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Social wardrobe

Kharkiv. Started 14.11.2018

There is a wardrobe (closet) full of things in every home. You open it every day and wear clothes that you like. It is a natural desire of all people, despite their age or status. But, not all people have a full home wardrobe (closet). There are people whose wardrobe (closet) is empty! There are no clothes in it! That’s why in CF "Caritas Kharkiv" there is a place where all people in need can take clothes for free (for men, women, children). This place is called "Social wardrobe".

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New Year is coming, hurry up! 3

Mariupol. Started 15.11.2018

Do you remember the happy kids’ smiles after we collected funds last year and the year before last to give season’s presents to Mariupol’s orphans? Their eyes and their smiles are impossible to forget. A year has passed since, a lot of things have changed, but this time of the year the kids expect the miracle to repeat. Driven by the festive spirit of the season, we look forward to helping the kids get their bit of miracle. 

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Miracles for Christmas

Kiev. Started 19.11.2018

Quiet snow falls. Warm candlelight and the smell of the Christmas tree. Kutya on the table. And outside the window, it is dark and quiet... The earth loses its delight... the Savior will come soon and fill our world with light and joy. Christ is born! Praise him! In these holy days, we want to give a holiday to those children who usually lack it, our little wards not only suffered from the war in the east but also have a disability. Among them, there are 16 children with cerebral palsy, 5 are blind, 2 girls are diagnosed with SMA, 1 is a chronic renal failure and one has oncology in remission. Only 25 children. 

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A breath of forest silence

Donetsk region. Started 24.5.2018

The war has split Donbass into two. Sadly, among those suffering from ongoing hostilities are children. To help nurse the wounds of their souls, they should be immersed in a peaceful life as soon as possible. In, 2017 the "Poshuk" (Search) tent camp has restarted its operation, and its plans for 2018 include active involvement of kids residing in the front-line areas, as well as IDPs.

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The room of good

Luhansk region. Started 18.9.2018

You all know that this year we support children living in Novotoshkovse and Crymske Luhansk region. Together with you, we were able to give gifts to all children, deliver personal hygiene facilities and present for kids school sets. Each of you has become for them a magician!

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000 058 881 UAH

New Year's gifts to children in the ATO zone. 2

Luhansk and Donetsk region . Started 24.9.2018

Last year, thanks to your support, we managed to donate 400 New Year's gifts to children living on the line of demarcation. During the year, we continued to help these children, because they are in dire need of our support and care. During this time we observed how they grow and develop, plan, dream and implement them. This year we decided to increase the number of gifts to 1 000 and expand our territory of good. 

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The development of children's sports grounds - park A.Kovalya

Kiev region. Started 30.8.2016

"It is impossible to create the future, if you dont know your history”
In our case, in the memory of history, people who live in Stari Bezradichii want to create a better future for their children. They want to open park with a sports playground in the memory of the Anatoly Koval, who died heroically during a combat mission in the Donetsk region while the ATO.

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They survived the war again

Kiev. Started 2.5.2018

At the beginning of May Ukraine together with the whole world celebrates the 73rd anniversary of the end of the World War II. During the years of war, all the territory of Ukraine was occupied by the Natzis Germany. The losses of Ukraine were more than of Great Britain, Canada, USA, and France altogether and were more than third of officially recognized by USSR – today historians name the number of 27 million.

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