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Let's teach orphans of independence

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 16.3.2017

Most of us were incredibly fortunate in our childhood, because there have always been people who helped to learn new skills, taught and gave practical advice helped us to grow, to develop, and thus prepared us for adult life. Unconditionally, we speak about our parents. Now we want to present you a very practical project.

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Show kindness – help lonely pensioners! 2

Donetsk region. Started 2.6.2017

The fund applied church elder from the village Novomyhailivka, Donetsk region. Constant shelling and explosions these people hear and see with their own eyes. More than 8 years of Olexander Laptieiev takes care of single, low-income people and the elderly. It is a House of Mercy, not Home nursing, as it is called, "holds" and operates through rector of church Igor, who care and simply through good and not indifferent people.

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Art therapy for special people

Ivano-Frankivsk region, Kolomyia. Started 17.5.2017

The Charitable Foundation Caritas of Kolomyja-Chernivtsi Diocese holds a centre, which works with disabled children and youth, children with Down syndrome, children who have different forms of cerebral palsy and children with autism.

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The good angels help the East

Kharkiv region. Started 18.1.2017

If you take, you will fill your hand, if you give, you will fill your heart! Good things are always actual, and they are wonderful andspeciall on the eve of Christmas and New Year Holidays. Our dear benefactors, helpers, supporters and caring people, we ask you for help for the unique Center for Mother and Child, which gave shelter to lonely-mothers refugees from Donbass.

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000 015 203 UAH

Let's help young mothers!

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 2.3.2017

Without diapers and care products such as child oil, cream for babies and wipes is difficult to imagine life family with a baby. Perhaps no one will argue that these items are among the priorities that need to buy in such a family where there was a baby, and at the same time – consuming a huge part of the family budget, as prices are at existing for most people income is extremely high.

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000 017 264 UAH

A games area for children with disabilities

Ivano-Frankovsk. Started 17.5.2016

Children from the entire region get treatment in the Ivano-Frankivsk regional children clinical hospital (IFRCCH), and almost 250 children every day visit the medical institution for doctors’ consultation. An active lifestyle helps to maintain the health of a child. Sports and outdoor walks stimulate metabolism and saturate oxygen to brain. Absence of enough space and favorable conditions for children good rest is an essential problem of public institutions to be visited or temporarily resided by children.

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Unforgettable holidays

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 16.3.2017

Holiday, vacation, summer are simple and clear words to bring a smile and positive emotions every person, regardless of age or type of employment. Unfortunately, our friends have no such emotions, because the majority of them don’t know what’s a rest, summer vacation, nature walks.

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000 022 953 UAH

Feed a child. 6

Kiev. Started 22.5.2017

We ask your help in raising funds for food parcels for poor families and families in difficult life circumstances. In CF Caritas Kiev drawn a large number of families below the poverty line, so the number of needy is growing every day. But to satisfy basic needs, namely food, a large number of families is only possible with your help. For many families, it is a real and substantial assistance, special for families with children.

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000 024 799 UAH

Holiday for single moms and grandmothers

Dnipro. Started 15.2.2017

On the 8th of March in our country, it will be difficult to find woman left without gifts and kind words. But we know 213 mothers, grandmothers, and daughters, who there is nobody to congratulate to. These women are from Dnipropetrovsk geriatric boarding house. In all, there are almost 600 inhabitants there, lonely old people and people with disabilities, and the amount of joy in their lives is very small. To vary their leisure could entertainment of their youth – cinema. Therefore, we open the collection of funds for sweet gifts on the 8th of March and equipment for the organization of joint movie watching.

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000 029 900 UAH

Save orphans of danger

Ivano-Frankivsk. Started 22.1.2016

Children are the most precious treasure for parents. Think of the sort of persons they’ll grow up to be. It really depends on us. Care about them today gives us confidence in tomorrow. So, carrying of a happy future of our wards, Charity Foundation "You are an Angel" with cooperation of Ivano-Frankivsk regional center of socially-psychological rehabilitation of children initiated a project to install a video surveillance system (CCTV) at this place, because it will give the opportunity to inspect the wards. 

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