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If it were not for one "if". 3

Kiev. Started 24.5.2019

The first 3 months of his life this baby spent in the hospital. Birth trauma caused three reanimations. When he was born, he didn’t scream, he was hooked up to a ventilator, his life literally hung in the balance... If it weren’t for all that, Zhenia would be a healthy and happy boy. If it were not for this all... 

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Ania will fight!

Kiev region. Started 23.5.2019

At the first examination, the expectant mother finds out that she will have twins. Due to the threat of miscarriage, pregnancy is under constant supervision of doctors, at the 28th week the woman is discharged home. However, already at the time of the next inspection, a terrible woman was reported: one of the girls died... Already the next morning, Ania was born by an extra caesarean. And the doctors again report the terrible: the girl has congenital hydrocephalus. 

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Stop coughing

Kiev. Started 23.5.2019

More recently, Maxim planned to pass Independent external evaluation (EIT), take a walk at the graduation with his classmates and enroll to the polytechnic university. Even when he was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia in February, no one thought that in two months the disease would not disappear. How many analysis and examinations passed this young man, it is difficult to count! However, the reason why pneumonia cannot be treated, doctors still could not find. While another analysis has shown the presence of aspergil... 

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Natalia Hurina. Birthday as a gift

Kiev. Started 22.5.2019

What does every family need? To see our kids’ smiles and to be sure that they will smile again tomorrow. Most of all, I want our little sunshines to grow up in Peace, so that in their hearts and souls Goodness, Mercy and Faith for the Future lived forever.

Dear friends, colleagues, friends and people who I know and who I don’t know. On my birthday I really want to ask you to use the money you planned to spend on flowers or gifts to make me happy to support Dacha kids. Even the cost of not drinking a cup of coffee can help! For each donation of 100 UAH I will add my own 50 UAH. I believe in us and thank all of you for your support!

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Cerebral palsy and epilepsy are a terrible combination. 2

Kiev. Started 20.5.2019

Tymofii's parents dream and believe that their son will become an Olympic champion. They are not embarrassed that the boy, who just turned 4 years old, has a complicated form of cerebral palsy, and the additional diagnosis is epilepsy. "Timoshka will prove that diligent training for 5-7 hours a day will give its results. After all, for him, the main reward is not the Olympic medal, but the path that he masters to walk on his own with his feet", says the boy’s mother, Olena. 

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Free Dania from the captivity of the disease!

Kryvyi Rih. Started 20.5.2019

Nephropathy of pregnant women is an insidious thing, it may be limited to the observation of doctors, and may lead to placental abruption. This is exactly what happened with Yana in the 33rd week of pregnancy when Dania was born. The baby was strenuously nursed, but a premature birth led to the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. It is very sad for relatives to see that the active, emotional boy is limited in movement by his own muscles. But parents do not lose heart, Dania and even more so. Let's help Dana to continue the struggle on the rehabilitation front! 

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"The Gift of Fate" by TUSO

Kiev. Started 17.5.2019

Each of us appears to this world small and defenseless. With the help of parents, we learn to walk, eat, talk, laugh and rejoice in life. But there are kids who need a lot more - they need help to survive... Annually in the world, about 15 000 000 children are born prematurely. This is an average of every 10 children. In Ukraine, every 15 baby appears before the term. 

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Save Guardian!

Cherkasy region. Started 17.5.2019

“I am the daughter of a beautiful mother and a woman who admires with her extraordinary strength of mind! A young, forty-four-year-old woman, Yekaterina Yaschenko, independently built a strong family and raised two grateful daughters. Through hard work throughout her life, she strived for family comfort and well-being, putting her personal needs into the background. Strong in spirit, but such a vulnerable and responsive woman! Kind woman, caring daughter of old parents and beloved grandmother of two little boys! It's all about my mom and our Guardian, Yekaterina Yashchenko. My mom says she is a happy person! And it is optimism that helps her now to not lose heart. Now, when trouble threatened... It so happened that for a long time there lived a disease in her, which did not manifest itself.

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Adult struggle for health

Kiev. Started 16.5.2019

“He is healthy!”, said the neurologist at the examination of 4-month-old Sasha. The boy was born on time, immediately shouted, in 2 months already held the head. Doctors and parents had no reason to worry. But later everything changed. A month later, the boy fell ill with a virus, his temperature rose, which lasted for 5 days. After the disease, his muscle tone increased significantly, the boy began to gain weight poorly. Parents began to sound the alarm: something was wrong with their son! But the tests and tests were normal. 

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Is the worst behind?

Cherkasy. Started 16.5.2019

Mom and dad were waiting for the birth of a long-awaited child. The family has created the best conditions for their little son’s development. But the disease has made its adjustments. Kyrylo is now three years old. The boy spent the whole year with his mom at the hospital fighting the tumor. And now, perhaps, the worst is behind. If the examination in Italy confirms the success of the treatment. Unfortunately, MIBG scanning is impossible in Ukraine because of the lack of necessary isotopes. The price of 15 000 UAH is not very high but not after a year of exhausting therapies. 

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