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She dreams of using her left hand same way she does her right one

Odessa. Started 27.3.2020

Looking at the photos of this beautiful girl it is hard to believe how difficult her life is. Valeria was born healthy. Later in life, her parents began to notice she started to have health problems. Examinations showed that Valeria had cerebral palsy and left-side hemiparesis. Since then, the girl regularly undergoes rehabilitation treatment courses. But the left hand does not work at all. Valeria underwent surgery but unfortunately the last operation on the wrist was not successful.

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000 051 993 UAH

Rehabilitation is a lifetime. 5

Odessa. Started 30.3.2020

Ten years have passed since that terrible case, when Sasha's life was crossed out by the act of his “friend”, a doctor by education, in whose car Sasha drank thallium dissolved in water... First, the guy had a fever, he felt pain all over his body, then there were signs of damage to the central nervous system. Sasha lost the ability to talk, his arms and legs did not work anymore, the guy faded away quickly.

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000 010 557 UAH

Life in silence

Mykolaiv region. Started 3.3.2020

Dmytro is about to turn 6, and only a year ago his parents learned that their child was not hearing. And all this time he lived in silence and… did not even know that it should not be so! Just a year ago, when the family suspected something was wrong, they turned to a therapist who referred them to a computer audiometer, where they were diagnosed with "bilateral profound hearing loss. Bilateral sensorineural deafness of the 5th degree". After that, it seemed that the earth was starting to turn the other way. Everything had to be wrong… After all, Dmytro had to be the healthiest and happiest child in the world, because they had been waiting for him and love him so much! 

Сплатити Need 53 607 UAH
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000 018 852 UAH

Dima, we will never give up! 3

Kherson region. Started 11.2.2020

Dmitry came to the world prematurely and received his cradle in the form of an emergency resuscitation. There, without his mother's hands, he spent the long 10 months of his young life. During these 10 months he had intragastric hemorrhage into the brain, hydrocephalus began to develop. At 9 months a shunt was put in the head. This is such a painful start to life. At home, the boy finally began to recover. 

Сплатити Need 30 600 UAH
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000 020 990 UAH

Premature babies need our help. 4

Kherson. Started 25.6.2018

Jaundice of preterm infants is observed in almost every child who was born earlier than the term. It is a result of an underdeveloped enzyme system that is incapable of coping with a large amount of bilirubin (yellow pigment). Evil bilirubin can lead to complications in baby's liver, so the treatment has to be quick and effective. The purpose of our project is to help doctors of the Kherson City Clinical Hospital A.S. Luchansky to save babies from jaundice in the department of post-intensive care and nursing of the newborn.

Сплатити Need 60 000 UAH
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000 022 785 UAH

Move without a wheelchair

Mykolaiv. Started 11.11.2019

Like every woman about to give birth, Dania's mother dreamed that she would have a healthy baby. But it does not always work out as we plan. Daniil is 11 years old, and he has cerebral palsy, lower spastic diplegia of flat-valgus feet. Parents do and will continue to do everything in their power for their child to help him! He really wants to walk independently, however, in order to realize this dream, Daniil needs to have a two-leg operation in the Kyiv City Children's Clinical Hospital, and for this parents need to buy implants (a set of implants for the NX Medical arthrodesis) worth UAH 17,200 in both legs and a titanium suture Doratek latch worth UAH 22,400. 

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000 023 413 UAH

Three severe diseases for one child. 7

Mykolaiv. Started 27.5.2020

Nastia. An incredible girl who is alive only because of her will, mother’s perseverance and your help, despite a difficult diagnosis (even three) and the lack of opportunities for quality treatment. Nastia has cystic fibrosis in a very serious form, cirrhosis and diabetes, Nastia is small, thin and incredibly strong. You help her to fight again and again. Now it's this time again. 

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000 026 593 UAH

Fighting for life after a severe accident

Odesa. Started 3.2.2020

In May 2019, 33 years old Oleksii experienced a terrible tragedy. While on vacation in the Czech Republic, he was in a serious accident. Oleksiy was driving a motorcycle and he was involved in a head-on collision. With multiple injuries, he was taken to the intensive care unit of a Czech hospital. Oleksiy was put into a medical sleep. The resuscitators fought for his life for three weeks. The injuries he got are very severe, they changed this man’s life. After the Czech Republic, Oleksiy was transferred to the Odessa Military Hospital, Ukraine.   

Сплатити Need 50 400 UAH
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000 030 859 UAH

Incredible ability to hear

Kherson region. Started 6.5.2020

When Viks was 2 years old, she was diagnosed with neurosensory hearing loss. What does it mean? This pretty 9-year-old girl hardly hears. How does this affect life? Almost all spheres of a girl's life suffer from this: she has considerable difficulties in communicating with people, with language development, with learning; she cannot be left alone, because she simply cannot hear the approach of danger! Hearing is an extremely important sensory organ for humans, and nature has endowed it with it.

Сплатити Need 40 000 UAH
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000 036 742 UAH

Return the opportunity to walk! 6

Odessa. Started 28.2.2020

Dear donors, thanks to your support Kristina restores her ability to walk! It is particularly surprising because at the onset of disease Kristina was practically unable to move, she completely lost sensitivity in her legs. She can eat with the outside help only, her speech was impaired so that she could not answer phone calls – she was shy because could not pronounce words properly. The young girl has spent 4 years in a wheelchair.

Сплатити Need 60 000 UAH
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000 040 341 UAH