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Help Kyrylo recover! 3

Odessa. Started 12.12.2019

Dear donors! You have already known Kyrylo Ivanenko, who was born in hypoxia in 2014, during the military activities in Debaltseve. After 7.5 hours of suffering, due to poor labor activity, Kyrylo's mother, Yulia, was made an emergency cesarean section. However, the child underwent oxygen deprivation of the brain, the consequences of which the family is still struggling with. First, he was diagnosed with diffuse muscular hypotension. "He will walk later, he will talk later..." doctors said. But at the age of 1 year and 10 months, the final diagnosis sounded like a sentence cerebral palsy. At the age of 3, after the examinations in Kiev, at the Institute named after Pavlov, Kyrylo was given another terrible diagnosis: atypical autism. 

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Let Lera's new heart beats!

Odessa. Started 9.12.2019

Dear donors! You already know Lerochka Budiachenko. The girl had heart problems almost from birth. Her heart was constantly growing, losing its elasticity, and could not cope with its function. It was a threat to her life. When Lera was 11 years old, the pills were no longer helping her. She needed a heart transplant. So, on March 31, 2018, Lera underwent a heart transplant operation in India, funded by the Ministry of Public Health.  

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000 159 374 UAH

Help us to walk!

Odessa region. Started 3.12.2019

Galina is mother of a large family; she has four children, two of whom are disabled. Davyd is 10 years old and Vova is 8 years old. Davyd was born in the 7th month of pregnancy, it was a premature birth, the baby was not breathing, and he spent 1.5 months in intensive care and neonatal pathology department. The baby was discharged with a syndrome of hydrocephalus. At the age of one year old, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis. Now, the child can’t sit on his own, can’t stand, the muscles are always in tone, tensed, because of this the boy suffers from pain all the time. His hands almost do not work due to the strong spasticity, and David doesn't speak well. He can't do anything himself, he just watches what adults do and how other children play. He has a special table at which he can sit, and when he is tired, asks his mother to take him to bed. Vova was also born in the 7th month of pregnancy, at first, everything was fine. 

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Be healthy like a sister! 3

Odessa region. Started 4.12.2019

Dear donators! This is not the first time that Maksim Danilov's family has come to us for help. The boy was born with his twin sister early, in the thirtieth week, as a result of an emergency cesarean section. Because of the intrauterine bleeding, two little lives were at risk. Doctors had to act quickly and save babies. Ania was taken out first and she managed to save both her life and her health. Then it was Maxim's turn, only 1 minute later and only his life was saved... Maksim had cerebral palsy and spastic diplegia. 

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To live for the sake of the child!

Odessa. Started 9.8.2018

Aliona is a young mother. Together with her loving husband, she is raising a wonderful baby Tymofii. What else could a young family want? Raising a son, enjoying their life together, making plans for the future… But the family’s happiness is overshadowed by Aliona's disease, multiple sclerosis. The young mother cannot move without assistance, as the disease has hit the spinal cord. Her legs are impossible to control, so she is chained to a wheelchair. The treatment costs 425,000 UAH. This sum is impracticable for a young family with only the father employed. 

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000 009 798 UAH

Understand, talk, communicate! 2

Odessa. Started 7.11.2019

Dear donors, you already know Mykhailo Bilyi, a child diagnosed with sensorial alalia, who for a long time could not understand and speak, he barely understood the speech addressed to him. But thanks to regular exercise and rehabilitation treatment, Misha has significant changes. He began to call his teachers by name, and this summer he began to notice the objects around him - thorns on green chestnuts, flowers on flowerbeds. He started to notice his pet dog, saying to it: "Off!" and "No!". He has already started playing hide-and-seek with his sister, he can sit down and draw with her now. It has never happened before. He was always silent. 

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Angels exist, and they have wings...

Odessa region. Started 22.3.2019

"Angels exist, and they have wings...", these were the words Andrii told his mother when he returned to life. At night on April 29, 2018, there was a car accident in Seredniofontanska Str. in Odessa city in which an "Infinity" driver hit a pedestrian. Later it became clear that the woman and her friend were returning from a night club and they were drunk. They ran over a young man and then crashed against the wall. Both women died. Since that time Andrii’s life changed ones and for all. The young man was delivered to the intensive care unit of the city hospital in an extremely critical condition having many injuries. Doctors simply assembled Andrii piece by piece. The guy had an open penetrating craniocerebral trauma, multi fragmental skull fracture, lower jaw fracture, fracture of five ribs, contused lungs and chest. 

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I want to understand and talk! 5

Odessa region. Started 13.1.2020

Not to be like everyone else. Not to understand what others are talking about. Do not be able to speak. All these “not” are about Nazar. The boy has been living with autism symptoms and mental disorder through the central nervous system affected at birth for almost 9 years, he still does not talk, his brain does not work like other people, the half-broken gene is responsible for the metabolic processes of the body of Nazar.  

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000 019 355 UAH

To hear baby's heartbeat. Mykolaiv

Mykolaiv. Started 28.3.2019

In these difficult times, when our medicine is experiencing a significant crisis, doctors are left alone with their patients, whom in many cases they can not help because of the lack of modern equipment. This is very true for maternity homes, where our children are born. This time, Mykolaiv City Maternity Hospital №2 turned to us for help. Doctors of the admission department ask non-indifferent people to help them do their work, namely to purchase a fetal monitor for diagnosing women in labor who enter the hospital. 

Сплатити Need 70 000 UAH
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000 029 731 UAH

It's not for long, I'll soon be walking!

Odessa region. Started 20.8.2019

Andrii was a healthy and active child, he loved to communicate with friends and play football. But due to the accident, his life has changed dramatically. At the age of 6.5 and 7, he twice suffered a serious injury – a fractured and dislocated cervical spine C1-C3, with a displacement. Doctors did not give him a chance to live. Andrii had five the most complicated operations on the spine. He was on the ventilatory support for a long time. Now Andrey does not stand, does not walk, moves in a wheelchair. The child's spine is fixed with a special titanium implant at the level of 1-5 vertebrae. 

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000 032 520 UAH