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Hug to win

KYIV. Started 18.10.2019

The victory in a hug.
Dacha Center is 10 years old! And we would like to celebrate this anniversary in your hugs. We launch a #hugtowin flashmob — your participation in it will be a happy birthday greetings. Each of you has a person who has fought and has won.

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Children's Hope: Help to Odessa Regional Hospital. Cancer 2

Odessa. Started 18.10.2019

In November 2018, Kyivstar, together with the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, launched the project "Children's Hope" to help children with heart and cancer diseases in Ukrainian hospitals.

In the framework of the project in the direction of Oncology in October 2019, the Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital received assistance. In the structure of "Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital" there is a department of hematology where children with malignant neoplasms of various organs and systems are inpatient treatment. Annually for the first time detected patients there are up to 80 children. During the year there are about 500 children on the treatment.

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Roma doesn't want to feel ill

Cherkasy reg.. Started 9.10.2019

Roma lives in a village in the Cherkassk Region, and he's the only child in that region who has this serious illness. The local government does not understand the gravity of the situation and does not allocate enough funds even for the medications which are essential. Roma's mother is currently trying to convince the government to allocate these funds, and in the meantime, she is asking for our help to pay for the vitally important medical equipment, without which Roma cannot be effectively treated. 

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Help Artem overcome the disease. 4

Cherkasy . Started 8.10.2019

Artem is 8 years old, he goes to the 2nd grade of an ordinary school, tries to keep up in all subjects. The boy knows how to walk by the hand, stand near a support, sit independently and, more recently, he learned to eat himself. And this is all overcoming the strong tone in the legs. About such children as Artem, they say as very promising. But it was not always like that. As a result of a medical error, the boy was born at 32 weeks of gestation. During childbirth, he received oxygen starvation of the brain. Closer to a year old, the baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, tetraparesis, and motor development retardation. From that moment a difficult life began for Artem and his parents.

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Save Sergiysky's vision

Vinnytsia reg.. Started 7.10.2019

Active, courageous, smart and cheerful this is Serhiiko Ivanov. This boy is from a large family from the Vinnytsia region. In addition to Serhiiko, the mother has two more children: 7–year-old Sasha and Maxim, who is 2.9 years old. Serhii is in 2nd grade. Like all boys, he likes to drive soccer and ride a bicycle. He loves fishing with her grandfather. "There is a desire for learning", writes Serhii’s mother. "But every day the vision decreases and does not allow to develop fully". 

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Cerebral palsy and great achievements of Illia. 2

Kiev region. Started 7.10.2019

You already know this smiling boy — Ilya Kravchenko Serhiiovych. He comes from Makariv, Kyiv region. He is a very cheerful, positive, kind, fidgety, curious and talented child, who loves watching informative scientific films, reading books about nature and doing creative work (modeling, appliquéing, painting, singing and dreaming). He goes to “Suzirya” studio and with the help of his mom wrote his first poetry:

Spare no paints and paint magnificently,
The beautiful exhibitions and wishes will be!
Paint your life brightly, and then you will see
How the creations more superb become!

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Arthur needs to replace the lens of the eye

Vinnytsia . Started 3.10.2019

This is Arthur, he is two and a half years old. He has a big vision problem and only surgery will help him. He is waiting for her.
Arturchik was born a healthy baby with a weight of 4100 g. The boy grew and developed well. He started talking at the age of 1.7 months: then he fell ill and really wanted to be understood. “He is very cheerful and positive,— says Arthur’s mother. — He always smiles and tells how she loves everyone close to her, lists each person by name before going to bed, especially loves her older sister, who is 5 years old.”

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This family needs you very much

Kyiv. Started 3.10.2019

Artyomka is 13 years old and today he critically needs special nutrition. The boy cannot eat without additional help for 7 months. Doctors installed him a gastric catheter. He needs 10 cans of Resource Optimum per month to gain weight and just live. The boy simply has no other way to eat. He also has to use a lot of diapers. For his parents, the cost of everything that is necessary is unjustifiably high and it is simply impossible to cope without help. This family really needs you. 

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Flu, get past them. Kiev

Kiev. Started 2.10.2019

We got used to the flu coming to our cities every year. Every time we hope that this year we will not get sick, if we are not lucky - we get upset and fall out of an active life for a week or two. But among us, there are people for whom everything is much more serious. If you are born with cystic fibrosis, any respiratory illness an end up in a hospital and even in intensive care. Flu and its complications are especially dangerous for such people. Please support this project with any comfortable sum - and families with patients with cystic fibrosis from Kyiv and the region will receive protection for this season.

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Don't let the flu kill them

Kiev. Started 1.10.2019

Our children cannot play the lottery: will they be lucky this season or not? And if so, will it be possible to cope at home or in the hospital, in the resuscitation department? Our children are not lucky for their birth. Every day of their lives, they struggle with a serious genetic disease that destroys the lungs. Any respiratory illness is a hard knock for them. Flu can kill them, and we cannot allow this to happen. Please help us to protect them. Children and adults who live with cystic fibrosis are especially amenable to infections. Because of the changes the principal disease makes to their bodies, it’s easy for the virus to settle in them, and it’s more difficult to drive it out. Cystic fibrosis is a consequence of a genetic breakdown that makes all body secrets more viscous.

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