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Adelina is suffocating from asthma

Dnipropetrovsk region. Started 27.9.2018

In May 2014, the young couple Darya and Vladislav Chernyshev was born a daughter. The child was born on time, with good physical data: with a weight of 3700 kg and a height of 54 cm! Parental joy had not the limit! And they called her daughter an unusual name – Adeline. Everything would be fine if the baby was not sick. From birth, she was haunted by a rash on the skin, which is accompanied by itching. Doctors diagnosed atopic dermatitis, prescribed ointments to moisturize the skin, a special diet. But everything helped for a short time, after their cancellation in 5–7 days there was an exacerbation and the rash again continued to disturb the child.

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Zaporizhstal half marathon. Gaeva Kamila

Kiev. Started 12.9.2018

My name is Camilla Gaeva. I am a student, volunteer and a traveller for life. I study project management. Sometimes it’s difficult to youth to decide on, I defiantly want to help. Zaporizhstal half marathon will be my 4th half marathon and first the charitable one.

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Microphones for hospital clowns

Dnipro. Started 8.5.2018

Hospital clowning is one of the kindest and bright projects in volunteering. A funny costume, a little make-up - and an office worker turns into a magician for a few hours, who makes young patients forget about pain, fear, and loneliness – and to start laughing, laughing, laughing. In developed countries, hospital clowning is considered so serious matter that clowns receive official salaries in hospitals. In Ukraine, there are no salaries yet, but there are already "doctors" with rubber clown noses. And now the team "Doctor Clown Dnieper" needs your help.

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Kolia fight against rare disease. 4

Kharkiv. Started 20.2.2018

This is Kolia Tkachov, our ward is not the first year. The baby was born with a "whole bouquet" of diagnoses, and such happiness as a healthy, carefree childhood, alas, did not get him from birth... The child has to fight for every skill, for the first step, for "skillful hands"... And now not the first year we together with parents observe and rejoice, as one more child on the earth becomes independent and happy. And we, ordinary people, involved in this miracle.

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Saving droplet to live a baby!

Zaporozhye region. Started 3.9.2018

The Zaporizhzhia regional children clinical hospital desperately needs the laboratory equipment, which is used for blood transfusion. Currently the hospital possesses such equipment only in two departments, where these procedures are carried out most often: hematology department and one of the resuscitation departments. However, there is a need for three more sets of such equipment. Seemingly simple laboratory equipment, the heated bath, plays a major role in determining the correspondence of the donated blood to haematological parameters of a child patient, it is very important to have the improvement of a child’s health as the result of a blood transfusion.

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She walks with small steps towards a big goal!

Zaporizhia. Started 18.10.2018

Dasha is like a warm sunbeam, merry, sweet and she is smiling charmingly! And she doesn’t suspect at all, that she was born with a rare genetic disease - Bloch-Sulzberg syndrome, which came out itself in developmental brain malformations, gave complications to the eyes and skin. Therefore, little darling in her incomplete two years does not sit and walk yet, but there is a huge potential, and her mom has perseverance and faith in her daughter! Just one desire is not enough: recuperationof the child costs a lot of money.

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Mariia: mother, wife... patient

Dnipro region . Started 25.9.2018

"I am a cheerful, active person who loves life very much. But my illness is progressing... I am happy that I have a family – my little girl and my husband – and a job I love. Often, people don't give a second thought to how wonderful it is to be able to work, travel, or go about their daily tasks without having to think about medications, medical equipment, nebulizer treatments, and hospital admissions," this is how Masha's letter begins, and she truly knows the value of every day. Ever since she was born, Masha has lived with a severe genetic disorder – cystic fibrosis. There are very few adults with cystic fibrosis in our country; every day of her life is a miracle. 

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I'm like you. 2

Dnipro. Started 24.7.2018

When Sasha was born, he did not breathe. During labor, the woman's labor activity stopped. The baby had to be squeezed out of the womb. This could not but affect the health of the boy: Sasha suffered a serious brain injury... The doctors resuscitated the child and subsequently, mother and son were discharged home. The boy grew up, and when he was 3,5 years old, doctors diagnosed him with an organic personality road with a hyperdynamic syndrome and hypoplasia of speech of the 1st degree. His mom did not give up for a second. She did everything to help her son.

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Angelina has a rare disease. 2

Kharkiv region. Started 16.10.2018

Angelina is one of the twins of the Onopienko family. At the age of 2.5 years, at this baby began to show health problems. Since then, the mother with Angelina almost live in hospitals. Examinations, tests, trips for consultations to specialists... But doctors could not establish an accurate diagnosis for a child for a long time.

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I want to sing along to the birds!

Berdiansk. Started 16.8.2018

What a happiness it is to live near the warm Sea of Azov! Without a doubt, where the sea breeze and the warm tender sun, the cheerful, smiling and happy children are born. Almost at every photo, Sasha Ostrovskyi has a sunny, joyful smile and a spark in his eyes and in there is a great desire to share emotions and children's thoughts deep inside. And how many questions arise in children's heads, while they grow up! And what to do when you can not ask, because you simply do not know how to speak physically. It remains only to observe, smile in response or use sign language. 

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