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From the playground to the hospital

Odessa. Started 29.8.2019

Maxym was born and grew up a healthy and active boy. He was well known for his huge blue eyes and playfulness. On the 3rd of May in 2019, everything changed. Having fun at the local playground, the boy fell from a low slide landing on his head. Maxim had a severe head injury. Since then, his parents and doctors have been fighting for his life.  

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Help get on your feet!

Odessa region. Started 10.5.2019

Sasha Barda is 16. He is a handsome and clever boy, a pupil of the 9th form. He studies well and has many friends. He has a good memory and he speaks well. However, he suffers from a disease that prevents him from moving freely, walking and being healthy. The boy can neither sit down nor stand without somebody’s help his legs and arms disobey. Sasha’s diagnosis is cerebral palsy. This horrible disease stroke him as soon as he was born. Sasha was born prematurely, on the 31st week, with asphyxia, the consequences of which the family has been struggling with courage for the long 16 years. 

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Game for life

Kherson region. Started 5.9.2019

Vania has been keen on playing computer games for a long time. Virtual games help the boy to distract from painful procedures that he has to go through every day to defeat the disease. Last year, Ivan’s life changed abruptly when he received a dreadful cancer diagnosis from the doctors as a sentence. The boy had to leave his classmates, his studies, his younger siblings and to start not a virtual fight for life. If a hero has more than one life in the digital world, in the real world it is more difficult – it’s now or never. 

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000 006 461 UAH

Sunny thumberlina girl. 2

Odessa region. Started 19.8.2019

Dear donors, you have already helped Ania Ishchenko, a sunny girl, the Thumbelina. The child has weight deficit of II-III degree. At the age of 9.5, she weighed only 10.4 (!) kg, when the norm is 27-35 kg. She is the third child in the family, was born with Down's syndrome, with the cardiac malformation. However, the main and biggest problem is the celiac disease, when the body does not absorb gluten, which is present in almost a third of all the products!

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Hearing Aid for Kyrylo!

Kherson. Started 13.8.2019

Kyrylo is the only son in a family of hard hearing parents. In the first year of his life, he was diagnosed with "bilateral sensorineural hearing loss of the third degree". Now the boy is 10 years old, all this time the whole family has made great efforts to help boy succeed in his mental development and learning, in which he has experienced considerable difficulty. 

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Brothers in life challenging

Kherson. Started 8.7.2019

Vlad and Yaroslav are soul brothers and brothers in life challenges. The probability of getting broken DNA is only 25% for everyone; there are very few families having two children with cystic fibrosis. But Kuzovye brothers were among them. The family tries their best. But it is terribly difficult to provide everything for the treatment of one patient with a serious illness, and even more difficult for two. Mom Natalya kindly asks to purchase the equipment necessary to ensure the qualitative daily treatment for the boys. Help today so they can live tomorrow. 

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000 020 016 UAH

There is hope to breathe. Help me! 2

Kherson region. Started 16.1.2019

Vania needs to be fed, Vania needs to be treated. And it's not a matter of choice – which one is the priority? He needs both. And all of these things are hugely expensive. Vania has cystic fibrosis – a severe congenital disease which doesn't take any chances – in this game, life is at stake. Persistent infections gradually destroy his lungs and the boy is so thin and doesn't have enough strength to fight them. And he wants to live. His mom handles a lot of things on her own, but now she asks for help. Vania and his mom really need help right now! 

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000 020 467 UAH

Diana: to break the vicious circle. 2

Odessa region. Started 19.3.2019

Diana looks like an ordinary girl, but ask her mom – and find out how much effort is required from the whole family to keep this baby alive. “Curious, funny, eloquently chatting, despite the young age, composes and tells whole stories, likes to talk, walk, loves animals... all life is beautiful for her! But not for us. We accepted her diagnosis, but it’s very hard to understand that the quality of her life, and life itself, depends on whether we can provide her with everything vital... It’s hard to understand that we have a lack of time to provide everything”, her mother asks for help for her baby. 

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The hard way to recovery. 3

Odessa region. Started 15.8.2019

Dear donors, уou have already helped a little Vitia Porokhovyi, a boy with special needs; for his short life he has already undergone ten operations on bypassing the brain, inflammation of the ventricle, meningitis, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral edema, he was in the intensive care unit at the ventilator during the month. Almost from birth, he was diagnosed with encephalopathy and later – with internal hydrocephaly. 

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What's wrong with my son? 3

Mykolaiv. Started 9.8.2019

His little life started with a cesarean, resuscitation and fetal hypoxia. Then Maksymchyk fell into a medicated sleep, and mom and the doctors didn't understand what was wrong with the baby. Next was a series of examinations, medical consultations, probable diagnoses... a Long 2 months was necessary in order to determine what is wrong with Maksym.

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