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4-year-old Sofia needs help

Mykolaiv region. Started 13.11.2018

Sofiika Mochalova from the city of Pervomaisk, Mykolaiv region. Just recently, like all children of her age, she has gone to the kindergarten. Nothing foreshadowed trouble. A baby suddenly fell ill in early June. at first, a swelling appeared in the supraclavicular region on the right. A few days later the temperature rose to 38°C, the swelling increased and reddened. The troubled mother went to the hospital and Sofia was hospitalized in the surgical department. An ultrasound of the soft woven neck revealed enlarged lymph nodes.

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Battling Cancer! 2

Odessa region. Started 7.11.2018

Dear Donors, you have already assisted archpriest Ioan whose diagnosis in 2014 was parotid salivary gland cancer. The Father Ioan does not cease to surprise doctors, the congregation where he preaches and everybody who knows him. It seems that life is just incompatible with such a diagnosis, repeated recurrences, many operations, numerous chemotherapy courses that are deadening for the organism and metastases in the lungs. His attending doctor is shaken; he says that never saw such case in his practice. Treatment, belief in God, God’s grace and the will to live to conquer death. 

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Help Kyrylko recover!

Odessa. Started 1.11.2018

There were armed hostilities in August 2014 in Svitlodarsk, Donetsk region. The situation was stressful. Kiriusha’s mom, Yuliia, lived in constant fear. Habitual life collapsed right before her eyes. She used to fall asleep alarmingly in the evening and did not know what is tomorrow, and whether it comes... When her labor began, the city was shelled. All this had disastrous consequences. Labor was slow. Doctors were imposed to make a cesarean section. During all this time the baby suffered cerebral oxygen deprivation, resulting in serious cerebral disorders, cerebellum damage. Later Kiriusha was diagnosed with an ataxic form of infantile cerebral palsy, tetraparesis, psychoverbal and psychomotoric developmental delay, atypical autism. 

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Let's support Artem – the future doctor

Mykolaiv region. Started 25.10.2018

Artem Demchuk is a student of the medical college. Since childhood, he dreamed of being a doctor. After grade 9, he diligently prepared for admission to the medical college and entered the budget form of education. But fate decided a little differently. Today, the doctors treat him. Artem grew up healthy cheerful and active boy. He studied well at school, took part in subject competitions, competitions, won prizes. 

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I want to understand and talk! 4

Odessa region. Started 24.10.2018

Nazar is one of the twins of the Snigariovi family, there are five children in the family. This is an unusual boy: when he was born he had hypoxia of the brain, now he has an arachnoid cyst, and for the metabolic processes there corresponds a half-broken gene. "How did this affect the child?", You ask. Nazar suddenly stopped responding to his parents, began to fall asleep under the bed and swing on all fours.

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Help the neurosurgical department

Odessa. Started 19.10.2018

Taking into account insufficient funding and hard financial situation, the Department of Neurosurgery of Odessa Regional Clinical Hospital badly needs assistance. Every year the Department of Neurosurgery treats 1,200-1,300 patients and administers pharmacotherapy and therapy of nervous system diseases including the brain, spinal marrow, and peripheral nervous system. Neurosurgeons perform about 600 operations annually. Regretfully, the funds allocated by the state do not allow of covering even the most necessary needs for health care of such number of patients. 

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Help to walk again! 3

Odessa region. Started 18.10.2018

You already know little Bogdan Dimitrov. Now he is 5. It is now three years that he combats with drowning consequences. We just remind: at age of one year and three months he fell down in a deep pit filled with water. When people managed to take him out, the child did not breathe. His heart stopped to beat twice – the first time before the ambulance arrives and the second time – on the way to the hospital. After the second stop, the doctors concluded: clinical death 12 minutes, brain dead, coma 3rd stage, no chances to live. However, Bogdan was alive. 

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His Surgery Is Soon

Mykolaiv region. Started 10.10.2018

In a month Sasha lost more than fifteen kilograms. It was caused by the tumor in the boy’s neck and then he almost couldn’t swallow. The doctors plan to perform an operation but so far the boy needs to gain strength. Sasha’s mother is in despair. She is looking for all the possible resources to buy the necessary materials for her son’s surgery.

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Stop the rare disease! 2

Odessa region. Started 8.10.2018

Dear donors, you have already supported Lerochka Malyshko. Unfortunately, the girl needs support on a permanent basis. Her routine is “Hospital – Home – Hospital” – that is the reality for the young girl. She suffers from profound congenital X-factor deficiency of blood clotting, in other words, hemophilia is her diagnosis. That is the disease accompanied by frequent continuous uncontrolled bleedings that constitute life-threatening situation. Commonly this disease occurs mainly with men but Lera has a rare “girl’s form” – she is the only patient in Ukraine who has such a diagnosis.

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Сosiness for premature born babies. Odessa. 2

Odesa. Started 4.10.2018

What did you like the most in your childhood? The warm and comfortable embrace of parents, their kind and gentle hands, right? Our little Preemies, nursed in the department of care of prematurely born children of Berdiansk Territorial Medical, are in need of this warmth. First weeks of their lives are a test of strength. Testing with the light, loud sounds, cold and the absence of mother's hands. They stay in incubators, personal boxes, which are their first home, first protection from the surrounding world, first bed.

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