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Olezhka, live!

Kharkiv. Started 18.2.2020

Untill he turned 8, the word “cancer” had been associated for him with an animal that lives in the river or the Cancer Constellation in the sky. But it turned out this word has one more meaning and can be very horrible. A year and a half ago the boy was diagnosed with “orbital rhabdomyosarcoma” – a rare and aggressive tumor. Olezhka bore with fortitude all the treatment stages –tumor removal, chemotherapy and radiation. But in four months – tumor recurrence, and the doctors’ words: “It is impossible to help you in Ukraine”. So Olezhka found himself in Istanbul. The three stages of treatment cost tens of thousands of dollars – unreal amounts for a little family, consisting of a mother and a son. Save Olezhka! Save the mother’s only son!

Зроблено Funded 200 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Hope lives here

Kramatorsk. Started 8.5.2014

Quite recently, Nastia had an ordinary life of modern teenager – she studied at the 2nd grade at college, played volleyball, communicated with peers and parents pleased with her success. Nothing threatened. And even when the first symptoms of the disease appeared: enlargement of the liver, lymph nodes and dermatitis, which a girl lived since 2012 with, did not give occasion to worry about it. However, in a moment, lives of the young girl and her family have changed – after the medical tests at the hospital Nastia was diagnosed lymphomatoid granulomatosis, variant of nodular sclerosis.

Зроблено Funded 35 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Rescue transplantation

Dnipropetrovsk. Started 12.8.2016

Little Solomiya is one year and month old. And that is a miracle. Because a year ago, the doctors prepared her mother that the baby would hardly stay long in this world even for six months: her kidneys are underdeveloped and do not fulfill their functions. But, contrary to predictions, Solomiyka lives and fights, giving hope to her parents. To undergo the dialysis every day, she and her mother live in Kiev, far from father and sister. Unfortunately, that is just a temporary solution. Baby needs a kidney transplant from an unrelated donor. The price of Solomiyka‘s life is 60 000 dollars.

Зроблено Funded 151 561 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Give mom a smile

Zaporizhia. Started 25.11.2019

To play with dolls and draw, mold Kolobok from plasticine and don’t forget to give mom a hairstyle -Vika dreams of such children's worries! While in the life of a girl there are only hospitals and many tablets that need to be taken on time so that there are no cramps. And she has to watch the outside world only from her stroller, as it still doesn’t work for her to sit and walk. Vika's "epilepsy" is now under control, so it's time for her to do physical rehabilitation at the Bobath therapy center. Let's become good wizards and help the baby take a step forward to a healthy childhood!  

Зроблено Funded 61 560 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

An orphan needs an operation

Luhansk region. Started 12.3.2020

The other day Nikita will turn 11 years old. He has neither mother nor father. When Nikita was only 9 months old, his mother died. The father of the child does not take part in his life. From birth, this baby lived with his grandfather and grandmother, they are his guardians. And the baby is also sick from childhood. Nikita has a problem with her legs; he underwent an operation to remove a hernia. In general, Nikita is a very sociable boy. But for everything else, he also has big vision problems. With one eye the child does not see at all, in the second eye 0,2% of vision. Of course, grandparents are very worried about him. They try not to let one go out into the street, they take Nikita by the hand. And he is such an active boy, he does not sit still for a minute. Loves music and dancing. And at home, it is oriented by touch, but bruises and abrasions still appear regularly. 

Зроблено Funded 12 656 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Adults also want to live. 2

Zaporizhia. Started 24.4.2019

For more than a year, Dmytro has been trying to defeat the disease. The treatment guidelines are changing, the newly grown hair falls out, the painful side effects of "chemo" appear. But there is a positive dynamic, and it inspires to further struggle! Dmytro has a duel with cancer. But, no the cancer is one in this duel, and Dima is supported with a lot of good hearts. Do not leave him alone with the disease! 

Зроблено Funded 128 406 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

From a heart to a heart

Donetsk region. Started 25.3.2014

Vladik’s life has just begun and he does not know how bright the world may be, which colors a rainbow has, how warm the Sea of Azov is in summer. And he can miss all of it in his life because the little heart of the child is very weak and needs urgent help! The boy was born with a cardiac anomaly – atrioventricular communication, with which the boy might live 5 years at the most if no surgery is made.

Зроблено Funded 24 010 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

I want to live on!

Dnipro. Started 12.9.2017

UPD: Ministry of Health of Ukraine has allocated funds to pay for surgery for Galina.

This happened unexpectedly. Only yesterday Galina Savchenko supposed to be healthy, and the next day laboratory report revealed, she urgently had to consult a doctor, the kidneys were working thoroughly bad. The nephrologist diagnosed glomerular nephritis, chronic renal insufficiency. Within 5 years that was possible to keep health status with planned therapy, and in spring 2017 it has become clear that Galina needs for kidney transplantation.

Сплатити Need 100 000 UAH
Still needed
000 019 486 UAH

Myroslava and her first word. 2

Dnipropetrovsk region. Started 27.9.2019

The birth of Myrochka was the best gift for the New year for her parents! However, from the first moments of the life of girls, it became clear that a fairy tale will be quite different. Born, Myroslava didn't scream, she didn't have her reflexes and muscle tone, she was purple, her body was still chained to the bed. 

Зроблено Funded 27 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

A large family needs help

Luhansk region. Started 14.11.2019

The history of this family is closely connected with the history of Ukraine and the war in Donbas. Serhii and Olga Ivanchenko were born in the Luhansk region, where they lived before the outbreak of hostilities. Then, they moved from the military zone to Belarus together with their five children. At that time, Olga was expecting twins, but due to stress and her mother’s emotions, only one child Vera survived. The family spent several years in Belarus. However, in spite of terrible memories of shelling and explosions still stamped on memory, parents made a complicated decision to return home to the Nyzhnie village which is known as “the grey zone”.  

Зроблено Funded 23 520 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH