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Igor: to play sports and to live fully

Poltava region.. Started 30.9.2019

Igor is 26 years old, he is young and cheerful. He has a job, and a college degree; he likes doing continuing education seminars and webinars, and he dreams of starting his own family. Igor knows the value of time. When you live with serious and incurable illness since birth, you get used to fighting and to fill your life with meaning. Igor's illness damages the lungs, and every cold season with its usual upper respiratory infections is especially dangerous to Igor.

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I light the stars

Kyiv. Started 19.5.2020


My name is Vladislav Kurmaz, May 25 is my birthday. This day I want to make special not only for myself, but also for the little girl.

Therefore, I will put all your wishes, cards, emoticons, and kind words in this box to help Victoria Dehtiariova 2015 year of birth, who needs a new bone.

The main project to help the girl here

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Save Davyd. 4

Kyiv. Started 26.2.2020

Cerebral palsy struck Davyd's body from the first minutes of his birth. The disease was seized with sharp claws and still does not let the boy go. Cerebral palsy is an incurable disease, but continuous treatment, massages, and rehabilitation can improve the patient's condition. This is the case with Davyd.  

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Help them breathe and live

Kryvyi Rih. Started 27.2.2020

A person is getting ill, it is hard for the person to breathe. He or she calls an ambulance or gets to the hospital on his/her own – hopes for help. But examinations and tests take time; treatment does not work instantly. But is it possible to imagine that the doctor tells you: "You will breathe tomorrow" or "in a week"?! Even a minute of suffocation seems to be an endless hell. In the entire civilized world, such patients are connected with an additional supply of oxygen and the person receives relief immediately. Many Ukrainian hospitals have a lack of oxygen... We ask you to help to buy an oxygen apparatus for patients of Kryvyi Rih City Hospital. 

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Do not leave the enemy a single chance. 4

Kyiv. Started 28.4.2020

A person with cystic fibrosis can be killed by an infection (and it happens to many people). The infection can also be killed. When you have cystic fibrosis, life turns into a continuous struggle: who will win? Our foundation helps people to survive, helps them to live longer. Preventing or controlling an infection is easier and cheaper than treating it in the midst of it, so we buy sterilizers for our wards. 

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They are in particular danger

Kyiv. Started 16.4.2020

We fear for our wards. Our boys and girls with cystic fibrosis are in high risk group in the COVID-19 pandemic. They already have the lungs that are infected and they have difficulty with breathing. They have chronically reduced immunity and a high vulnerability to infection. In spite of fragile health they are men of spirit. Now they are in particular danger. They and their relatives living together need protection.

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Good khinkali

Kyiv. Started 25.2.2020

Good khinkali is a joint charity project of a network of Georgian restaurants Tbiliso.

Tbiliso is a network of Georgian restaurants in Kiev. We prepare traditional dishes that we serve with genuine hospitality and love. The time has come to share this love with those who need help.

Khinkali is one of our most popular dishes. Since the beginning of work, we have blinded and sold 1,000,051 pieces. From now on, we will transfer 1 hryvnia for joint charity projects on

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000 015 000 UAH

The coveted path to recovery

Kyiv region. Started 1.6.2020

Looking at the photo of this smiling baby, you can't even imagine how many tests has he withstood over three years of his life! And it has begun not as easy as it seemed to be. His future parents desired to have a child but they have never had children. They have waited for a baby for a long time. Finally, after many examinations they decided to make a very expensive in vitro fertilization; in other words, artificial insemination. When the future parents were informed that two boys would be born, they felt on top of the world!

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Vitamins of Joy Art Workshop

Kyiv. Started 24.1.2020

We ask you to help raise funds for creative workshops for children at the Onco-Hematology Department of Zhytomyr Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. Up to 30 children are permanently treated at the ward. This small group of superhero kids every day has an extremely difficult time fighting for their lives and going through intense battles. Many children have many years of cancer treatment, often going beyond the hospital, which limits their communication and makes it impossible to study. In addition, it is all accompanied by constant painful procedures and their unpleasant consequences (hair loss, gastrointestinal problems, nausea, exhaustion). 

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Maksym: help defeat my enemy! 2

Kyiv region. Started 29.5.2020

"Thank you!", says Maksym to everyone who supports him in his struggle with the disease. Meanwhile, his mother is crying because he hears how his son pronounces his first word. Maksym is almost 6 years old and he has cerebral palsy, speech and language disorders and dysarthria. The reason for this was the asphyxiation of the brain. 

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