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A large family needs help

Luhansk region. Started 14.11.2019

The history of this family is closely connected with the history of Ukraine and the war in Donbas. Serhii and Olga Ivanchenko were born in the Luhansk region, where they lived before the outbreak of hostilities. Then, they moved from the military zone to Belarus together with their five children. At that time, Olga was expecting twins, but due to stress and her mother’s emotions, only one child Vera survived. The family spent several years in Belarus. However, in spite of terrible memories of shelling and explosions still stamped on memory, parents made a complicated decision to return home to the Nyzhnie village which is known as “the grey zone”.  

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To live without the words "Sentry! Sugar!"

Dnipropetrovsk region . Started 28.11.2019

Vanya Isaev is a man of infinitely cheerful and sociable. The 8-year-old boy eagerly absorbs knowledge: he is especially interested in robotics and entomology. This was not so at all 3 years ago: every morning began with bitter tears. 8 injections per day were given to Van so that he received vital insulin. Now the pump ensures the boy from constant injections and jumps in glucose. In order for Vanya to remain as cheerful, every month you need 8,400 UAH for supplies. Vanya was 5 years old when the doctors made a terrible diagnosis: diabetes. The most difficult question for the mother of a sick child is: "Why exactly is my son?". It is impossible to answer him, it was necessary to take a given and adapt to a new life. 

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I will move by myself! 2

Donetsk region. Started 8.1.2020

The boy in the photo is Nikita. Instead of having a cesarean section, the expectant mother gave birth herself. The woman began to drain water, but for some reason they were dark green in color. As it turned out later, Nikita swallowed water, they filled the boy’s lungs, he could not breathe... 

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What is left of Nikita? 4

Donetsk region. Started 26.12.2019

Many of you may already know and remember Nikita who comes from Slavyansk, Donetsk region. A boy, who struggles for right of being healthy and happy together with his mother. She loves her son to the moon and back. Now he is already 12 years old, and all these years his mother does everything within her power for her child who undergoes constant rehabilitations and treatment. Unfortunately, the boy can’t sit, eat by himself, talk and serve himself, so he needs constant care and guardianship. 

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Disability is not a reason to stop life

Donetsk region. Started 22.11.2019

These two girls are very different. Polina is a tiny smiling blonde. Maria is an older brunette with a keen look.
The girls desperately need of help. Their diagnoses intersect with just one word – an anomaly of brain development. These children have disrupted normal functioning of the legs. The girls regularly undergo rehabilitation and exercise at home. But while they are in the process of treatment, they need to be transported somehow. 

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Win time for Dasha!

Dnipro. Started 21.6.2019

If she could ask Dasha frank questions about how she lives with cystic fibrosis, she would probably tell how endless inhalations and droppers bothered her, how painful her veins “collapsed” and the nurse looking for a place for an injection. How sad it is when there is a lot of treatment in life, and communication with peers is not enough. And also about how hard it is to think that your present and future depends on whether there is enough money for all prescribed medications. 

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The cry of mother's soul. 5

Kharkiv region. Started 18.11.2019

For every mother, there is nothing more precious than her child, his smile, his health, his hugs! Zhenia's mother for 20 years dreamed of breathing in the smell of the crown of her baby and kiss the pink heels. For 20 years, the mother did not give up hope of becoming pregnant. And here they are, two treasured stripes in the test!
Unfortunately, in the 33rd week, the pregnancy had to be terminated in an emergency, saving the baby. Due to oxygen starvation, the baby was very weak. 5 days, which seemed to mother as eternity, in the intensive care unit, tiny lungs were ventilated artificially. 

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Laughter and joy – in hospitals

Dnipro. Started 15.4.2019

If you have ever been in a hospital, remember: how often did a good mood accompany you there? We assume that only when they found out about the upcoming discharge. But a good mood in the hospital is worth its weight in gold: it increases the number of endorphins in the blood, which directly affect the immune system, that is, the ability of the body to fight the disease! To raise the level of these endorphins is the main purpose of our favorite team "Doctor Clown Dnipro". 

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Сosiness for premature born babies. Kharkiv. 2

Kharkiv. Started 3.4.2019

Preterm born children are totally unprotected from external factors which for us are acceptable and so necessary. You might be very surprised, but little Neterplyachki should be protected from drafts, bright light, and even loud sound. Their first weeks and sometimes months of life, they spend in individual boxes (incubators), which protect them from external factors. But these transparent plastic houses cannot substitute the most important things for the fast and right nursing – physiological (in-womb) conditions and the correct positioning of the body. 

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Smile through the pain. 2

Dnipropetrovsk region . Started 20.1.2020

Good afternoon, dear friends! Due to the previous project that helped Artem to undergo a course of treatment in Kharkov, many of you are already acquainted with this guy. He will be 19 soon, and he has grave cerebral palsy and epilepsy from birth. Due to serious illness, such children can’t learn how to do simple things by themselves and even hold a head. This is all caused by strong brain damage. But this kid’s strong character and his persistent thirst for living prove that nothing is impossible.

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