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No more waiting

Odessa region. Started 13.4.2018

Darusya is uncomfortable when being shot, she leans her head so that left side of her face is hidden. She suffers from the malformation of vessels. But the face hurt is just the tip of the iceberg, the disease is deeply in her head. This disease fills her mouth with blood. The doctors stop it with medicines. The operation shall not be postponed any longer. But the hospital lacks necessary means, and the family is forced to find more than UAH 200 000 and buy them. The family seeks help.

Зроблено Funded 214 600 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Life is expensive!

Chornomorsk. Started 4.4.2018

In 2015, the life of Denys and all his family turned upside down, when the boy was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Over the past two and a half years, Denis suffered a lot – bone marrow transplantation, daily procedures, administration of medications and sometimes intolerable pain, isolation from friends, relatives. Not every adult can even imagine it! On August 12, 2016, Denis came through BMT in Turkey, and the results were good at first. However, six months later, aggravation began – the necrosis of the bones and tissues of the lower leg developed and he stopped walking. Then, necrosis developed in the hip joints.

Сплатити Need 300 000 UAH
Still needed
000 176 501 UAH

Help to save my son!

Odessa region. Started 8.11.2017

Denys was born healthy. There was no limit to the parents’ joy – they finally waited for their lovely cute baby. But the cloudless childhood of Denys did not last long. Planned BCG vaccination was done to him despite the fact that the baby at that moment was sick with rubella. The result was terrible complications that turned future of the boy and his family upside down. Now he could have finished junior school, could play football with other boys in the yard. But Denys cannot sit, walk, speak, he silently lies, and 6-7 times a day his body is shaken by epilepsy seizures.

Сплатити Need 513 000 UAH
Still needed
000 216 399 UAH

I believe that I will be able to walk! 4

Odessa region. Started 13.3.2018

Dear donors, You know well Tinochka Shpatakovskaya whom you have already assisted three times! Her medical diagnosis is cerebral paralysis, spastic tetraparesis. Thanks to the funds collected on the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, Tinochka could have completed a rehabilitation course in “Innovo” and “Elita” clinics and get an operative therapy according to the method of Uzilbat. This combination treatment produced positive results which the parents are quite happy to see. Indeed, Tina grew up meanwhile and began to understand what benefit she gets out of rehabilitation, training, massages and therapeutic exercises.

Сплатити Need 10 746 UAH
Still needed
000 005 511 UAH

Hope for Nadia

Odessa region. Started 30.3.2018

Nadia is one of five mother’s daughters. In her seven years of age, the girl lost the most precious: at first her father and then the grandfather who replaced her father. And now the girl is struggling not to lose her health and her life. She has a brain tumor and an urgent surgery is required. But her mom cannot buy the necessary medicines and supplies. The lonely woman is in despair and begs for help.

Сплатити Need 30 000 UAH
Still needed
000 008 146 UAH

Unskilled tests of Ksenia

Odessa region. Started 28.2.2018

"Mom, I'm out of breath, it hurts inside, and my back is very sore..." Eight-year-old Kseniia was diagnosed with paralytic scoliosis of the fourth degree. The arc of her spine squeezes the internal organs, the girl is hard to breathe and it is already painful to sit with her. Kseniia's life history is her patient history. The baby got on the operating table right after birth. Two operations were done simultaneously then: a spinal hernia in the lumbar spine was removed, and the brain was shunted because of the diagnosis of hydrocephalus. Congenital pathologies of Kseniia include the luxation and subluxation of both hips, paralysis of the legs.

Сплатити Need 39 000 UAH
Still needed
000 035 913 UAH

Return the vision to the musician. 2

Odessa. Started 8.2.2018

Denis's family has already sought help from UBB donors. Thanks to the sincere support of the well-doers, Denis was surveyed at the University Hospital of Dusseldorf. But the survey cost more than it was collected on the UBB. According to invoiced accounts, the family owed the clinic 1180,76 euros. As per the results of the survey, for the restoration of visual acuity, Denis was offered scleral contact lenses, costing 2,080.00 euros. For the family of Denis, both of these sums are very big and they won’t be able to collect them on their own! So, we have to appeal to you again, dear UBB donors!

Сплатити Need 115 757 UAH
Still needed
000 103 960 UAH

The device will breathe, and Ivanco - live!

Kherson region. Started 26.12.2017

Van’ka hastens to live. Cystic fibrosis doesn’t give a chance to relax, but the boy doesn’t give the illness any extra day. Van’ka rides a horse, shows tricks, plays the baby at the beach, and does yoga… He does chemical experiments, and inhalations, jumps over bonfire, peeps out of the tent… You can look at his photos for hours, and listen to the stories about his life for days… Van’ka hastens to live. His lungs are late. Breathlessness and weakness require staying at home more often. But Van’ka is not going to calm down. He is dreaming about portable oxygen concentrator. Let the apparatus breathe if they lungs can’t. And Van’ka will live!

Сплатити Need 118 900 UAH
Still needed
000 106 298 UAH

Help me spread my back!

Odessa region. Started 2.2.2017

It is very difficult to breathe for Yaroslav. He can hardly sit. The heart is pinched and it's hard for him to beat. Yaroslav's spine is bent in the shape of the letter S, and this is very painful in itself. And if help doesn’t come, Yaroslav will soon die, and he will die very painfully. Yaroslav was born with slight changes in his spine. At that time doctors said that it was not dangerous and everything would improve with time. But, unfortunately, when the boy turned 11 the disease started to progress. In 2007 metal rods were applied to the boy’s spine, but in 2009 they were removed as they were not taken.

Сплатити Need 644 000 UAH
Still needed
000 121 958 UAH

The Month of Life-2

Mykolaiv. Started 5.2.2016

‘There is no sodium chloride, glucose…’, ‘I have a check for 2 000 hrivnas, can you help me?..’, ‘Is it possible to find...?’ – those are not all phrases that I hear every day from parents of our patients. It seems sodium chloride – 10 hrivnas, biseptol – 27 hrivnas… Trifle? Not in their case. We collected funds for the purchase of medicines in oncology department of Mykolaiv Regional Children's Hospital one year ago. Now it's time to revert to you, friends. We are in despair! Prices are rising every day and the month of the lives of our kids costs not 40 thousand hrivnas as it was a year ago, but almost 170 thousand hrivnas now.

Сплатити Need 166 535 UAH
Still needed
000 140 041 UAH