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Christmas together

Ivano-Frankivsk region. Started 21.10.2019

Christmas is one of the most important family holidays of the year with centuries-old traditions. But there are homeless children with limited parental care and without a reliable adult shoulder. The CF "You are an Angel" traditionally presents fairy tales to children of social institutions and spends three unforgettable Christmas days with them as a good custom. Together we will embark on a journey to the picturesque Carpathians, where we will warm up with warm conversations and warm tea. 

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Help disadvantaged orphans. 2

Kiev. Started 29.10.2019

The Home of Happy Children Center has been helping disadvantaged children since 2007. At the Center, such children take refuge and finally end up in a safe place. These are children who survived too much – violence, starvation, they were abandoned by their own parents, in some of them loved ones died and nobody needs them. The Center provides children with the necessary: food, accommodation, training. Along with this, socio-psychological rehabilitation begins after the tragedies experienced. The center exists only at the expense of caring people, and now it urgently needs help to continue to save children. 

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A mine-bakery for the homeless

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 26.11.2018

Have you ever thought about how people live below the line of survival, rejected by society and, often, even the closest relatives? People who are left alone with problems that are not able to solve them independently for various reasons, most often - because of physical or mental limitations, heavy dependencies, etc. Such disadvantaged people can survive and learn to work independently most often – only with the help of those who are not indifferent, those who will not let them die. It is about the Center for social and preventive care and a charity canteen, which operates with it. 

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GT: New Year's holiday for lonely old people

Kharkiv. Started 20.11.2019

I am Alina Teplyak, and I believe that before the New Year holidays we have the opportunity to think not only about ourselves but also about others. Personally, I think about those people who were left without the support and love – about lonely old people. Relatives will not come to grandparents to congratulate them and give an atmosphere of family comfort. However, we can help create a holiday within the walls of the club "Second Youth" where there are friends who are always ready to support and club staff who are always ready to help. I invite you to join me! 

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Bedding for the elderly

Kiev. Started 16.5.2019

It's hard to imagine when life goes on in bed. We will make feel worthy lonely and immovable elderly when present them bed linen sets – to providing them with basic living conditions. We ask to donate money for buying a textile for sewing sets of bed linen. Lonely elderly will feel joy and care when they get a new set of bed linen. Since 2002 many lonely elderly and disabled people have received medical and social services and cares from specialists by the project "Home Care” of Caritas-Kyiv. Now we are taking care of about 100 people. 

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GT: Give a Tale to Adult Children

Kharkiv. Started 19.11.2019

Our names are Korop Anastasia and Vlasenko Kristina, we are fourth-year students of the sociology department of the V.N.Karazin University. We are future social workers and management. Every year, we understand that in our country there are many problems that need to be addressed, sometimes even emergency intervention, but all this can be corrected thanks to the well-functioning work of the state and the whole society.

We really want our country not to know what acute social problems are, so that people live happily and in prosperity! Today we support lonely old people from the Second Youth club! Join us!

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Present a new bed for orphans!

Kiev region. Started 29.10.2019

New, warm and cozy linens give children comfort, calmness, and pleasant dreams. Especially children who suffered from neglect, resentment and violence need it. Sunshine Children’s Center has been helping such children for more than 15 years. We have not governmental support and can exist only because of private donors and philanthropists. Help us to purchase new linens and towels for our children! 

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Culinary club for children with a sad past

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 30.10.2019

Crisis families, caring for them, social support, and caring for their immediate needs – safety, food, shelter, and love, and protection – are among the top priorities of our charitable foundation. Why? Because children are defenseless because they cannot stand up to the often harsh conditions in which they find themselves, and to the violence of, unfortunately, their immediate family, children are often held hostage by circumstances of intimidation in their own home, suffering abuse and abuse. lacking and not knowing what could be different is better… It sounds sad and unnatural, but workers and volunteers, those who daily meet with children and teenagers from families where parents are chemically dependent, where living conditions are extreme poverty and poverty, well understand, oh what is going on.

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Getting on feet

Kiev region. Started 7.3.2019

Children with disabilities have a place, where they can get on their feet. This is a center of rehabilitation "Nash dim" (Our home) in Boryspil. But this home needs a washing machine. So, we ask you to help the people, who take care of children with the most severe diagnoses. They don't have enough time for being distracted by such everyday difficulties. Also, the center of rehabilitation hasn't a possibility to buy a printer they need for work. But we can solve these two problems for people who do a great deal. 

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GT: Board games instead of gadgets

Kharkiv. Started 19.11.2019

We are Zbaranskaya Darina Vladislavovna, Pavlyuchenko Svetlana Yuryevna and Artyushenko Valeria Vladimirovna (we are 55 years old for three), we are studying in the second year of Kharkov National Pedagogical University named after GS Skovoroda with a degree in Social Work. We really like to work with children, this opportunity has arisen more than once in the framework of internships at the university and volunteer activities.

Now we have the opportunity to try ourselves as volunteer fundraisers. We hope that we will be able to improve and diversify children's leisure in the children's village «Otradnoye» and increase our skills in raising funds for social projects.

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