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Angels exist, and they have wings... 2

Odessa region. Started 19.2.2020

Andrii Yaroshevskyi continues his struggle for recovery, for the chance to live just like before that horrible accident when he was hit on the pedestrian way by Infinity car. Drunk women returned from the night club and were driving very fast along Seredniofontanska Str. in Odesa. The woman failed to control the car and hit against a metal collision protector on the left along the way, the impact strength turned the car and it was thrown to the right-side pedestrian way directly at the pedestrian. Both the driver and the passenger were killed on impact. Andrii went along the usual way for the night shift to the railway station where he worked. Everything happened very fast, within seconds, and a strong, healthy young man turned into group 1 A disability man in no time.

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My goal is to get on my feet

Zhytomyr region. Started 18.2.2020

Sometimes children start to fight for their lives right from the moment of birth, but in the case of Vadim — life did not even give him the opportunity to fully form and gain strength in his mother's tummy. The boy was born when his mother Elena was only 6 months pregnant! His weight was only 1.4 kg, the baby could not breathe on its own, because of which Vadimchik was in intensive care for some time. These were extremely difficult days for the boy's parents, the mom recalls with pain: “It's so hard to look at your baby when he's lying down with tubes, helpless, and you realize you can't help.”

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Risk group

Kiev. Started 18.2.2020

What would you choose: the chances of facing a serious illness and its unpredictable severe complications or immediate protection from its onset, if available? Our children born with cystic fibrosis already know the cost of their health. They and their families are forced to fight for their lives every day, and it takes every ounce of their strength. Any concurrent disease is difficult to fight with and can become fatal. It wasn't possible to protect these children from the genetic lottery, but at least we can protect them from concurrent diseases which can be kept in check.

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A brain tumor can take Oleg's life. 5

Kharkiv. Started 18.2.2020

Oleh Yeromchenko has been fighting brain cancer for 3 years. Behind are the most complicated operations, optic nerve failure, epileptic seizures and numerous chemo and radiation therapies. Despite all the difficulties and difficulties, he does not give up and does not stand out. And already has amazing successes in treatment. So successful that his attending physician wants to give an example of Oleh’s treatment in his dissertation.

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Olezhka, live!

Kharkiv. Started 18.2.2020

Untill he turned 8, the word “cancer” had been associated for him with an animal that lives in the river or the Cancer Constellation in the sky. But it turned out this word has one more meaning and can be very horrible. A year and a half ago the boy was diagnosed with “orbital rhabdomyosarcoma” – a rare and aggressive tumor. Olezhka bore with fortitude all the treatment stages –tumor removal, chemotherapy and radiation. But in four months – tumor recurrence, and the doctors’ words: “It is impossible to help you in Ukraine”. So Olezhka found himself in Istanbul. The three stages of treatment cost tens of thousands of dollars – unreal amounts for a little family, consisting of a mother and a son. Save Olezhka! Save the mother’s only son!

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Children's Hope: Help to Romodanow Neurosurgery Institute

Kyiv. Started 18.2.2020

In November 2018, Kyivstar, together with the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, launched the project “Children's Hope” to help children with heart and cancer diseases in Ukrainian hospitals.

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Do not leave the enemy a single chance. 3

Kyiv. Started 17.2.2020

Right now you can become a good wizard who saves children from mortal danger. And there is no exaggeration in it. The main enemy that kills patients with cystic fibrosis is pulmonary infections. They reproduce well in the airways of such children, and it is very difficult to drive them out. It is necessary to have treatment with powerful antibiotics, and it is expensive. In addition, regular sterilization of all the equipment of an ill child helps to fight the infectious agents. Most moms just boil it in pots. But this is not a way out, this way is not good enough. Our children need sterilizers. 

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Another Nazar’s life. 3

Kiev. Started 17.2.2020

The 9-year-old Nazar is not quite like his peers: he cannot sit, walk, does not understand everything and speaks words very poorly. Because he spent a day without oxygen, being in the womb, or because he was born without signs of life, or because of brain hypoxia, which the baby was diagnosed after birth. Since then, as many as 9 years have passed, but the condition of the boy is still in serious condition.

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Two diagnoses — one life

Kiev. Started 17.2.2020

To be born with a serious illness is already a serious trial. But Ihor’s fate gave him an additional one. For all 15 years of his life, the boy is struggling with a genetic disorder — cystic fibrosis — which affects the whole body, making it difficult to breathe and digest food. Recently, Ihor was also diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Each day of Ihor's life is expensive. The budget funds cover only a part of his needs, the rest remains on the shoulders of the family, and it is simply impossible to live with it. His mom is asking for help and hopes that you will respond.

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Look around. I can't get up without your hand. 5

Kyiv region. Started 14.2.2020

A 5-year-old boy in the photo – Ivan. He was born earlier than predicted and was born, did not cry. All the fault was the umbilical cord, which strangled the baby. Doctors courageously saved Ivan, and the boy was able to survive. But the tests did not end there... As soon as the boy recovered and was able to breathe on his own, the doctors performed an operation to remove an inguinal hernia. But later, Ivan was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a delay in physical development, as it turned out, his brain was damaged, and muscle hypertonicity hindered the baby’s movements. 

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