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Help feed the orphans. January 2019

Kiev. Started 5.10.2018

The "Home of happy children" is an institution of social protection of children. It is intended for a long stay/residence of children from 3 to 14 years old who find themselves in difficult life circumstances, orphans, children deprived of parental care, providing them with comprehensive social, psychological, educational, medical, legal and other types of assistance, assistance in the further placement of children; provision of social, legal and psychological assistance to families with children. 

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Give warmth for the New Year

Kiev. Started 14.11.2018

The New Year is a favorite holiday since childhood. But when you become an adult you understand that every child is different. For many, it is a memory of pre-holiday preparations, gifts from Grandfather Frost, sleigh rides in the yard. And for children with disabilities, this holiday is a bit different every year. Although the mother, who is always near and trying to make a fairy tale for her child, and the large amount of expenses that are needed for a disabled child – the purchase of medicines, the collection of funds for rehabilitation, treatment, examination, the purchase of rehab means – take away the entire budget of family, relatives and loved ones. 

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Survive the winter

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 19.10.2018

It gets cold. Children should dress warmly. But some of them have no warm jackets, hats, or even socks. Tutors from the Yabluniv boarding school are waiting for the cold season with fear because their wards do not even have a warm underwear. Their panties and socks have a lot of gaps, they are worn and stitched, have no aesthetic look and no longer fit as needed. 

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The most necessary for children from a shelter

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 16.11.2018

What do you need for a little man to happiness? Of course, mother ‘s love, her care and warmth. Most importantly, this is one of the basic needs of the child that is essential for her survival and development. And they are well aware of it at the Center for Social Assistance "Jesus of the Lamb of God", where they found a temporary shelter for mothers with young children.

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Bright dreams

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 2.2.2018

Monthly, almost 80 children of all ages are treated at Dolyna Children’s Hospital. While medical professionals are being treated their young patients, Charity foundation “Ty-Anhel (You is an Angel)” decided not to be away and do something with his hand. The idea came at once - to purchase sets of bright, colorful and pleasing to the touch bedclothes!

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Christmas for the homeless. 2019

Lviv region. Started 15.11.2018

The first snow has immediately reminded us about coming Christmas and more than 100 people who are living in expectations on Christmas Eve. Who are they, these 100 persons? They are people. They are skillful workers, they are once caring mothers and loving fathers, they are people who were not happy to meet a person to support them and to prevent their falling down. Regardless of their peculiarities, their attitude to the world and the God they always come for Christmas Supper. We believe it is our duty to share the bread we have with the neediest. 

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Become a St. Mykolai for a child. 2018

Kiev. Started 16.11.2018

We ask for your help in the purchase of sweet gifts and books for the celebration of St.Nicholas for children from families which visit "Caritas Kyiv" and cannot provide a holiday gift for the child. The main goal and purpose of the project are to make the holiday of St.Nicholas for the children. Thanks to you, the dream of many children will come true, while smile and joy will shine on their faces. Please, be Saint Mykolai for those who really need it much. 

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S. Mykolai Saint Nicholas will not forget about the children

Volyn region. Started 2.11.2018

The day of St. Nicholas is coming – a long-awaited holiday for all children, especially those, who are in need, who expect for care during this time most of all. We kindly ask for your help in purchasing of sweet gifts for the holiday of St. Mykolai for children who are grown in Ivanychi and Rozhyshche orphanages and children from large families, poor, crisis families, who are under care of Children and Family Center of Caritas Volyn.

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Christmas for children from the East

Lviv region. Started 16.11.2018

Today in the evening several dozens of children living in a front-line zone will cross in their calendars one more day and will go to sleep with smiling faces. The Christmas is coming and this Christmas will be special for them: they are going to Western Ukraine to spend it in warm, festive homes with many traditions observed and with many interesting excursions and events, with lots of positive emotions and experiences which they will take back to their homes and families. And what is most important it will be Christmas without shoots and fear. To provide children this long-awaited Christmas we need your support. 

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Hungry old age. 2

Khmelnytskyi. Started 5.11.2018

The old ones, the lonely ones, those who escaped from the war, finding shelter in a strange city on a sloping summer... It is with such lonely and poor people whose eyes are full of indescribable sorrow, and often – and despair, everyday workers of our fund meet. The old men did not think that having given the best years of their life, working hard for the good of their country, will remain in the most pristine time, when they are weak and helpless, absolutely, without health, money, and even a roof over their heads, because they were forced to leave all that they have gained throughout life, fleeing from war. 

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