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Sincere help is help coming from the bottom of one’s heart

Kyiv. Started 27.4.2020

This piggy bank "Sincere help" is initiated to support the projects dedicated to children and their parents, who are in a difficult circumstances and are actively seeking a way out of. When people lived in small towns, villages, it was easy to help each other, because everyone knew and trusted everyone. Whereas now finding help and support has become more difficult.

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Helping children with Down Syndrome

Kyiv. Started 23.12.2019

Every day in Ukraine a child is born with Down syndrome, which is almost 400 children annually. These people live among us, have their own needs, dreams, hopes – like all of us. And a huge part of the UBO Down Syndrome mission is to help people with Down syndrome unleash their unique potential and realize themselves in society. And this means – systematic work with people with Down Syndrome (DM) from childhood to adulthood. And we found a way to realize this through the main direction of our work: the Center for Early Development for children with Down syndrome.

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