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For the life of Romchik and Sofiika!

Vinnytsia. Started 26.6.2018

"They are smart, joyful, good, kind, open...", a mother can praise her little children infinitely! They are her most precious treasure, the greatest love and... the greatest anxiety. Both of them – the elder Roman, and the younger Sofiika – were not lucky in the lottery of destiny – both were born with a serious genetic disease of cystic fibrosis. This is not the fault of either the parents or anyone else, just so happened. But now, the whole family has to struggle for the life of Romchik and Sofia, and they need help in that.

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000 005 378 UAH

Complicated life through pain

Kryvyi Rih. Started 2.7.2018

Very soon Milana will be 5 years old, and on her birthday she does not think of an expensive gadget, doll or bicycle. She wants to walk, sit, talk – something that others do not think up and what they do not expect, like a miracle. However, Milana is not like the others. She has spastic tetraparesis, central nervous system damage and delayed psycho-speech development. 

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000 014 933 UAH

Give them a childhood

Kiev. Started 14.5.2018

What does it like when you cannot run carelessly, play in the yard, ride a bike and have a walk? Children and their parents who got into the department of rehabilitation treatment of Kiev City Children's Clinical Hospital No. 1 know that they will face a difficult path and that they will have to spend many days in this room. Annually about 8000 children go through the LFK's department. They all have different reasons. They are traumatologists’, rheumatologists’, neurologists’ patients. All of them have to work hard to restore lost functions or learn new important skills.

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000 087 892 UAH

Yesenia hopes for your help! 4

Kryvyi Rih. Started 21.5.2018

Yesenia is a girl with a poetic name and a hard fate. Few of the adults could bear the loss, which suffered the crumb one month after birth. She fell ill and lost her mother. Father and her relatives do everything to put Yesenia on her feet and compensate for her mother's love...

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000 247 149 UAH

Danylo wants to take the first step. 3

Kiev. Started 26.6.2018

From year to year, Dania's mother fights for his health and wants his well-being improved. Constant treatment, massages, rehabilitation... Dania was twice rehabilitated due to the collected funds of donors to help UBB. Now we again ask to support this boy and send him for treatment. Recall: Dania has cerebral palsy.

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000 003 577 UAH

Protect the child. Kiev region. 2

Kiev region. Started 20.11.2017

A good specialist and efficient work, without a computer? At this time? Are you serious? For the doctor to work efficiently, he needs to be able to read about new developments in medicine and his colleagues' experiences and to be able to quickly google the necessary information, and to synchronize the modern medical equipment, and to hold a video consultation... But many of the doctors' lounges in the regional children's hospitals in Ukraine not only do not have internet access but do not even have a working computer. Some of the doctors carry their own laptops, some continue working without as if it were the last century. We say enough is enough. Everyone says they want to see "the medical care of the future"? Let us bring the future closer to today--you can help us do that right now!

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000 004 562 UAH

Do not give the enemy any chance

Kiev. Started 2.4.2018

What is the deadliest enemy for the kids born with the cystic fibrosis? Serious infections’ bacteria settling in the lungs cause chronic lung disease, keeping children away from breathing. It means strict requirements not only for the cleanliness but also to the sterility. It implies that small cups of the inhalation devices, inhalation trainers and sometimes even utensils shall be sterilized after every use. Every day for life. The life itself depends upon it.

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Tablets for babies. 2

Kiev. Started 12.4.2018

Each mother of a special child is afraid that if something happens, the child will be in a state boarding school for children with developmental peculiarities. The next stage is a home for the elderly and disabled, even if he is only 18 years old. To prevent this from happening, all means, strengths and time are thrown at the treatment, development, and socialization of the child. Often, with such a baby, there remains one mother who is engaged in a child 24 hours a day and has no opportunity to go to work. The benefits of the state are sorely lacking.

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000 005 294 UAH

You are jumping, breathing, living

Kiev. Started 25.1.2018

"Trampoline for a sick kid? What for? What a whim! Doesn’t a sick kid need anything else?", such questions appear when we announce the fundraising buy trampolines for the children with cystic fibrosis. But what do we know about such kids’ life and their agenda? It is totally unbelievable that mom and kid have very busy schedule. Doing inhalations, taking medicines, monitoring, doing respiration exercises and all the same again and again. It can be minimum 5-6 inhalations per day.

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Kolia wants to live without pain

Kiev region. Started 19.7.2018

The Kovalchuk family does not represent their life without the youngest son of Kolia... They are a big and friendly family, and grief has united them with a common goal – to make little Kolya healthy. He was born on the 40th week of my mother's pregnancy with a height of 52 cm and weighing 3,300 grams. The family was very dreamed of a daughter, and the parents decided to give birth to the tenth child. Pregnancy passed well. However, during the birth, something went wrong: polyhydramnios artificially caused childbirth... The waters moved away, and the birth did not begin, and the child was without air for a long time. 

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