutations disrupt the normal activity of the whole organism and make digestion difficult. To grow the boy must constantly take special high-calorie nutrition, and this is almost 3 000 UAH per month.

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Igor: number of bills from pharmacies is increasing

Ivano-Frankivsk. Стартував 13.8.2019

The weight of 46 kg is not enough. This is not sufficient if you are a boy with 174 cm in height. This is unacceptable if you have a life-long illness that violates the digestibility of food. And certainly, it is not enough, when chronic infections bring almost every day high temperature burning even the weight that was gained. Igor had bad luck and was born with a serious disease and he has to fight it every day of his life. He needs a lot of strengths to fight. But he cannot get normal weight using ordinary food and needs a special high-calorie diet. Help him with it. 

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Cancer destroys my lungs

Zaporizhia. Стартував 14.8.2019

Inna’s story began with a routine Mantoux screening for tuberculosis. The body’s reaction worried the doctors. The physiologic pulmonologist sent her to a tuberculosis sanatorium where treatment was promptly initiated. Heavy drug dosages caused severe nausea and terrible leg pain. Inna, who is always active and cheerful, did not lose her upbeat mood, even when her schoolmates turned away from her calling her by an abusive name.

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Her dream is to see

Sumy. Стартував 1.8.2019

Each of us has our own dream. Yeva is just over four and a half years old. This biggest dream of a little girl is to see well. It so happened that from the first days of birth, the life of this baby is not easy. At birth, she was diagnosed with fetal dropsy, presumably due to intrauterine infection. Newborn Eva was then placed in the intensive care unit, where she spent 18 days, 7 of which were on artificial respiration. 

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