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From the playground to the hospital. 2

Odessa. Started 14.11.2019

For 6 months, Maxym Tkach has been struggling for his healthy life. An accident turned his life upside down. A healthy, active boy fell down from a low children's slide at the outdoor playground. He badly hit is head on the hard surface. Maxym has ended up having a severe head injury. Unfortunately, in Ukraine the choice of specialized centers with high-class neuro-rehabilitation facilities is very limited. Fortunately, doctors from the NODUS Clinic in Ukraine have agreed to help Maxym. However, the cost of their services is unbearable for Maxym’s family.  

Сплатити Need 200 000 UAH
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000 196 348 UAH

Move without a wheelchair

Mykolaiv. Started 11.11.2019

Like every woman about to give birth, Dania's mother dreamed that she would have a healthy baby. But it does not always work out as we plan. Daniil is 11 years old, and he has cerebral palsy, lower spastic diplegia of flat-valgus feet. Parents do and will continue to do everything in their power for their child to help him! He really wants to walk independently, however, in order to realize this dream, Daniil needs to have a two-leg operation in the Kyiv City Children's Clinical Hospital, and for this parents need to buy implants (a set of implants for the NX Medical arthrodesis) worth UAH 17,200 in both legs and a titanium suture Doratek latch worth UAH 22,400. 

Сплатити Need 39 600 UAH
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000 038 823 UAH

Understand, talk, communicate! 2

Odessa. Started 7.11.2019

Dear donors, you already know Mykhailo Bilyi, a child diagnosed with sensorial alalia, who for a long time could not understand and speak, he barely understood the speech addressed to him. But thanks to regular exercise and rehabilitation treatment, Misha has significant changes. He began to call his teachers by name, and this summer he began to notice the objects around him - thorns on green chestnuts, flowers on flowerbeds. He started to notice his pet dog, saying to it: "Off!" and "No!". He has already started playing hide-and-seek with his sister, he can sit down and draw with her now. It has never happened before. He was always silent. 

Сплатити Need 22 800 UAH
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000 016 610 UAH

A fairy tale for a Vika. 2

Kherson region. Started 6.11.2019

New Year's Eve is magical, just then desires come true. And the desire of the mother of little Vika came true: the long-awaited daughter was born. However, the girl was born in a very serious condition: she spent the first days after her birth in intensive care. Then it became clear that Vicki’s childhood would not be like magic and a fairy tale. And so it happened... 

Сплатити Need 29 000 UAH
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000 019 162 UAH

Childhood will be! 2

Mykolaiv region. Started 29.10.2019

Friday. February 10, 2017. I’m very good in mom’s tummy. From the first days, mom called me Kolenka. Every day I hear that mommy loves me. And waiting for a meeting. I grew up already big. I am already 40 weeks old. At the last ultrasound, we were told that my weight is 3950 grams. Mom is so happy. I didn’t want to be born yet. But ... They decided for us. Doctors began to stimulate labor. It was very hard for me. I began to choke. I drowned in water. There were no more forces. I'm stuck in a basin.

Сплатити Need 24 473 UAH
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000 018 051 UAH

Surgery for Aliona

Kherson region. Started 24.10.2019

Aliona was born prematurely and couldn’t breathe on her own. Seven days on medical ventilator, brain hemorrhage, pneumonia, sepsis – and this is just a part of everything Aliona has had to endure since the first days of her life. But the doctors did not give up, and now the girl is at the Institute of Neurosurgery waiting for a surgery which should be the final stage of treatment. But the single mom has no way of providing everything she needs for her baby.

Сплатити Need 25 000 UAH
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000 008 912 UAH

How Much is a Heart?

Odessa. Started 18.10.2019

Dozens of kids with congenital heart defects are born in Odessa every year. Most of them, after having a quick glance at their moms, are taken to the OR right away. That’s where Odessan heart surgeons fight for them like true warriors. Just like warriors, they have passion and skill but they are poorly armed. If identified in time, fixing an inborn heart condition should not be a problem in XXI century. But even a wizard needs a wand to work his magic.

Сплатити Need 39 495 UAH
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000 032 818 UAH

Christina is struggling with the serious effects of diabetes on her

Odessa. Started 18.10.2019

Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common diseases in the world. The disease often leads to disability and death. Kristina Tkhelidze has been fighting this ailment since the age of 15. Now 26, her condition has deteriorated because the disease has taken on a serious form. The young woman was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Phlegmon of the right foot. In addition, a blood clot was discovered that is at risk of breaking free, she also has kidney problems as a result of diabetes. 

Сплатити Need 50 000 UAH
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000 031 244 UAH

Save Masha's eyesight

Zaporizhia region. Started 4.10.2019

Masha Vilesova is a little over five years old. She is a welcome and only child. "I have been waiting for her for a long time,– writes Tatyana, Masha’s mother. –The pregnancy went well, I gave birth to her at 37 years old". When her daughter turned 4 months old, her mother began to notice some oddities in her behavior: Masha’s eyes somehow "ran around". This alerted the mother and she with her daughter went to the doctor. Doctors did not say anything concrete, attributed everything to the age of the child, that she is small. And the diagnosis was made at the age of 3 years. Masha has a congenital bilateral subluxation of the lens of both eyes. It became clear that the girl needed surgery on both eyes.

Зроблено Funded 12 656 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

Kira really hurt, help! 4

Kherson region. Started 3.10.2019

At the time of Kira’s birth, they told the expectant mother that the baby was too big, the woman could not give birth on her own, so the girl had to be practically squeezed out of the womb. When she was born, Kira did not cry... As it later became known, the girl received a birth injury and damage to the central nervous system, and even later in Kira, they were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a delay in psycho-speech development and an episindrome. 

Сплатити Need 28 000 UAH
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000 003 265 UAH