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Examinations that save children's lives. 2

Zaporizhia region. Started 21.2.2020

The birth of a baby is accompanied by a scream informing the world about the appearance of a new person. Unfortunately, for many of them have it is a cry for help. The meaning of intensive care is to help vital organs (lungs, heart, intestines, etc.) cope with their functions. This often requires the use of necessary manipulations and mandatory continual monitoring of the child’s condition using sophisticated equipment. There are situations when it is necessary to help the baby’s breathing, and then through a special tube brought into the respiratory tract, it is connected to the lung ventilation apparatus. Moreover, in order to understand how each blood cell is saturated with oxygen, a constant study of blood gases is carried out. 

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Help feed Mikhail. 3

Luhansk region. Started 10.6.2020

Misha is one of the most difficult among our wards. Congenital disease cystic fibrosis has led to the destruction of the liver. The issue of transplantation is hanging in the air (how and where? It is not yet clear). On the one hand, organ transplantation is an extreme measure, on the other hand, in order to get to such an operation, you need to be in relatively good shape: the operation is difficult as well as life after it. Like it or not, Misha needs to keep as fit as possible, to have as much strength as possible. 

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Alina: I want to run! 3

Donetsk region. Started 27.5.2020

The trouble did not befall this girl immediately after she was born, but when she turned a month old. Alina was getting ready for bed, mom put her daughter to sleep, as the worst happened on her hands with the girl... Alina stopped breathing and turned pale. Frightened mother called an ambulance, waited and prayed that her baby would survive. 

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The dream of a "gift child". 3

Kharkiv region. Started 2.7.2020

The disease will not be able to ruin life when there is a desire to live! And Maxim has this desire, because he often smiles and believes in people! And he is very smart and sometimes dreams and can think like an adult. He knows that to have results, he needs to make every effort and not to feel sorry for himself, so he trains hard even despite of the pain. Rehabilitation for such children with cerebral palsy is expensive, but very effective. The Shevchenko family simply can't afford it without your help, because the mother is raising two sons by herself! 

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Breathe together!

Zaporizhia. Started 28.4.2020

Two brothers with a big age difference, Timofii – 4 years old and Kyrylo 19 years old, have one huge disaster for two. Storm cloud with the name "cystic fibrosis" is accompanied by a cheerful and mischievous Timosha all 4 years of his life. Makes taking enzymes with food, to do special exercises and inhalations even if it still does not understand the importance of all these activities. Kyrylo also diagnosed from birth, 8 years ago.

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Medical equipment should work!

Zaporizhia. Started 26.5.2020

When a long hope baby is born, a mother is primarily concerned about his/her health of course. And only due to her observancy and pediatrician’s competence it is possible to timely determine deviations in the development of the child during the first days of his/her life. Especially if the life of a child with cystic fibrosis is put at risk. Although cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis) is the most common hereditary disease, it is not always diagnosed at an early age. 

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Maksym has a brain tumor. 4

Kharkiv. Started 3.7.2020

Maksym Didenko continues to fight with a serious illness. The story of this boy is well known to UBB donors: at the age of three, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Then the baby had to go through a lot: a shunt operation, then a tumor resection, 16 chemotherapy courses, repeated tumor resection, radiation therapy, examinations and constant monitoring of the tests. A remission was achieved. Unfortunately, it was short-lived and it was again necessary to start all over again... 

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Save the children from allergies!

Zaporizhia. Started 22.6.2020

Wonderful warm summer! How anxiously our children are waiting for it! For Zaporizhzhia region, the industrial and metallurgical centre of Ukraine, summer is also the time for unpleasant surprises – the detection of mass episodes of bronchial asthma among children, severe allergic rhinitis. Incidence rates in the region differ significantly from other regions of Ukraine, which are not subject to industrial pollution. Under such conditions, plant pollen acquires particularly aggressive properties.

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Laughter and joy – in hospitals

Dnipro. Started 15.4.2019

If you have ever been in a hospital, remember: how often did a good mood accompany you there? We assume that only when they found out about the upcoming discharge. But a good mood in the hospital is worth its weight in gold: it increases the number of endorphins in the blood, which directly affect the immune system, that is, the ability of the body to fight the disease! To raise the level of these endorphins is the main purpose of our favorite team "Doctor Clown Dnipro". 

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Go for nothing at all

Dnipro region. Started 8.7.2020

Vanya's parents sounded the alarm when, at 8 months, he never learned to sit. The city hospital was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis. But the attending neurologist convinced mom that acupuncture and massages would put the baby on her feet. So parents lost a year. Only when they began a serious rehabilitation did things go smoothly. Now Vanya is struggling to catch up. 

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