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Diapers for palliative grandparents

Kharkiv. Started 30.1.2020

Today, almost 740 thousand single elderly people live in Ukraine. Of these, only 200 thousand receive social assistance and support. Others survive on their own. But besides loneliness, elderly people are faced with diseases that forever confine them to bed. These are incurable diseases that make a person a palliative patient. 

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A place of communication for lonely old people. 2

Kharkiv region. Started 13.2.2020

A person does not have to live alone and not have a family to be alone. Loneliness can be hidden behind frequent ill-health, unwillingness to go out and meet other people. Loneliness as a lack of desire and energy for any communication is quite common, especially in old age. And when old age is added to emotional loneliness, most often a person does not come out of this abyss but burns down slowly like a forgotten candle. In order to solve the problem of loneliness and uselessness of older people, a day club "Second Youth" was created. He has been working since 2001 and has created within his walls a large and friendly "family" of lonely grandparents who need communication, care, and daily social and psychological support. 

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Help now to save a family for a child

Kharkiv. Started 30.9.2019

Perfect picture: smiling parents hug happy laughing children. We see this and understand that the family is prosperous and the parents take care of the children. If a problem arises in this family, it is quickly resolved by the parents themselves. But there are other families who face difficult life circumstances and cannot solve them on their own. In these families, someone was left without work, has a harmful “addiction”, someone is seriously ill and all the finances go to treatment, this family may have many children or a child with a disability that requires special care. This may be a family of internally displaced persons, the main finances of which go to pay for renting an apartment.

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Meetings that will help orphans

Dnipro. Started 24.7.2019

A family for each of us is a priceless gift, reliable support, what we protect, what inspires us. No one argues with this, as well as with the fact that children should not live in boarding schools. When it comes to the support of foster families – the majority turns away: they say, they took the children to the family – consult, because you knew what they were going for. And in the past of these children severe injuries, cruelty, and violence. To create all the conditions for the gradual healing of these wounds, parents need qualified psychological help. 

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Zdorovenki buly

Kharkiv. Started 4.9.2019

When asked to tell about herself, Oleksandra Mikhailovna modestly and with a smile, as if she was immersed in the spit of the past years, starts her story, reluctantly, and constantly asks whether she is taking our working time, because she appreciates the time of others. In the first words, ordinary everyday history is quite typical of our society.

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