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GT: Art workshop "TAK"

Kiev. Started 25.11.2019

Vlad is 32. He has visual and hearing impairments, scoliosis, stuttering and the 2d group of disability (according to the Ukrainian system). Vlad has graduated from the 9th grade of a boarding school. It has been 10 years already and since then he did not study and could not get a job. In 2017, he became a student at the “TAK” art workshop. Vlad is the most diligent student in the workshop. He learned to sew and to make felt toys. He is always ready to undertake any kind of work and even to move mountains. Recently at one of the Kurazh Bazar Events, he got his first salary for selling artworks from the workshop. After that, he fixed the tap at home and bought his mom a purse as a present. It was such a touching moment, that his mom could not hold back her tears. 

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