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Grown-up Denys makes a wish: "To hear"

Kryvyi Rih. Started 30.1.2020

Denys is gradually losing his hearing. It’s very scary to be immersed in silence having lived all one’s life in the world of sounds. Scary and... just uncomfortable. Denys is a young man, works as far as the disease allows, tries to be as independent as possible. And suddenly the deafness came. This is the price that Denys had to pay for his life. Powerful antibiotics for suppressing Pseudomonas aeruginosa are ototoxic, but there was no choice. Today Denys is alive. And he needs to get earphones for both ears so that the world does not become complete silence for him.  

Сплатити Need 35 931 UAH
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000 016 703 UAH

I want to live

Kyiv. Started 16.3.2020

50,000 UAH were stolen from her and put an end to her treatment. Two years of struggle for life with stage 4 breast cancer. Two years of endless fundraising. Two years of operations, chemotherapy and radiation. And now again life hangs in the balance. Relapse has occurred. And at the same time they stole funds from a personal card for the next course of treatment. And a pause in treatment for her is death. Half stolen – donations are listed on her birthday, the other half is the credit limit. In general, this is the sum of the next course, which means one more month of life for her. Now this money is gone and she begs you for help. 

Сплатити Need 469 380 UAH
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000 363 353 UAH

I want to travel by myself! 4

Kiev. Started 24.3.2020

The diagnosis of cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, forever changed the life of Misha Shcherbakov... Numerous hospitals, doctor's consultations, injections and stretch marks, exhausting physical therapy exercises and massages – instead of walking and toys, from the first steps and the first words, this path stretched for many years of Mikhail’s life. Thanks to the help of a huge number of wonderful and caring people, Misha could undergo intensive rehabilitation courses, be treated with medication, and undergo several operations. Three times there was a fundraiser for Misha on the UBB website. And you can’t stop, because the development of the boy depends on this. 

Сплатити Need 16 915 UAH
Still needed
000 002 447 UAH

Antoshka tired of being helpless! 4

Vinnytsia. Started 3.3.2020

Anton urgently needs help. Behind the dry facts there is a very difficult life of this person: struggle from the first days of life with duration for 16 years, with treatment, rehabilitation, pain, and hopes... The boy was born prematurely. He had asphyxia as the result of the cesarean section and general anesthesia. At first, the doctors supposed that a premature newborn had a herpetic infection and prescribed him Zovirax drug. 27 droppers did not do him any good. On the contrary, he started crying incessantly, stopped eating, sleeping and holding his head. 

Сплатити Need 24 380 UAH
Still needed
000 007 026 UAH

Uninterrupted assistance. 2

Kyiv. Started 28.2.2020

Oxygen service is one of the most important projects of our Foundation. We provide oxygen concentrators, free of charge, to be used by seriously ill people with breathing problems, whose lungs have been damaged by the disease. An oxygen concentrator is quite costly, but once purchased, it can be transferred from patient to patient for years to come. One just needs to ensure its adequate disinfection, timely replacement of filters, humidifiers, acquisition of new sets of breathing tubes of various lengths for each individual patient, and regular checkup. 

Сплатити Need 8 790 UAH
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000 007 239 UAH

Help Asya to regain her breath

Kyiv. Started 16.3.2020

"The inhaler is broken!". This is a disaster for a cystic fibrosis patient. The morning series of inhalations literally depends on whether a person can breathe normally during the day or will suffer from shortness of breath. If you woke up, did inhalations and a series of coughing exercises - you live. Asya has not the mildest form of cystic fibrosis. In her lungs you can find a whole lot of different things - pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, and aspergilli. This is an intensive, expensive, and long-term treatment. And it is impossible without high-quality equipment. Help Asya to win and regain her breath! 

Сплатити Need 14 015 UAH
Still needed
000 008 384 UAH

Maternal duty to live. 2

Zhytomyr region. Started 23.1.2020

Olya is very sick. The exacerbation of her lung infection means that she needs to be urgently hospitalized for a course of IV antibiotics, there is no other way to treat this. Nowadays, Olya is fully dependent on her oxygen concentrator, because her lungs are badly damaged. This happened because for the entire 34 years of her life, Olya did not receive the correct medical treatment - no-one knew what her diagnosis was, or what needed to be done; and all this while, her lung tissue was getting destroyed. Finally, she has the diagnosis and the correct orders for treatment. Treatment will help to bring this infection under control. Olya will be able to breathe more easily, and to feel better... Except that she can't afford to pay for this treatment. And every day that the treatment is delayed can result in more irreversible damage. 

Сплатити Need 36 571 UAH
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000 012 014 UAH

Help them breathe and live

Kryvyi Rih. Started 27.2.2020

A person is getting ill, it is hard for the person to breathe. He or she calls an ambulance or gets to the hospital on his/her own – hopes for help. But examinations and tests take time; treatment does not work instantly. But is it possible to imagine that the doctor tells you: "You will breathe tomorrow" or "in a week"?! Even a minute of suffocation seems to be an endless hell. In the entire civilized world, such patients are connected with an additional supply of oxygen and the person receives relief immediately. Many Ukrainian hospitals have a lack of oxygen... We ask you to help to buy an oxygen apparatus for patients of Kryvyi Rih City Hospital. 

Сплатити Need 14 010 UAH
Still needed
000 012 038 UAH

Little Arina needs surgery

Kyiv region. Started 28.2.2020

Arinka is a welcome child in the family. The Malinovski family was looking forward to her birth, hoping and believing that their daughter would be born healthy. But alas, the baby was born with vision problems. Already in a month, dad noticed that the baby does not fix the eye. The mother hoped that he was mistaken in his assumptions. And at 2 months, the baby was shown to a specialist in Obukhov and the doctor said that Arinka had congenital cataracts in both eyes and sent to Okhmadet. 

Сплатити Need 25 312 UAH
Still needed
000 013 008 UAH

A disease stole his childhood. 2

Kyiv. Started 12.2.2020

The heart of this boy – Sasha – stopped even before birth, the boy was born without signs of life... For three long minutes that seemed like an eternity to mom, the doctors did everything to save Sasha. Then the boy's heart began to beat, but there was no breath. So the boy fell into a coma. Then there were two weeks under the ventilator, cerebral hemorrhage, and even cramps... It’s hard for mom to remember all that, to survive this requires extraordinary willpower. Perhaps it was she who helped the boy survive. In the end, the boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, epilepsy and a delay in psychomotor development. 

Сплатити Need 33 000 UAH
Still needed
000 015 577 UAH