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We cannot survive without water and light! 4

Kiev. Started 10.3.2017

The Home of Happy Children center since 2007 helps unfortunate children. Such children find a shelter in the Center and at last get to the safe place. There are children who endured too much – violence, starvation, they were thrown by own parents, at some of them relatives died and they just are necessary to nobody. The Center for children provides necessary: food, accommodation, training. Along with it, social psychological recovery after the endured tragedies begin.

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Believe in me!

village Trebukhiv, Kyiv region. Started 2.3.2017

Can a child who has grown up experiencing neglect and violence, or was deprived of parental care become a full member of society in the future? Can a child such as this realize his or her full potential? What kind of example are they seeing each day? What kind of future will this bring? These are important questions for а children. As part of the solution to these circumstances, we opened a “Development Club” to assist children in believing in their abilities, to realize self-dignity and to establish a happy and successful future.

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Let's teach orphans of independence

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 16.3.2017

Most of us were incredibly fortunate in our childhood, because there have always been people who helped to learn new skills, taught and gave practical advice helped us to grow, to develop, and thus prepared us for adult life. Unconditionally, we speak about our parents. Now we want to present you a very practical project.

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Easter Breakfast for homeless people

Lviv region. Started 22.3.2017

Charitable Foundation “Caritas SDD UGCC” together with the Community of mutual support “Nasha Hata” have been organizing Easter breakfast for the homeless and poor people already for seven years. To our first Easter breakfast came nearly 20 homeless people, the previous year we had more than 80 homeless and needy people and this year we are ready to welcome more than 120 visitors.

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000 014 243 UAH

"Dacha" - our home!

Kiev. Started 27.10.2016

Home is a warm cozy place where you can sit with you friends over a cup of aromatic tea, where there are people who can listen to you and understand you. Center Dacha is like home for children affected by cancer and their families. The treatment lasts for months but for during diagnosis making, waiting for surgery and pauses between chemotherapy cycles inpatient bed is not available.

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The good angels help the East

Kharkiv region. Started 18.1.2017

If you take, you will fill your hand, if you give, you will fill your heart! Good things are always actual, and they are wonderful andspeciall on the eve of Christmas and New Year Holidays. Our dear benefactors, helpers, supporters and caring people, we ask you for help for the unique Center for Mother and Child, which gave shelter to lonely-mothers refugees from Donbass.

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000 016 780 UAH

Feed a child from shelter. May

Kiev. Started 10.3.2017

42,85 UAH cost per day a full-fledged breakfast, a lunch and a dinner for one child of the Center for the help "The Home of happy children" where there live orphans, children "with the street", the children who endured the tragedy. They get to the Center physically weakened, with various chronic diseases and with psychological injuries.

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000 017 349 UAH

Let's help young mothers!

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 2.3.2017

Without diapers and care products such as child oil, cream for babies and wipes is difficult to imagine life family with a baby. Perhaps no one will argue that these items are among the priorities that need to buy in such a family where there was a baby, and at the same time – consuming a huge part of the family budget, as prices are at existing for most people income is extremely high.

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000 017 879 UAH

A games area for children with disabilities

Ivano-Frankovsk. Started 17.5.2016

Children from the entire region get treatment in the Ivano-Frankivsk regional children clinical hospital (IFRCCH), and almost 250 children every day visit the medical institution for doctors’ consultation. An active lifestyle helps to maintain the health of a child. Sports and outdoor walks stimulate metabolism and saturate oxygen to brain. Absence of enough space and favorable conditions for children good rest is an essential problem of public institutions to be visited or temporarily resided by children.

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000 022 226 UAH

Saving water for the orphanage

Kiev. Started 10.3.2017

Imagine for a moment that the orphanage pays for utilities, every month is looking for benefactors who would help with paying for food, looking for clothes and household chemicals to ensure that children who have experienced much suffering, violence and simply unnecessary to their natural parents. Of course, every detail, allowing to save funds, here is invaluable. The goal of this project is to purchase a dishwasher and dryer for The Home of Happy Children center. It is very important that the shelter was able to save water and efficiently prepare dishes for children's dining room.

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