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Make twins happier

Dnipropetrovsk region . Started 27.8.2019

Premature birth for twins is a common thing. It is very important that the kids have time to get stronger in the mother’s tummy and then develop safely under the supervision of doctors. This happens most often, but it happened differently with Andrii and Sofiika. They were born at 35 weeks with a weight of 1,450 and 1,800 g. They were discharged from the hospital only after 2 months, and a year later Andrei was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and Sonia was diagnosed with tetraparesis. 

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Free the princess from the evil spell! 5

Dnipropetrovsk region. Started 14.6.2019

Hello everybody! Who does not know me, I am a bewitched princess Nastya! I am already 5 years old. Everything that I have been doing all these 5 years – try to remove the spell from my legs. My dear helpers and true friends help me in this. Due to them I had a chance to visit magic country. In this country real fairies and wizards work, they know how to remove the spell, but it takes time. While being in this country, everyday I learn new things, become stronger and stronger, and step by step we are removing spell from my little legs. I believe that we will be able to remove spell completely, but for this I really need your help and support. 

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000 017 676 UAH

To hear the whisper of the sea

Zaporizhia region. Started 28.8.2019

At first see, Lisa appears no different from her peers, though perhaps more active. She might seem naughty for not responding to questions or commands. The reason for this isn’t a bad upbringing, but a congenital hearing impairment which was only recently diagnosed. Second degree hearing loss is no life sentence, but quality hearing aids are necessary.

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000 023 118 UAH

An evil enemy lives inside Denys

Kharkiv region. Started 13.9.2019

"He laughs and everyone around gets a positive energetic boost. He is a blue-eyed blonde who is impossible not to fall in love with", mom tells us about her son. Her beloved son, whose life is in danger. Denis was born with a serious incurable disease and the evil enemy lives inside Denis. Although now it is hardly noticeable externally you cannot forget about it even for a day. In order to maintain health for as long as possible, now it is extremely important to follow all medical prescriptions. But the family does not have enough money to pay for all necessary. 

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I will tell you my secret

Zaporizhia region. Started 7.8.2019

Olesia has spina bifida. The consequences of this birth defect have been inexorably affecting her life for fourteen years. A whole book could be written about the many surgeries Olesia underwent. But there are hardly enough words to express the embarrassment and uncertainty of a teenager who must wear loose clothing to conceal a tube in her abdomen and diaper wherever she goes. 

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Let's help the future firefighter! 2

Kharkiv. Started 12.9.2019

lad has trouble – his inhaler has been broken. The inhaler has been worked for 5 years, it was repaired for several times and now it works “once in a while”. Vlad can not use it this way. The boy has a serious illness, which clogs the airways with thick mucus, destroys the lungs, and prevents breathing. Every day Vladik must at least twice perform an extensive medical complex of inhalations and physical exercises, without which he cannot breathe. The absence of an inhaler is a complete disaster. 

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000 012 338 UAH

The path to the dream. 3

Luhansk region. Started 12.6.2019

Six years ago, a small miracle appeared in the Rasstal family. A miracle called Sasha. Sasha was born on time, sturdy, but as a result of difficult labor, he received severe asphyxiation. In 1 year old he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The earth was knocked out from under parents’ feet, since at that time the family was trying to balance, constantly being in the struggle for the full life of his son. Since then Sasha has been constantly undergoing treatment, acupuncture, massages, exercise therapy, a swimming pool, a speech therapist, a psychologist. 

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Angelina has a rare disease. 5

Kharkiv region. Started 20.9.2019

And here came the long-awaited September for Angelina – she went to first grade! "It can possible thanks to the right treatment", says the mother of the girl. Now Angelina is practically no different from her peers. She is mobile, very active, runs, plays and communicates with children. But it was not always so. Starting from the age of two and a half years, the little girl was constantly ill and she and her mother practically lived in hospitals. And only the trip last year to consult with specialists of the Kyiv immunological center clarified the situation. Angelina has a primary immunodeficiency. This is a genetically determined disease of the immune system that robs the body of its natural defense. 

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Mom, I have no childhood! 3

Donetsk region. Started 21.8.2019

There is a wonderful girl named Eva. She is 11 years old and she is practical doesn't differ from her peers... While sitting. But walking is given to her with difficulty. Eva is from Donetsk, where she lived until June 2014. Living there, Eva was constantly treated both in her native city and throughout Ukraine. Because of the war, the family had to move to another city, but the treatment did not stop. In 2017, Eva underwent a complicated leg surgery, after which rehabilitation became even more necessary. 

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That the children with sick heart lived!

Dnipro. Started 15.5.2019

According to statistics, every year in Ukraine, about five thousand children with congenital anomalies of the cardiovascular system are born, of which 30-40% of patients are assessed by doctors as critical. Without surgery, 42% of these patients die in childhood, with almost 90% under one year of age. The life of more than 800 children can change the heart surgery by installing a cardiac implant (occluder).

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