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Yesenia hopes for your help! 4

Kryvyi Rih. Started 21.5.2018

Yesenia is a girl with a poetic name and a hard fate. Few of the adults could bear the loss, which suffered the crumb one month after birth. She fell ill and lost her mother. Father and her relatives do everything to put Yesenia on her feet and compensate for her mother's love...

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Surviving boy

Kiev. Started 23.1.2019

In early March last year, near the station "Troieshchyna-2", drivers of the Kiev city electric train picked up a child without consciousness. It was a boy with serious injuries. They called for an emergency ambulance, which took the child to the hospital where the boy was operated. Then it turned out that it was 11-year-old Danylo Bartosh, who was returning home from school. For 10 months doctors have been struggling for his life. He is alive but in a difficult condition. The child needs a long-term rehabilitation and medical support. 

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Do not let the story end

Poltava region. Started 29.1.2019

"Please do not put a period, this is not the end! Life must go on!", Artem's parents asked doctors. But onco-hematologists of OKHMATDYT have eliminated his son from the list of children with perspectives. They have failed to overcome the congenital lymphoblastic leukemia in the 1.5-year-old Artem Makhno with standard protocols of chemotherapy. After quick relapse doctors have sent the child home, offering parents to prepare for the worst. But there are methods to help Artemka already well-known in the world. 

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Vira wants to walk. 2

Kiev region. Started 31.7.2018

Life was not very friendly to Vira. Especially the first month after her premature birth: hypoxia, cerebral hemorrhage, meningitis, and hydrocephalus. All this Vira courageously survived and survived. The girl's mother is trying hard to put the girl to her feet, and she believes that Vira will be able to do everything! 

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Chance to walk for Mykyta. 4

Kiev. Started 4.2.2019

It's great that it is with your help that we are approaching Nikita Donchuk to his dreams - to walk! Thanks to the three previous meetings at the UBB, a boy who has had cerebral palsy since childhood and who is raised by one mother has a chance to be more complete and healthier. He has already undergone many rehab programs and has no success in physical development. 

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Panting at home or breathing in the hospital?

Poltava region. Started 7.2.2019

"Saturation, the level of oxygen in the blood, is 83, and it is ok as long as it remains like that. If it drops to 70, we will go to breathe in the resuscitation department," Ania’s mother briefly explains the situation to us. In my mind’s eye, I see them sitting side by side – mother and red-headed translucent Ania – and they make a decision again and again: is it still possible to endure now or not? Panting, but at home, or breathing freely, but on a hospital bed in the resuscitation department? Beautiful Ania has congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension. Recently, the condition began to deteriorate sharply and they had to collect documents in order to stand in line for transplantation. But you need to live before this event. Breathe. 

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Help the babe to speak! 4

Kiev. Started 23.8.2018

Until the year Angelinka was like the other healthy babies. She ran, played with friends, talked and pleased parents. But suddenly everything changed. It happened like a bolt from the blue. Angelina stopped talking, withdrew into herself, did not sleep at night. The first thing parents thought, the girl suddenly lost her hearing. But the problem turned out to be more serious: Angelina has autism. 

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I am Nadiia/Hope

Kiev. Started 22.1.2019

Heart disease and pulmonary hypertension, and as a result, frequent pneumonia and bronchitis. "It is terribly exhausting. I have accepted my diseases and have been learning to live with them for 46 years. I am a positive and open person, I try to live an active life and not depend on anyone", Nadia tells. "During 2018 my state of health has declined a lot, I began to suffocate. But I know that my life can become much easier and more comfortable with constant oxygen and drug therapy. Therefore, I ask for your help". 

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Dina did not give up. 3

Poltava region. Started 28.12.2018

It happens that injuries give a jingle after many years. It has happened with Dina. Sports injury, received in the childhood, had primed pathological changes in the spine and had led to the weakening of the muscles, to their improper functioning. Unfortunately, the incorrect diagnosis was made, which was considered as the incurable disease. It was not treated proper way, so the condition has been worsening every year. She has not been receiving the correct treatment throughout her life.

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Another Nazar’s life. 2

Kiev. Started 25.1.2019

Nazar’s mother will remember this day forever: her unborn baby spent a day in the womb without oxygen, the woman was under anesthesia, and the child was literally pushed, the boy was born without signs of life... it was a very difficult birth. It was a difficult day that changed the Nazar’s and his parents' life. 

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