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Butterfly-girl. 3

Kyiv. Started 4.9.2017

"Who could tell me where the pain finishes? Who will help me to get rid of this painful slavery? What can be done to stop these crazy never-ending pains of dressings?! From the disease there is no escape, you cannot hide, tears and requests for mercy can’t help, this disease cannot be defeated! But I'm trying very hard! Every day I fight for every breath, every millimeter of skin."

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Do blind surgery?

Kiev. Started 30.8.2018

Nobody wants to be operated by a surgeon who does not see what he or she is doing. But children in the Pediatric Department of Neurosurgery may find themselves in such a situation. All patients with neurological tumors should be operated with an operating microscope but the device available in the department cannot be used because the component that provides illumination broke down. This is a small but expensive component without which the whole system turns into scrap. 

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Yesenia hopes for your help! 4

Kryvyi Rih. Started 21.5.2018

Yesenia is a girl with a poetic name and a hard fate. Few of the adults could bear the loss, which suffered the crumb one month after birth. She fell ill and lost her mother. Father and her relatives do everything to put Yesenia on her feet and compensate for her mother's love...

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IronHelp. Roman Korol for Tania

Kiev. Started 17.8.2018

Roman Korol is the founder of the CapitalTRI club and the coach of the Ukrainian national paratriathlon team. He finished his active individual performances in 2011 at the European Cup in Israel. But Roman has a motivation to compete again – in the Ukraine Triathlon Cup. On August 18th, he will be back to the competition in order to help 4-year-old Tania. 

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I want to travel by myself!

Kiev. Started 6.9.2018

When you look back, you realize that endless classes, workouts and painful injuries are in vain that thanks to this hard work you can now laugh and rejoice, have lots of friends and entertainments, plan your future and dream of long journeys!
Michael was born the second of twins, prematurely, on the 34th Sunday of pregnancy. Due to a gross medical mistake and negligence of doctors, his little sister died during childbirth, and his, almost inanimate, was taken to resuscitation.

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Bathing without water – is that possible?

Kiev. Started 24.9.2018

People with incurable diseases need help, support, and care, no less than those who can be cured. They need basic things, such as being clean, smelling good, or clean hair, no less than anyone else. Any of us or any of the people close to us can find ourselves in the position of a seriously ill person. To contribute today to that person being able to live their last days with dignity – without pain, clean, and at peace with themselves – is the least we can do for that person... and for our own future selves. 

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Myshko, Myshko, where's your smile? 3

Kiev. Started 16.8.2018

Misha Shcherbakov, who is 19 years old now, has always been a smiling boy. Despite the fact that he was born prematurely and nearly from birth received a terrible diagnosis of cerebral palsy. But the luck was at his side. When the boy was eight months old, the fate sent him a meeting with the wonderful person – Dr. Bersenev. Then, in the beginning, thanks to the unique method created by Dr. Volodymyr Bersenev, the child learned to sit and crawl, to stand; he took the first steps – at the same way as other healthy children, albeit with a delay. A little bit later Misha started to ask for a potty, to repeat the words and syllables and then – to talk. 

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A strong girl struggles with cerebral palsy. 2

Kiev. Started 21.6.2018

This is our Tonia Sarandi, whom her mother affectionately calls Tosei. This beauty is three years old, and every day of her life is a struggle. After all, even elementary things, like holding a head or a toy, this girl is given by incredible efforts. The body of a small girl was pinched by a severe illness - cerebral palsy. To fight this disease, Tonia needs constant rehabilitation and our help. 

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Happy Birthday like a present

Kyiv. Started 29.6.2018

I am 32 on July, the 7th , and 11 years of my life I work as medical volunteer, and for the last 5 years together with the team of the Open Palms Charity Foundation I have been helping people to breathe. I saw and experienced what is to be short of breath when holding tight my little suffocating sister in the last hours of her life, how desperately she tried to breathe…

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Learn to learn. 2

Cherkasy region. Started 19.9.2018

Beautiful girl Luba was born prematurely on the 7th month. At birth, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. After 9 years, she lost a mother. She came to her grandmother's education. Why so little girl has so many tests? With her diagnosis, it is necessary to constantly undergo rehabilitation, which will allow Luba to adapt to society. 

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