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To hear the clatter of legs. 2

Luhansk region. Стартував 15.8.2019

Baby Nikita was born on 27.07.16. The child was welcomed and long-awaited. Parents went a long and exhausting way to finally see the two treasured stripes on the test. Family happiness knew no bounds! However, the challenges have only just begun. At 19 weeks, the threat of pregnancy loss, emergency surgery, conservation happened. Before delivery, the mother did not leave the hospital. It was scary and hard, but the hope that very soon it would all be over did not leave. The son was born at the 36th week by emergency cesarean section. 

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A dream to walk, fulfill! 2

Donetsk region. Стартував 20.9.2018

A fourteen-year-old girl in a wheelchair plays with pleasure with younger children and is making serious plans for her future.
"I dream of getting married and having three children," says Ania, embarrassed: "But I can not walk"... Ania studies in the eighth form and doesn’t like school much, most of all she likes reading and drawing. Her best friends are cousin Max and Vovka-bully, her brother, who is one and a half years old. 

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Free the princess from the evil spell! 3

Dnipro region . Стартував 8.10.2018

Our little princess Nastia continues her struggle for a happy childhood and full life. A girl was born on the 31st week. No one explained to parents what had led to a serious birth injury, a mistake of doctors or incorrect management of the birth process. For several months, the baby could not breathe on her own and was kept in intensive care under an oxygen mask. As a result, a disappointing diagnosis – cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, delay in psychological development.

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It's not too late, I'll go! 4

Donetsk region. Стартував 1.11.2018

"My dream is for my son to become healthy. My dream is a routine for thousands of people – to see how the son walks on his own. My dream... it is small for thousands of mothers – to see my son playing football with friends. My dream is not to see my child’s tears from painful procedures. My dream is to give to Andrii a world filled with happiness and goodness. But my dream has a price...".
Andrii was born a healthy child, but at the age of three months, he became ill with meningoencephalitis. As a result – he was diagnosed with the cerebral palsy. 

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In captivity of silence

Donetsk region. Стартував 12.11.2018

Both soul and physical wounds are gradually healing. But the wound of the mother of sixteen-year-old Veronika is not healing, and the fight for life and health of her child is not stopping. Veronika was born in the city of Sloviansk in the 42nd week; she was anxious and crying all the time. She couldn’t turn around, sit, eat and walk by herself. Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, movement disorders syndrome, psychomotor disturbance, delay in speech development. 

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Dreams of a little artist

Zaporizhia. Стартував 17.12.2018

The big and close-knit Ovezov family has 5 children. Parents have always dreamt of lots of kids. When during the medical ultrasound they learned about twins, they were as happy as a dog with two tails. The pregnancy proceeded with complications. The girl Liza was the first of twins; unfortunately, doctors couldn’t save the second child. The long-term care of the daughter demanded a lot of means, strength, and patience. The little Liza has a delayed motor development: She began to sit down and to walk late. Liza underwent courses of massage, carried out therapeutic exercises as well as took medications domiciliary and in city and district hospitals. Doctors made positive prognoses.

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Present Maria to mom! 3

Donetsk region. Стартував 21.12.2018

Kononovy family consists of 2 people. Mother Natasha and her daughter Masha. Girl's dad died 12 years ago. Masha is ill from birth. She was born on 8 months of pregnancy in a hard condition, was not able to breathe on her own. After prolonged artificial ventilation of the lungs, the child received swelling and cerebral hemorrhage. Doctors did not give any predictions. Miraculously, the child survived. Now Masha needs constant care, regular rehabilitation, and lifelong medication.

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Vika’s first step. 7

Donetsk region. Стартував 27.12.2018

Vika was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and Dandy-Walker syndrome almost immediately after birth. She was born prematurely, could not breathe by herself, survived resuscitation. The girl did not eat, often stopped breathing. No one knew if she would survive. Today Vika is 11 years old, and she still struggles with the diagnoses through which each movement is forced to fight. 

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Help to feed Misha. 2

Luhansk region. Стартував 11.1.2019

"The medical examination revealed that Misha should be monitored at the Transplantology Institute and should be put on a waiting list for a liver transplant," the beginning of this year was more than worrisome for a small family from Lisichansk. The doctors give six more months for monitoring. In the interim, Misha needs to take medicines that support liver function and to gain more weight – it's far from being normal and in the view of looming serious surgery, he needs to gain weight the sooner the better. Would you please help the boy? 

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Epilepsy is not a sentence! 3

Donetsk region. Стартував 17.1.2019

"I dream about the only thing: that she will walk and say the word "mother", Polina's mom can hardly hold back tears. Her Polina is 6 years old. The girl likes to look at books, play with sound toys and listen to music. Baby is very tactile and tender. She aims to communicate. But Polina has a developmental delay since birth due to a diagnosis. The girl does not walk and does not speak, fine motor skills are poorly developed, she cannot fix attention for a long time.

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