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The school that heals souls

Kiev region. Started 27.2.2017

Can a child who has experienced pain, loss, suffering and rape study successfully at a regular school with other children? How can he think about mathematics, literature or history, when he see a threat everywhere and feel constant anxiety? A child who has experienced such trauma, constantly pursuing the memories of the past needs a special approach.

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000 001 634 UAH

Let's restore the school after war-2

Donetsk region, Sloviansk. Started 3.8.2015

Sloviansk school of I-III levels №16 is one of the best schools of Ukraine, winner of competition "Leader of Ukrainian education". Owing to attract funds the school had 13 classes with modern multimedia studios, 2 educational computer systems which were composed of 28 PC, interactive board and many different accessories that allow students to make learning exciting and interesting and to make teacher’s work more imbue and productive. The war break off a happy life of Ukrainian school.

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000 010 214 UAH

Inclusive education for blind children-2

Lviv. Started 20.11.2014

Recently, blind children could be educated exclusively in a special boarding schools, which there are just 6 in Ukraine. However, in 2011 the Lviv regional branch of the NGO "Ukrainian Union of Disabled – UUD" implemented the first case of inclusion born blind child outside the special school. Now the girl's studying in the 4th grade of the ordinary school with 26 healthy children. For the 3 years, considerable work was done to help blind children they were able to learn in ordinary schools. Help bring this project to life!

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000 021 237 UAH

Furniture for rural school

Zaporizhzhia region. Started 5.8.2015

The history of the school started back in 1935, when they opened the 7-year school in the hamlet of Silk. It was located in three areas - rural houses. During the day teachers taught the children in the evening sit at desks their parents. Now the whole school became "the universe": it consists of a kindergarten, a school specialized subjects, high school and small Academy of Arts. The school has grown, but now is not enough desks and chairs for children and school boards to complete the training process.

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000 022 298 UAH

Quality education is a key to success

Boryspil. Started 25.8.2015

Boryspil educational complex "Lyceum "Design Education" named after Pavlo Chubinskyi - specialized school I-III" relatively young institution. Its history began in 1998. High School created an interesting concept development, innovative approaches to create content management and organization of educational, scientific and methodical work, with team of highly qualified, in love with his profession, teachers for training and education of gifted children.

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000 023 560 UAH

Science goes to children

Kyiv region. Started 8.6.2015

Developing intellect of Ukraine together! New project «Science rides to children» of the «Help young» Foundation has started. Give children opportunity to experience the atmosphere of scientific discoveries and feel themselves like real scientists who make wonder with their own hands. More than 500 boys and girls from socially disadvantaged groups during the summer can take part in 12 scientific shows.

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000 029 969 UAH

Another childhood

Kyiv. Started 10.6.2015

«Alterative childhood» – is a children’s supporting program for kids with variable psychological, emotional and behavioral disorders , who are the patients of psychiatric department of Kiev psychiatric hospital. The success of their adaptation depends on the efficiency of therapy and decent care. The objective of this project is to help children's psychiatric department organize high-quality diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders.

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000 044 738 UAH

If not us, then who?

Khmelnitsky . Started 7.9.2016

How often do any of us have seen on the streets of our cities children, seemingly, simply "draw" on their own, abandoned... They wander alone and groups seeking adventure usually questionable in terms of security, morality and law... You can easily imagine what awaits them in the near future that sad prospects await those already disadvantaged children proved useless own parents... as children with different, often tragic reasons, find themselves in shelter, you should not, perhaps, to talk about how they live there, in which the moral and psychological state they are, experiencing their little soul, even with the best facilities and highly qualified personnel.

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000 000 000 UAH

I want go to school

Kiev. Started 23.8.2016

Soon school year will begin. And pupils need to collect school bags.  Families who use the services of our center are not able to acquire a school bags of their own, because, to the bag pupils still need a lot of other things that the child can attend and learn in school.
To the Charity Foundation Caritas Kiev appealed family, bringing up 30 children of primary school to help buy school bags. We appeal to you for help. Together we will be able to provide 30 school children bags.

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000 000 000 UAH

We need your support, not compassion

Lviv region, Boryslav. Started 2.12.2015

The network of social centers for young adults with disabilities unites work of 6 specialized social centers. Under daily care are 280 handicapped people aged from 17 till 54. Aim of centers work: promote adaptation in local communities, independence and self-realization of beneficiaries with intellectual disability and overcome social isolation. Caritas Boryslav social center for young adults with special needs has been founded since January 2014. Beneficiaries – 16 young adults (cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, Down Syndrome) aged from 17 years old.

Зроблено Funded 42 000 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH