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Non-scary book

Kyiv. Started 27.7.2020

How to live after discharge from hospital "to the place of residence"? How to prepare home place for the arrival of the patient? Is pain relief really available? How not to tear your back while caring for a bed case? How to survive the terrible? Anastasiya Leukhina and her team have prepared a unique guide book. Here are specific recommendations from the experts, tips "what to google?", and also a variety of real stories of the people who have already experienced this. And this book turned out to be not terrible, but a book of support, a book of love. 

Сплатити Need 7 500 UAH
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I pedal to save lives!

Kyiv. Started 1.7.2020

My name is Stanislav Kravchuk. I am an intern doctor at a small regional hospital. On July 3, my first vacation begins – I am going to go on a 1,500 km trip around Ukraine on a bicycle to raise money for a first aid training manikin for the Ukrainian Medical Students' Association. 

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Children do not choose

Kiev. Started 12.7.2019

Almost every day in Ukraine, 1 child with Down syndrome is born. Almost 100 children with Down syndrome visit the Early Development Center of the All-Ukrainian charity organization Down Syndrome every month. For 15 years of existence, the foundation remains the only one in Ukraine who works with such children on such a large scale, systemically and professionally. During the activities of the Center, it was possible to support more than 1 000 families from all over Ukraine, to preserve joy and peace in them, to give hope for a new future for their children. 

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