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The world inside out

Kiev. Started 7.11.2019

Dima grew up and developed ahead of his peers. His mom began to think that his son might be a genius as he began to talk, to walk, to paint and to play active games very early. But one morning when Dima was almost three years old he couldn’t say a word. He stopped talking, eating, was afraid of water. The boy turned away from everything he loved. After lengthy examinations, the doctors diagnosed him with autism and later a brain tumor was detected. 

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Do not leave the enemy a single chance. 2

Kiev. Started 18.2.2019

Sterilizers are mostly bought by young parents to sterilize baby bottles and this comes as no surprise to all. However, they can also serve other purpose – our children are 5, 10 and even 25 years old and for each of them a sterilizer is something that literally can save his/her life. Our Foundation assists girls and boys living with a serious genetic disease called cystic fibrosis and every infection that settles in their lungs which is apparently the CF's main target can take their lives. And our task is to protect them. 

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Sasha and Angelica need help

Kirovohrad region. Started 25.10.2019

Sasha is 32 years old, his sister Angelica is almost 30, and they call themselves old-timers. In Ukraine, there are not so many adults over 30 with such a diagnosis as theirs. In Europe, exactly the opposite: almost everyone till 30 with cystic fibrosis survives and keeps on living. Such a difference appears due to the inaccessibility of high-quality treatment in Ukraine because they have to buy most of what they need yourself. Today the guys are asking for help. They lack medical equipment for a more active and better life. 

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000 007 500 UAH

Olia: she survived and wants to beat the disease. 2

Kyiv. Started 10.9.2019

Olga was born along with his sister, parents expecting twins. But sister Ollie died in the womb, and not born. However, sometimes nobody thought about it until putrid water began to poison the organism of a living sister and mother... Olga was born by emergency cesarean, the girl was saved with all my strength.  

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Paralympian needs hearing aid

Kiev. Started 24.4.2019

Before us is a 32-year-old from Kiev, Oleksii Vysotskyi – a strong and strong-willed young man. Pleasant companion. He talks about sport in an interesting and detailed way. And it is not surprising, because he lives it. It is difficult to imagine that this person may have health problems. However, this is a fact – since childhood till today, this Paralympic without a special apparatus hears absolutely nothing. 

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000 008 499 UAH

Help Artem overcome the disease. 4

Cherkasy . Started 8.10.2019

Artem is 8 years old, he goes to the 2nd grade of an ordinary school, tries to keep up in all subjects. The boy knows how to walk by the hand, stand near a support, sit independently and, more recently, he learned to eat himself. And this is all overcoming the strong tone in the legs. About such children as Artem, they say as very promising. But it was not always like that. As a result of a medical error, the boy was born at 32 weeks of gestation. During childbirth, he received oxygen starvation of the brain. Closer to a year old, the baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, tetraparesis, and motor development retardation. From that moment a difficult life began for Artem and his parents.

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Kiev. Started 29.8.2019

Each of us has unfortunate occasions when everything seems to be provided, calculated, the plan is thoroughly laid out, but... at the very last moment, some trifle, some flaw, or just a combination of circumstances completely cross out all the work which was done before. And how bitter and insulting this is. But even more painful, when it comes to the treatment of children. For several months ahead they made an appointment for rehabilitation. A funds that will raise funds for treatment on its account was found. Money for travel and accommodation were found. Month before train tickets were bought. Accommodation booked and prepaid. Dust particles are blown away from the child so that, God forbid, not get sick in front of the road. And now, just a few days before departure, the rehabilitation center raises the price for its services. Everything is collapsing! 

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The girl can not sleep – suffocates

Poltava region. Started 13.11.2019

By this fall, the Katrusia family knew that the girl had a serious illness, but it had little effect on her life. Until Katya got really sick. She was completely white and was brought to the hospital with nonsurvivable oxygen levels in her blood. There were weeks spent in resuscitation and intensive care unit, Katya was on the verge, but stayed alive. Now she was dismissed home. But her lungs didn’t recover to the normal state. In order to feel good and not to have insomnia from shortness of breath, Katrusia needs the help of a portable oxygen concentrator. For an ordinary family from a small town, its value is very high. But the girl can't wait for her parents to raise money. She wants to breathe normally right now. 

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000 010 231 UAH

Let's put Artem on the legs! 4

Kiev region. Started 27.8.2019

Artem is the third child of parents-athletes. It would seem that healthy and strong-minded parents should have the same healthy children. However, the theory is not always the same in practice. For 5 years the boy has been struggling with cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, pseudobulbar syndrome and a delay in all types of development... Just a little, but Artem wins in this fight. 

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First-aid kit for orphans

Kiev region. Started 11.11.2019

Help us to provide the necessary medicines for Sunshine's children. Orphans and children deprived of parental care live at Sunshine Children's Center. We provide rehabilitation for children who have experienced neglect, resentment, violence, and suffering. The Center has no governmental support and can exist only because of private donors and philanthropists. That is why we need your help to provide the necessary medicine for our children! 

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