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Help the home for orphans. 6

Kiev. Started 22.5.2019

The Center for Helping Children "The Home of Happy Children" is a unique place where children who were abandoned by their parents, who were taken away from the parents of alcoholics and drug addicts who were just on the street, are being rescued. And now he urgently needs help. The center exists only for charitable funds of caring people and we ask you to support the children! 

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Kilometers for orphans. Diana Oleshko

Kiev. Started 17.9.2019

My name is Diana Oleshko, I'm 31. I am the mom, the athlete, the owner of half a million blog “Gruppirovka Lady”. About what Motherhood I learned a year ago, becoming the mother of a beautiful daughter. Since then, the priorities and values for me to become more aware. And I, like anyone else, understand the importance of helping children who are deprived of parental affection and love! After all, every child deserves to be loved and happy. And if you are full of love — give it to those who need it, even just a bit. Let's help children together! 

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Kilometers for orphans. Valeria Kruk

Kiev. Started 5.9.2019

My name is Valeria Kruk and I know that is a dream come true and support since childhood. In my life I had to go through great difficulties, but I overcame them largely because I have always supported loved ones and friends. And when I know that there are orphans who need support, who have next to no adults, no parents, just can't pass up.

I decided to take part in the Marathon and raise funds in support of the Center, where the kids live, which were taken from the parents – drug addicts, alcoholics. Children who simply do not need their parents. They all find refuge from his sufferings and horrors endured in a great Center of help "Home of happy children".

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A place of communication for lonely old people

Kharkiv. Started 17.7.2019

What could be worse than lonely oldness? An oldness that covers a person within four walls and makes it possible to talk only with memories and black and white photographs. In order to solve the problem of loneliness and uselessness of elderly people, a day club "Second Youth" was created. He has been working since 2001 and has created within his walls a large and friendly “family” of lonely grandparents who need communication, care, and daily social and psychological support. 

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Warm embrace

Kharkiv. Started 9.9.2019

The second month of autumn begins on a special date. October 1 is the International Day of the Elderly, proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations. And in Ukraine, it is also Veterans Day. This day is not just an opportunity to remind everyone of their human obligation to be caring and compassionate to the most respected part of society. It is also a reflection on the future destiny of mankind, its culture, the interconnection of generations. More than half of lonely people need help in their daily lives, especially today when many retirees are the main source of life for a pension that does not support a normal life. 

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Getting on feet

Kiev region. Started 7.3.2019

Children with disabilities have a place, where they can get on their feet. This is a center of rehabilitation "Nash dim" (Our home) in Boryspil. But this home needs a washing machine. So, we ask you to help the people, who take care of children with the most severe diagnoses. They don't have enough time for being distracted by such everyday difficulties. Also, the center of rehabilitation hasn't a possibility to buy a printer they need for work. But we can solve these two problems for people who do a great deal. 

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Kilometers for orphans. Lilia Rybkina

Kiev. Started 5.9.2019

My name is Lilia Rybkina and for 9 years now I have been helping young children who are undergoing rehabilitation from experienced violence at the Help Center “Home of Happy Children”. Fate brought me to a great deal of grief and happiness. And before my eyes the kids recovered from suffering, grew up, made new friends and found new loving parents. My mission is to help those whom I love so much.

That is why I’m already running my third Marathon for orphans who live in the Help Center “Home of happy children”. In the last marathon, you helped to collect 25,000 hryvnias for me to pay for a summer camp for children. Now the question is urgently needed to provide their homes with heat, water and light.

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Essentials for the old and lonely people

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 12.9.2019

How often, after living an honest and often difficult life, devotedly and hard work and putting strength and health, serving others, the elderly on the slope of years remain, unfortunately, alone, without having or losing family, loved ones and relatives. And then the closest people are the few who come to them every day, are interested in their well-being, help with the simple economy... Most often, they are volunteers and social workers of charitable organizations. And our background workers, together with volunteers who are not indifferent to other people's misery, visit elderly grandparents in the summer, bring them food, medicine and other necessities for life, and give good word.

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Zdorovenki buly

Kharkiv. Started 4.9.2019

When asked to tell about herself, Oleksandra Mikhailovna modestly and with a smile, as if she was immersed in the spit of the past years, starts her story, reluctantly, and constantly asks whether she is taking our working time, because she appreciates the time of others. In the first words, ordinary everyday history is quite typical of our society.

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Hospice: pure body for pure thoughts

Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk. Started 13.9.2019

Terminally ill patients often find it difficult to move and to take care of themselves. Unsuited palliative care rooms and seriousness of patient’s conditions result in disability of patients with limited prognosis for life to take a shower in months. This means that disease deprives them of their dignity and complicates the process of communication with relatives. 

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