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Ania dreams of the first step

Odessa region. Started 22.3.2019

Mom found out that there was something wrong with Anya when she was 3 months old: the girl had a squint, the child became sluggish and passive. Then the neurologist reassured: they say, all children are different, you have to go through several massage courses, and everything will change. However, there were no changes. According to the findings of the doctors, the girl was healthy. 

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000 012 483 UAH

Angels exist, and they have wings...

Odessa region. Started 22.3.2019

"Angels exist, and they have wings...", these were the words Andrii told his mother when he returned to life. At night on April 29, 2018, there was a car accident in Seredniofontanska Str. in Odessa city in which an "Infinity" driver hit a pedestrian. Later it became clear that the woman and her friend were returning from a night club and they were drunk. They ran over a young man and then crashed against the wall. Both women died. Since that time Andrii’s life changed ones and for all. The young man was delivered to the intensive care unit of the city hospital in extremely critical condition having many injuries. Doctors simply assembled Andrii piece by piece. The guy had an open penetrating craniocerebral trauma, multi fragmental skull fracture, lower jaw fracture, fracture of five ribs, contused lungs and chest. 

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000 200 333 UAH

Diana: to break the vicious circle. 2

Odessa region. Started 19.3.2019

Diana looks like an ordinary girl, but ask her mom – and find out how much effort is required from the whole family to keep this baby alive. “Curious, funny, eloquently chatting, despite the young age, composes and tells whole stories, likes to talk, walk, loves animals... all life is beautiful for her! But not for us. We accepted her diagnosis, but it’s very hard to understand that the quality of her life, and life itself, depends on whether we can provide her with everything vital... It’s hard to understand that we have a lack of time to provide everything”, her mother asks for help for her baby. 

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000 031 981 UAH

The most cherished dream is recovery!

Odessa region. Started 18.3.2019

Maksym Liubytov was growing up and developing like a lot of his peers. He had friends, got good grades and played sport. The boy was going to enter the Department of Economics and visited a preparatory course. He didn’t know that his life would turn around and everything would dramatically change. From time to time he had a headache but the doctors assured it was just a puberty age and there’s no need to worry. When pain has become unbearable and Maksym had no more peace, night and day, he’s had a complex health survey in Kiev, which shown a terrible diagnosis – encephaloma of large size.

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000 093 837 UAH

Dima, we will never give up! 2

Kherson region. Started 14.3.2019

"Dmitro, son! I love you so much, I'm waiting for you!". So every morning Anna's mother stroked her tummy and spoke to her unborn son. At 27 weeks weighing 1230 grams and a height of 35 cm - Dmitry prematurely appeared in the world. Mom felt a sudden abdominal pain. Frightened, she quickly went to the doctor, where she began to take over. The doctors tried to restrain their childbirth so that they could get pregnant in Kherson, but it was all in vain ... The boy got a cuvette in the form of a cuvette in a resuscitation without mother's hands and her warmth for a long 10 months of her little life.

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000 030 988 UAH

Difficult way to recovery. 2

Odessa region. Started 12.3.2019

Dear donor! You have already provided help to Vityusha Porokhovy, a child with disabilities who, as a result of asphyxiation at birth, experienced a hemorrhage in the brain, brain edema, was in the intensive care unit for intensive care for newborns on a ventilator for a month. He was diagnosed with encephalopathy, and later with internal hydrocephalus. 

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000 035 556 UAH

Health as a gift!

Odessa. Started 11.3.2019

Dear Donors! A disaster occurred in the Revkovs family. The mother Maryna was diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer. The woman bravely struggles with this oncologic disease for a year and a half. In November 2017 she had a radical mastectomy, the left breast was removed and 4 courses of chemotherapy were administered. Everything was good for some time and it seemed that the disease was stopped. However, in three months the doctors found out metastases in lungs and liver.

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000 026 360 UAH

Save the Veluchko Karolina's heart

Kherson region. Started 28.2.2019

Little Karolina from Kherson region needs urgent heart surgery. Girls have congenital heart disease – 8 mm atrial septal defect. The family lives in the village, only the father works, and the mother and Karolina are on maternity leave at home. The operation at the Amosov Institute will be done for free, they just need to buy a heart implant that will close the window in the girl's heart. But the sum of almost 100 000 UAH is very heavy for a simple Ukrainian family. 

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How is it to hear?

Kherson. Started 28.2.2019

"Hello! My name is Tolia, and I am 10 years old. Let’s meet! Tell about what you like? Music? What is "music"? Communicate with friends? This is when two people can talk and hear each other? And I have never heard the voice of my friends. Moreover, I did not know that people can speak and hear at all. Because my diagnosis is tiredness. And many other diseases, possibly related to the first diagnosis, and perhaps not, I do not know. Life has deprived me of full value but still gives me a chance to get closer to it. And I really hope that you will support me in this...". 

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Twins struggling with cerebral palsy. 5

Odessa region. Started 26.2.2019

In February 2013, a happy event happened in the Dimov family – the birth of twins. They were born prematurely so underwent resuscitation and artificial ventilation of the lungs at the department of pathology of newborns. They began to improve took but a month and a half later, fear and anxiety returned. Roma showed signs of cramps. Later on, the twins' mother began noticing some other symptoms in both children that determined the diagnosis. Maria and Roman were diagnosed with cerebral palsy. 

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