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We prepare children for school

Khmelnytskyi. Started 22.6.2020

Almost everyone knows what happens during quarantine in the field of education, because in every family there is a small preschooler, pupil or student, and in fact everyone in the family could watch how distance learning is organized. Some liked to study at home, some could afford another hobby and extra rest in addition to lessons. But there are children for whom quarantine turned out to be a real moral and physical test. 

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Generous Day of Knowledge

Lviv region. Started 20.7.2020

Dear philanthropists, helpers, like-minded and caring people, we ask You to give children a happy and joyful start of school year! Help us to buy 60 sets of stationery for children from the families in need! Summer will pass quickly, and with the arrival of autumn a new school year will begin. On September 1 st, we will celebrate the Day of the First Bell. This is an
important event not only for children but also for their parents.

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Computer alphabet. 3

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 16.7.2020

From year to year, Ukrainians, who care children from state institutions, realize that candies, toys, and fashionable clothes are not enough for happiness and a confident start in independent life for orphans. They know that children need the knowledge to adapt to the modern world of information technology, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence. 

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Inclusive education for blind children. 3

Lviv. Started 3.7.2017

Until recently, blind children could be educated exclusively in the conditions of special schools, which in Ukraine there are only 4 (Lviv, Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov). In 2011, the Lviv Regional Fund of Social Protection and Recovery of the Blind – USI organized inclusive education for blind children outside a special boarding school. 

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