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Zhenia's vision can be saved

Donetsk region. Started 15.11.2019

Zhenia is only two years old. This baby has a congenital cataract of the right eye and he needs an operation to replace the lens. this diagnos was put to the baby at birth. Then, in the maternity hospital, it was recommended to the mother to drop eyes of her son’s eyes and observe. But, unfortunately, the drops did not give the expected result. Mom herself already saw a white spot on her son’s eye. And at the next visit to the clinic, Zhenia revealed cataract progression. To save eyesight on the right eye, the baby needs to have an ophthalmic surgery. 

Сплатити Need 12 656 UAH
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000 004 426 UAH

Help to save their lives!

Dnipro. Started 1.10.2019

Infections are not pleasant to anyone, especially their complications, and for our patients, they carry an extremely serious threat. From birth, our boys and girls have been living with a serious illness that affects the respiratory system. They are especially vulnerable to infections. Even when a simple ARVI lasts a long time and has complications, surviving the flu or pneumococci is a test that is better to avoid at all. 

Сплатити Need 5 400 UAH
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000 004 498 UAH

St. Nicholas works miracles

Kharkiv. Started 13.11.2019

St. Nicholas Day is a celebration of mercy, warmth, joy, kindness, and love. I want to believe that it will remain forever in the memory of little children, and, perhaps, when they want to help those in need. Good deeds are always relevant, and they acquire their characteristics and charm on the eve of Christmas and New Year holidays. Our dear benefactors, helpers, like-minded people, and caring people, we turn to you for help for 10 families raising children with terrible diseases (cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, cancer, orphan patients). Left alone with their problems, such families spend a lot of resources, effort, and finances on the treatment and maintenance of the life of their seriously ill children. 

Сплатити Need 8 000 UAH
Still needed
000 006 531 UAH

Little Polina dreams of dancing. 4

Donetsk region. Started 20.9.2019

Dreams should come true! Parents of a special baby ask to help their little Polina, who needs to undergo a very important rehabilitation course! Polina is special not because she has a cerebral palsy, but because this girl is stronger than many adults. During the 5 years of her life through hard work and pain, she already achieved a lot. She seats by herself tries to talk. Despite the disease, she is a cheerful girl, who wants to move. Everyone who knows Polina notes how much she wants to run and dance! But unfortunately her hands do not work well, she can’t concentrate, all the skills which are easily mastered by other kids, Polina needs to learn hard. 

Сплатити Need 21 000 UAH
Still needed
000 007 134 UAH

Vika’s first step. 8

Donetsk region. Started 15.10.2019

No one knew if Vika would survive. After a premature birth, the girl did not eat, she stopped breathing, so she was in intensive care. Then she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and Dandy-Walker syndrome. But Vika survived. Although she now has to challenge the right to every free movement, she is alive! And she pleases her relatives with new skills that are given to her with such difficulty... 

Сплатити Need 29 000 UAH
Still needed
000 007 214 UAH

Dasha wants to breathe. 2

Zaporizhia. Started 29.11.2019

Everyone who meets Dasha involuntarily compares her with a small, energetic puppy. The baby has a lot of energy and positive. She loves animals and it seems that they all feel it, because they run to her from all sides. Dasha can’t sit still for a minute. As soon as she stops for a few moments, she immediately manages to do mischief, with the words: "I could not help myself, I was bored!". Parents are still happy for such activity because, for children with cystic fibrosis, movement is life. And for Dashuli, it’s doubly, since she has had a destructive Pseudomonas aeruginosa in her lungs for several years. 

Сплатити Need 13 483 UAH
Still needed
000 007 720 UAH

Healthy legs is Pavlik's dream

Dnipro. Started 18.11.2019

Pavlik is only 5 years old, and he already has a bunch of terrible diagnoses: cerebral palsy, symptomatic epilepsy with attacks. The boy needs help in acquiring a device that is very necessary for him – orthoses for legs, worth 12,180 UAH. This will prevent surgical intervention and improve the quality of his life. Parents made bright plans for their boy, but it happened as it happened. Preterm birth at the 30th week of pregnancy because of placental abruption, a long stay in intensive care, coma, mechanical ventilation. Doctors did not give any chance that the child could survive, but a miracle happened. 

Сплатити Need 12 180 UAH
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000 008 650 UAH

The most valuable thing is communication!

Dnipro. Started 12.11.2019

In the 35th week with severe hypoxia, Sasha and Vova were born – twins were the first-born in the Badyr family. They spent two weeks in intensive care, they were discharged home with many diagnoses. Due to cerebral palsy and accompanying diseases, Sasha did not live up to 3 years. Parents threw all their strength into “stretching” Vova. And now in his map, there are only motor disturbances and speech delay. At the age of 7, the boy reads in syllables, but cannot speak clearly yet. Let's open the way for free communication for Vova! 

Сплатити Need 12 700 UAH
Still needed
000 012 429 UAH

A small miracle wants to walk. 3

Donetsk region. Started 11.11.2019

After 15 years of waiting, Sasha’s mother finally saw 2 strips and realized that she would have a baby. Miracle! The boy was born prematurely in serious condition, doctors fought for his health. The fight began with an operation on the eyes, then there was resuscitation, later — a list of terrible diagnoses that still do not allow the boy to move freely and be healthy. 

Сплатити Need 39 000 UAH
Still needed
000 012 559 UAH

You can’t give up

Donetsk region. Started 21.11.2019

Maksym’s parents remember how happy they were during 2017 New Year celebration when the treatment ended. They had only one wish – health for the son! The boy lived in remission for two and a half years. He returned to his usual life playing football with his older brother, beginning to prepare for school... Suddenly the disease returned. A control MRI examination revealed a tumor.

Сплатити Need 80 550 UAH
Still needed
000 013 602 UAH