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Football team that wins

Kiev. Стартував 4.7.2019

Playing football is useful for children with disabilities from a physical point of view because it improves memory and coordination, and at the same time helps them to socialize in a team. In the future, club members can enter the National Team of Ukraine and take part in Special Olympics, where football is among the five most popular sports. So, this year, Ukrainian football players were the first among 25 women's football teams from around the world at the Special Olympics in the United Arab Emirates. And we are sure that this is not the last victory, but only an additional motivation for the emergence of new Ukrainian teams. 

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They dream of playing tennis

Khmelnytskyi. Стартував 25.6.2019

What brought you joy in childhood? Probably, like many others – it's games, a lot of friends, street fun, swings, and other entertainment. Most of all, it would not be desirable that, at first glance, such a usual joy of children passed our wards, among them orphans, children, and teenagers from unreliable and crisis families. These kids dream of playing tennis and tennis, but it can become a reality thanks to your indifference and donation. 

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Kindness – is the best gift

Kiev region. Стартував 29.5.2019

Hello, I’m Nastya! Today, May 30th I turn 30. And I have a dream – to collect 30,000 UAH for good deeds, to leave a mark for many years, and possibly decades. Planning my next anniversary, I, like most of us, drew a picture with a bar/restaurant/party, tables full of food, loud music, lots of flowers and gifts, pleasant words from dear and close people. It would cost me about 30 thousand hryvnias. But this year I decided to do it differently as I had never done. Leave money, not in the bar, but give it to those who need it more than me. 

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New physical education in native school

Kiev. Стартував 6.5.2019

My head teacher was a teacher of physical education. Ludmysha – so call her all the students, and the teachers call Lucie. Every day more than a tens years she falls in love with children in sports.

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Unknown Khmelnytskyi region

Khmelnytskyi region. Стартував 26.4.2019

Summer will come soon – it's time for rest and positive emotions. During this period of the year, the children have school summer vacations, during which they swim in the sea or sunbathe on the beach, or go with their parents to the mountains. Summer is the time of joy, fun, and picnics, isn't it? And what about at this time to be children who are deprived of parental love, care, and support? Where at this time to go to boys and girls who do not have a large loving family, or in which the family is associated with alcohol, drugs, beatings, insults? Their every day is a solid gray routine. Of course, we try to add color to the life of our wards. We organize sightseeing tours, picnics, sometimes we manage to go to the cinema or theater for a performance. 

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Run for children with autism. Senchenko and Bilous

Kiev. Стартував 2.4.2019

Hello, we are Katerina and Alexander.

We are running for children with autism. We want them to feel equal to people, with whom they overcome miles of marathons.

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Feed the children in the camp

Kiev region. Стартував 2.4.2019

For over 15 years Sunshine’s Charity Fund organizing summer camps for 200 children at risk from Brovary district. Among these 200 children are orphans, children from poor, foster or dysfunctional families and families with more than 3 children. Within this number are children from the Brovary district orphanages and other at-risk children from the Brovary region. For most children, the summer camp is the only opportunity to forget all the difficulties in their life, negative experience and pain. Children can receive a physical and emotional recovery, to find new friends at the camp. Help us to purchase food for children at the camp! 

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Patients also need sport!

Kiev. Стартував 22.3.2019

Alexander Pedan, the leader of the Junior Sporting Movement, wants every child, even in the hospital, to have the opportunity to play sports. After all, there are children who are forced to stay in the hospital for years. Even sick children need physical activity. Petank is one of the few sports that can be played in various diseases. And that is very important on any surface. When playing petanque, all types of muscles are involved, he develops motor skills, coordination. 

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I run because I care. Yuriy Tkatch

Kiev. Стартував 18.3.2019

I run marathon to have opportunity to finish sports playground building process for orphanage "Father's House". So they will finally have their own place to play and grow physically. Will you stay aloof or support us?

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I run because I care. Goryansky

Kiev. Стартував 11.3.2019

Volodymyr Goriyansky. Actor.

We understand how hard it is for those who do not have the support of their relatives in this life. Orphan children and children who have lost parental care are particularly isolated from society. Neither the state nor the community is concerned about them. That is why I support "Otchiy Dim", which for 23 years has been taking care of those who suffer from loneliness and from a threatening adult society. I run marathon to ensure that "Otchiy Dim" has finally completed sports ground on which children will be able to play and will feel one of us.

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