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Warm houses – happy fluffies

Ukraine. Стартував 3.1.2019

Happy Paw Charity Foundation for 6 years help homeless animals. For a long time, our society has thought, that the most priority direction in helping animals is to provide them with food and medicines. Of course, this is true, but it is equally important to keep dogs in normal live conditions, because their health depends on this. That is why all the territory, aviaries and booths must be properly equipped.

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Offer hand to the paws! 2

Zaporizhzhia. Стартував 14.3.2018

We see them - shot down by cars, frozen, shot, immured in cellars, beaten, poisoned, starved, burnt, mutilated and sick ... They are homeless animals, but they are alive! We can not ignore that they need our help, because there is no one else they could rely on. Only a people.

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Food in each bowl

Zaporizhia. Стартував 10.12.2018

Food is a basic requirement and right of every alive creature. Nobody should feel the famine. Especially those who can't take care of themselves and completely depend on people. There are 200 pets in the animal shelter "Give me your paw, Friend", most of which are homeless animals with disabilities, abandoned old dogs, rescued from diseases, injuries and cruel people. They don't have their own home and family. The shelter is their home and every day they look at the volunteer's eyes with great hope for a full bowl. We do our best so the pets are fed. But every day is an endless fight for their survival and the desperate hope for your kindness and generosity. 

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Будуймо ЕКО Україну разом!

Ukraine. Стартував 20.5.2015

Маєте чудову ЕКО ідею та величезне бажання її втілити? Немає нічого простішого! Заходьте на сайт змагання ЕКО ідей «Будуймо ЕКО Україну разом!», подавайте заявку зі своєю ідеєю з 01 травня 2015 року по 22 червня 2015 року включно. Кличте друзів, які мають бажання зробити свій край та Україну чистішою, зеленішою та сучаснішою, щоб вони підтримали вас. Адже Топ-50 ЕКО ідей, що наберуть максимум голосів за результатами голосування, потраплять до фіналу.

I run for their new home: Natalka&Sofiya

Kiev. Стартував 11.3.2019

«We believe that Dogs are such like People)

We run, so that every four-pawed from a shelter finds his House. Let us run so that once Your Dog will nuzzle his cheek and you will feel like it - to love unconditionally!
Run to make People love the World like Dogs love»

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I run for their new home: Kseniya and Daryna Kryachko

Kiev. Стартував 11.3.2019

"Now we have 2 dogs from the shelter - Yeti and Chita. There is any doubt that shelter is not a place for animals, and the way home should be short. Therefore, we really want the socialization of animals in the shelters helps, as soon as possible, to find a loving family for all gogs", - Daryna and Ksenia Kryachko, founder of the "Conceptica" store.

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I run for their new home: Milk Bar

Kiev. Стартував 11.3.2019

«Empathy and indifference are one of the main human qualities that we want to see in our team. We often engage in projects where we can do good deeds and help. young boys and girls working in our team, and it's extremely important to show them why we work more every day, how can we just help someone and how a person who helps become happier.

Last year we teamed up for the first time in order to run in the half marathon and to support the Happy Paw Foundation, we introduced corporate running training and involved many of our employees in this initiative. This year, we have even more strength and enthusiasm, and we are ready to run in order for as many dogs as possible find their families in the shelters», - the Milk bar team.

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I run for their new home: Olga Spector

Kiev. Стартував 11.3.2019

“My deep conviction is that people are created for the world and for animals, and not the other way”,- says Olga Spector, who founded Happy Paw Foundation 7 years ago.

The first step to a family is a step on a leash.

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I run for their new home! Yakush and Didkovsky

Kiev. Стартував 11.3.2019

“The dog loves you unconditionally. But it turns out that you have not met yet and have not learned about each other. We know how to speed up this process.

Go to the nearest shelter, take delicious gifts with you and meet the locals. Each of them loves you. Fall in love and you with someone. Believe me, together you will be better able to resist all the surrounding adversities”, - Maria Yakush, the co-founder of the «Restaurankie» consulting agency.

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Help dogs to survive cold in the heat

Kiev. Стартував 17.11.2017

Happy Paw Charity Foundation for 5 years help homeless animals. The main point of view in our society is that the most priority area of work in helping animals is to provide them with food. However, in addition, it is still very important that the dogs live in normal conditions, especially on the eve of winter, New Year and Christmas. So all territory, cages, and booths must be properly equipped.

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