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Everything will be fine. 2018

Kiev. Started 12.1.2018

"On the eve of the New Year 2018 and Christmas, all parental and maternal prayers, intentions, hopes, most precious dreams and desires are directed at our only six-year-old daughter Katia. From her very birth, we persistently, not regretting our own strength and health, have been struggling with a serious diagnosis – cerebral palsy. During this time a lot has been experienced and passed...

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Give a chance to Misha

Kryvyi Rih. Started 12.1.2018

Misha is one of the twins that were born before the delivered line by c-section. Mishenka was born very weak, the first year of his life was extremely difficult. The boy often hurt, slept little and was constantly capricious. He seemed to draw attention to himself. At least then it looked like this...

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Put the boy on the legs

Vinnytsia region. Started 29.12.2017

The only and long-awaited mama's son, Nikita, was born on time and developed very well. At 7 months the boy was already walking the bed, holding on to the railing. But happiness in the family was short-lived: at 11 months the child became ill, the diagnosis was viral encephalitis. Resuscitation... During the day, Nikita lost all his skills, he even stopped holding his head, stopped chewing, swallowed, his face twisted. The only thing left is a sweet smile in the world on his lips, in spite of the intolerable pain that affects his body and brain.

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000 155 283 UAH

Two weeks to save Tymophii

Cherkasy region. Started 18.1.2018

It is difficult to understand where a happy young family can take such a grief. Young parents Angela and Alexander were waiting for their happiness firstborn and were the happiest in the world when little Tymophii was born. The kid grew up, developed, smiled to his parents, had a slightly yellowish tint of the skin, as many children, bilirubin - jaundice. But once when he caught a cold and had an injection his blood did not curtail, it was the alert, then - analysis, Ochmatdit, examination, diagnosis - biliary atresia, biliary cirrhosis and the purpose of liver transplantation!

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000 263 383 UAH

Overcome lymphoma

Kryvyi Rih. Started 26.12.2017

Anna Marchuk fights non-Hodgkin's lymphoma for three years. Now cancer "settled" in the lungs and throttles her. Though the girl has a chance to return to a healthy life. Turkish doctors are ready to treat the woman. It will cost $ 40,000. Anna Marchuk is 29 years old. She is a beloved wife, a talented apparel designer, and dedicated her free time to the rescue of homeless animals. In the summer of 2014, Anya began to cough.

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000 475 946 UAH

Medications for special children

Kiev. Started 16.1.2018

Parents of children with special needs, perhaps are the most courageous in the world. They devote all their time to their kids, give them their heart and soul to make the life of their son or daughter happier. However, the endless visits to the hospital, waiting in receptions of hospitals, go to another city and queueing at pharmacies for medications deplete parents not only physically, but also financially. And often parents do not have enough money even for a toy for their baby because they buy only the essentials.

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Maxym needs medication!

Zhytomyr region. Started 17.1.2018

Maxim Knysh is from the village of Zarichany, Zhytomyr region. He is only fifteen years old and already five of them the guy is insistently engaged in boxing. Maxim has many awards for participation and victories in competitions: diplomas, medals, certificates. But the boy's successful sports life was interrupted by a serious illness. Now he must get his main victory – victory over cancer! And for this Maxim needs our help and support!

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000 000 000 UAH

Medicines for Illia

Vinnytsia. Started 19.1.2018

Now Illiushka is in an intensive care. He has already had six surgeries. The doctors are fighting for his health every day. To eliminate inflammatory processes, the boy had drainages and catheters replaced. Also every day he receives expensive antibiotics and a lot of manipulations. Yesterday Illia’s mom brought to the hospital the whole package of necessary medicines for her son’s treatment. And today the woman is puzzling where she get money to guarantee her son’s further treatment. After five months in the hospitals, the boy’s family exhausted all possible resources.

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000 000 000 UAH

Change the explosions for birdsongs

Kiev. Started 21.12.2017

"I don't hear birds, I don't hear music, I don't hear car signals on the road, I don't hear people. I hear only explosions in my head. Don't let me become insane!", the woman is crying. Liudmyla is one of those, who survived fighting in Donetsk. "It was terrible. A shooting was everywhere. House which was opposite to mine was shot by the missile, several floors were destroyed', Liudmyla continues to share her feelings.

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Young mother needs help. 3

Vinnytsia region. Started 18.1.2018

Positive, comprehensively developed, educated and very sociable. It's all about Ira Vlasyuk from Gaisin Vinnytsia region. The girl is already familiar to UBB donors. Thanks to the support of people who are not indifferent, Irina twice received the necessary medicines, for which she is very grateful! Recall that at Irina was found an oncological disease - a neurosarcoma of the retroperitoneal space. All the forces, means and capabilities of a young woman are aimed at fighting this insidious disease.

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