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Maxym has a brain tumor

Kharkiv. Started 11.11.2019

There was a misfortune in the Didenko family. At 4-year-old Maxym, doctors diagnosed a brain tumor. This is a very smiling child. He likes to play cars and board games. He went, like everyone to the kindergarten. The disease began at the age of three. The mother noticed that the son somehow hesitantly walks, staggers. Worried parents turned to the pediatrician. Doctors made an encephalogram and prescribed antibiotics for the child. But there was no improvement. Moreover, Maxim was getting worse and he completely stopped walking. Then they decided to do magnetic resonance imaging. After an MRI scan, the Didenko family's life turned upside down. Doctors have discovered a brain tumor. The diagnosis was awesome – cerebellar worm medulloblastoma. 

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Breathe, you can't die!

Zaporizhia region. Started 31.10.2019

And again about tuberculosis! Rather, about the fight against it, a terrible diagnosis, about which it is not only scary but sometimes embarrassing to speak out loud. Tuberculosis is still a disease that causes a mixture of horror and disgust among others. And this despite the fact that a "silent" tuberculosis bacterium, according to WHO, infected a third of the world's population. The number of operations in the Zaporizhia Regional Tuberculosis Dispensary carried out in 2018 is 170. For nine months of 2019, it is already 163. Not only human resources are involved in the fight against the disease, but also those remnants of technical progress that remained in the TB dispensary as an inheritance. 

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Help save the only daughter! 5

Dnipropetrovsk region. Started 6.11.2019

Sofiika Zbara is well known to UBB donors. The girl underwent primary treatment of leukemia in a hospital and is now continuing treatment at home. This year, Sonya became a schoolgirl. Since the girl has weak immunity, doctors did not allow her to attend school and she is in home studying. A teacher comes to her three times a week. Sonia likes to do, she writes, reads and draws. And on Fridays, she goes to English to a tutor. 

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Damian really needs medicine

Donetsk region. Started 15.10.2019

A boy with an unusual name Damian is already familiar to UBB donors. We raised funds for searching and for typing of donor for bone marrow transplantation. Damian is now 5 years old. On August 1, in Turkey, Damian underwent an allogeneic stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor. Bone marrow was used as a source of stem cells. The operation went without complications. At the moment, the boy is already at home. 

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Little Polina dreams of dancing. 4

Donetsk region. Started 20.9.2019

Dreams should come true! Parents of a special baby ask to help their little Polina, who needs to undergo a very important rehabilitation course! Polina is special not because she has a cerebral palsy, but because this girl is stronger than many adults. During the 5 years of her life through hard work and pain, she already achieved a lot. She seats by herself tries to talk. Despite the disease, she is a cheerful girl, who wants to move. Everyone who knows Polina notes how much she wants to run and dance! But unfortunately her hands do not work well, she can’t concentrate, all the skills which are easily mastered by other kids, Polina needs to learn hard. 

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The only dream is life without epilepsy!

Dnipro. Started 1.8.2019

Scientists studying epilepsy compare the activity of brain neurons during an attack with a flash of lightning during a thunderstorm. A beautiful comparison is a serious illness that even the last generation anticonvulsants do not always cope with. That is exactly how things worked for Andryusha Moskalenko, and yet modern medicine seems to have found a solution to the problem. Now you need to find funds for salvage treatment. 

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Yura needs our help

Dnipro. Started 30.10.2019

Yura Petrenko is 10 years old and all these years he lives with a chronic orphan disease of primary immunodeficiency. His mother Victoria is 42 years old and she herself brings up two sons 10 and 14 years old. They live in the city of Dnipro, the youngest son Jura from birth is very often ill with infectious diseases – purulent sinusitis, acute bronchitis, and pneumonia. All these diseases are treated only with antibiotics, and after one of pneumonia, when antibiotics no longer acted on Yura, his mother took him from the hospital and took him to Kyiv for examination. First, to "OKHMATDYT", and then to the Department of Immunology, where Yura was diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency. It means that the child has very weak immunity and is doomed to support the body with immunoglobulins and antibiotics. 

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Angelina has a rare disease. 5

Kharkiv region. Started 20.9.2019

And here came the long-awaited September for Angelina – she went to first grade! "It can possible thanks to the right treatment", says the mother of the girl. Now Angelina is practically no different from her peers. She is mobile, very active, runs, plays and communicates with children. But it was not always so. Starting from the age of two and a half years, the little girl was constantly ill and she and her mother practically lived in hospitals. And only the trip last year to consult with specialists of the Kyiv immunological center clarified the situation. Angelina has a primary immunodeficiency. This is a genetically determined disease of the immune system that robs the body of its natural defense. 

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Margarita needs medicine

Kharkiv region. Started 12.11.2019

Little Margarita Krykun could not go to first grade. She only managed to get ready for school, when her childhood life changed dramatically. A brain tumor – such a difficult verdict was passed by doctors. Margarita began to hurt in the winter of 2018. The baby had problems with coordination of movement, began to mow the left eye, the speech was disturbed and nervous attacks appeared. They went to a local clinic and the child was sent to do an MRI. Tomography showed a brain tumor of 5 cm in size. 

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Help the athlete overcome leukemia! 3

Dnipropetrovsk region. Started 8.11.2019

The struggle continues... Exactly so, in two words, it can now describe the situation in which is Oleksii Lisniak. This boy suffering from acute leukemia is currently struggling with a fungal infection that struck him. And with him, doctors of the Dnieper Regional Children's Clinical Hospital are fighting for his health, volunteers are helping... In October, Liosha was forced to return to the hospital. The entire mucous membrane of the guy’s mouth was covered with wounds, any touch of which caused acute pain, which made Oleksii almost unable to eat anything. To all, his temperature rose, his blood counts deteriorated sharply. He was prescribed treatment, which, unfortunately, did not give the desired effect, and now doctors have all the hopes of Vifend medicine.

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