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Save Masha's eyesight

Zaporizhia region. Started 4.10.2019

Masha Vilesova is a little over five years old. She is a welcome and only child. "I have been waiting for her for a long time,– writes Tatyana, Masha’s mother. –The pregnancy went well, I gave birth to her at 37 years old."
When her daughter turned 4 months old, her mother began to notice some oddities in her behavior: Masha’s eyes somehow "ran around". This alerted the mother and she with her daughter went to the doctor. Doctors did not say anything concrete, attributed everything to the age of the child, that she is small. And the diagnosis was made at the age of 3 years. Masha has a congenital bilateral subluxation of the lens of both eyes. It became clear that the girl needed surgery on both eyes.

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There is hope to breathe. Help me! 2

Kherson region. Started 16.1.2019

Vania needs to be fed, Vania needs to be treated. And it's not a matter of choice – which one is the priority? He needs both. And all of these things are hugely expensive. Vania has cystic fibrosis – a severe congenital disease which doesn't take any chances – in this game, life is at stake. Persistent infections gradually destroy his lungs and the boy is so thin and doesn't have enough strength to fight them. And he wants to live. His mom handles a lot of things on her own, but now she asks for help. Vania and his mom really need help right now! 

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A complicated Ryta’s story

Odessa region. Started 3.10.2019

What a complicated story of Margarita... Pregnancy in the mother of the baby proceeded well, without complications. Rita was born on time, everything should be fine. But on the next day after birth, everything changed: the girl had a rash on her arms and legs, her body temperature dropped to 35, Rita stopped eating. A few hours later, the girl was taken to intensive care with convulsions and respiratory arrest...

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Kira really hurt, help! 4

Kherson region. Started 3.10.2019

At the time of Kira’s birth, they told the expectant mother that the baby was too big, the woman could not give birth on her own, so the girl had to be practically squeezed out of the womb. When she was born, Kira did not cry... As it later became known, the girl received a birth injury and damage to the central nervous system, and even later in Kira they were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a delay in psycho-speech development and an episindrome.

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Diana: to break the vicious circle. 2

Odessa region. Started 19.3.2019

Diana looks like an ordinary girl, but ask her mom – and find out how much effort is required from the whole family to keep this baby alive. “Curious, funny, eloquently chatting, despite the young age, composes and tells whole stories, likes to talk, walk, loves animals... all life is beautiful for her! But not for us. We accepted her diagnosis, but it’s very hard to understand that the quality of her life, and life itself, depends on whether we can provide her with everything vital... It’s hard to understand that we have a lack of time to provide everything”, her mother asks for help for her baby. 

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See the world around you

Kherson region. Started 29.8.2019

Kiryusha is the first child at mother, he is so expected. He wanted to see soon the world and he was born at 33 weeks with a weight of only 1130 grams. Not everything went well – after birth, Kiril spent a month and a half in the hospital, and, finally, an extract. And on the day when it was already necessary to go home, her mother learns about a new, terrible diagnosis – retinopathy of premature, 4 stages, the active phase. 

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Help me to hear

Kherson. Started 18.7.2019

Little Hlib was born on April 29, 2009. He was born prematurely and immediately in a difficult condition got into a resuscitation department in Kherson. After prolonged treatment, the child showed hearing problems, was diagnosed with "Bilateral neurosensory hearing loss, deafness of 4 degrees". Mum and relatives of Glebchik did not expect such a diagnosis, because nobody in the family ever had such problems. This diagnosis collapsed from heaven to head, but it does not look like a blessing ... The family was in a situation in which they did not know how to act at all. How to bring up a child who does not him? How to talk to him? How to teach him to speak? Is not it necessary to do it at all? 

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The most cherished dream is recovery!

Odessa region. Started 18.3.2019

Maksym Liubytov was growing up and developing like a lot of his peers. He had friends, got good grades and played sport. The boy was going to enter the Department of Economics and visited a preparatory course. He didn’t know that his life would turn around and everything would dramatically change. From time to time he had a headache but the doctors assured it was just a puberty age and there’s no need to worry. When pain has become unbearable and Maksym had no more peace, night and day, he’s had a complex health survey in Kiev, which shown a terrible diagnosis – encephaloma of large size.

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Support little lives

Odessa. Started 28.5.2019

In a case of the significant immaturity of the vital systems of prematurely born babies (for example if the child cannot breathe on its own), they are transferred to the children's reanimation department. Here babies stay in special incubators, covered with transparent caps with four holes – two on each side (for therapeutic manipulation). 

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To return the opportunity to walk! 5

Odessa. Started 22.8.2018

You already know Kristina Buivol. This summer she has improved greatly. Very good results have been obtained just for several months. There can be nothing more heartwarming for the parents to see their child making progress. “Mom, today I stood by myself for several minutes, I made a couple of steps, kept balance and was walking with a stick!” These words of Kristina are good news for the parents after she stays in a wheelchair for 4 years! Now her eyes shine and she wants to live! She became more persevering and self-assured – now she is a quite another person. 

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