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Unknown Khmelnytskyi region

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 26.4.2019

The excursion is probably a very common occurrence for many children and families today. Who at least once a year is not able to make trips to interesting fascinating places? And there are many poor families in Khmelnytsky, where parents cannot give children anything except love and necessities. And yet there are children in whom the family is associated with alcohol, drugs, beatings, insults, and every day is a constant gray routine. Usually, they are also teased at school by a "bully who has not seen anything". 

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Culinary club for children with a sad past

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 30.10.2019

Crisis families, caring for them, social support, and caring for their immediate needs – safety, food, shelter, and love, and protection – are among the top priorities of our charitable foundation. Why? Because children are defenseless because they cannot stand up to the often harsh conditions in which they find themselves, and to the violence of, unfortunately, their immediate family, children are often held hostage by circumstances of intimidation in their own home, suffering abuse and abuse. lacking and not knowing what could be different is better… It sounds sad and unnatural, but workers and volunteers, those who daily meet with children and teenagers from families where parents are chemically dependent, where living conditions are extreme poverty and poverty, well understand, oh what is going on.

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Present a new bed for orphans!

Kiev region. Started 29.10.2019

New, warm and cozy linens give children comfort, calmness, and pleasant dreams. Especially children who suffered from neglect, resentment and violence need it. Sunshine Children’s Center has been helping such children for more than 15 years. We have not governmental support and can exist only because of private donors and philanthropists. Help us to purchase new linens and towels for our children! 

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Getting on feet

Kiev region. Started 7.3.2019

Children with disabilities have a place, where they can get on their feet. This is a center of rehabilitation "Nash dim" (Our home) in Boryspil. But this home needs a washing machine. So, we ask you to help the people, who take care of children with the most severe diagnoses. They don't have enough time for being distracted by such everyday difficulties. Also, the center of rehabilitation hasn't a possibility to buy a printer they need for work. But we can solve these two problems for people who do a great deal. 

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Hungry old age. 3

Khmelnytskyi. Started 29.10.2019

For 17 years, our foundation, Caritas HOBF, has been trying to do everything so that people who are in critical life situations feel dignified, believe that their life can get better. It is sad and painful to see every day the despair of these lonely, elderly people, the extreme poverty in which they somehow have to survive for a penny, for which it is difficult to buy at least something so as not to die starvation. We are talking about such a level of poverty when you have to choose whether to buy bread or essential medicines for the last money when you pay for utilities and you have to eat almost nothing until you receive your next pension.

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Sweet gifts from St. Nicholas

Volyn region. Started 7.11.2019

The calendar is constantly approaching St. Nicholas Day, which means that a very special and exciting time has begun for not only us, adults, but also for children. Every year, St. Nicholas comes from heaven to earth to wrap every child's heart with love, to put such long-awaited gifts under each pillow or directly into little hands. Holy – he is also holy in order not to divide people into "more necessary" and "more important", especially our children. Most of all St. Nicholas is awaited by children who live in orphanages or boarding schools or are in needy families. 

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Bedding for the elderly

Kiev. Started 16.5.2019

It's hard to imagine when life goes on in bed. We will make feel worthy lonely and immovable elderly when present them bed linen sets – to providing them with basic living conditions. We ask to donate money for buying a textile for sewing sets of bed linen. Lonely elderly will feel joy and care when they get a new set of bed linen. Since 2002 many lonely elderly and disabled people have received medical and social services and cares from specialists by the project "Home Care” of Caritas-Kyiv. Now we are taking care of about 100 people. 

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Food for the poorest. 8

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 11.9.2019

Next to us are people who have been much more difficult on the slope of the years than others – they do not have relatives to care for them, they do not have health, they have no money for the most necessary food. We walk past such old, sick and needy many times every day, hurrying through our affairs and not really focusing on them, because it seems, "What can I do alone?". But there are people who do and are willing to continue to do what each of us lacks the time, effort or information to do.

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In anticipation of St. Mykolai

Khmelnytskyi. Started 29.10.2019

Of all the holidays, the most secret and desirable among children is the holiday of Nicholas. Children are waiting for him with a special joy. There are children in our city who have worked especially hard to meet St. Nicholas: one has made the first steps at the age of 7 or started talking at the age of 6, the other has time to study at school and take care of five younger siblings; the third is malnourished every day and nowhere to sleep. But each of them found the strength to look at the world with joyful eyes and to encourage others, and someone also learned to pray... and not only for himself but also for the next "parents" who left him again in the orphanage or for his mother that "sold" her child. 

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Help disadvantaged orphans

Kiev. Started 23.10.2019

It is hard to imagine what the wards of the Help Center “Home of Happy Children” survived. Hunger, bullying, unsanitary conditions, violence (both moral, physical and sexual). One boy lived in a cardboard box on the balcony and ate only what he was given by people who came to his parents to purchase drugs. They were removed from families that hurt them and now they live in a safe place where they love and take care of them. For 11 years, the Help Center has been saving children, but now help is needed at home, in which 32 children live every day. Do not pass by! Help the kids! 

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