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"Run to feed," Jean Belenyuk

Kiev. Started 29.8.2016

I am Jean Belenyuk – Ukrainian Greco-Roman wrestler in up-85 kg weight category. I, the silver winner in the Olympic Games (2016), the silver winner in the European championships, the champion and the bronze winner in world championships, double champion and bronze winner in European championships, the bronze winner in Universiade 2013 (Kazan), Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, support Foundation “Socpartnerstvo” at “Fundraising Marathon 2016. Autumn”.

Running for the sake of saving little lives. Andriy Klymenko

Vinnitsa. Started 1.9.2017

Andrey Klimenko, businessman, trainer, motivational speaker, founder and CEO of Aiia, will join the team of the Svichado Charity Foundation to save premature babies, small patients of Vinnytsia Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. of M.I. Pirogov.

JAMALA/Book Kyrazh Bazaar, SEPTEMBER

Kiev. Started 30.8.2019

The purpose of Literary Courage Bazaar is to raise funds for the publication of books for children and adolescents with visual impairments. These books will be printed in Braille and flat typeface.

Jamalа will perform at the Bazaar Literary Courage. Thanks to her support and a large charity concert, we hope to raise funds quickly for the first layouts.

The glade of fairy tales

Zaporizzhya. Started 19.9.2012

Our children have already forgotten who Ivasyk Telesyk and Kotygoroshko are! They mix Kolobok with Teletubbie, Koza-dereza has been changed into Pokemon. NGO „Spas” decided to give Ukrainian fairy tale back for chidlren from Zaporizhzhya, thus to create “the meadow of fairy tales” with characters’ figures. And as much money as adults will find, as many characters will be settled in this beautiful meadow!

Children's Future is in our hands

Kyiv region. Started 9.7.2014

Children are the future of our nation and state. That’s why, our first task is to bring up the national conscious, patriotic and strong generation. So that we can be sure: Ukraine's fate is in good hands. Also, it’s really important to protect our youth against destructive effects of alcohol- , nicotine- and drug-dependency. To accomplish thisб we must show youth the alternative ways of living: sport as a guaranty of a healthy and happy life. A sound mind in a sound body.

Help save Evgenia's eyes

Poltava. Started 9.2.2016

Soft mother's glance, father's smile, varicoloured butterfly, balloon are the memorable moments in the childhood... Our daughter is deprived of such impressions... Evgenia is only one year old. From the her birth, she strives for seeing her close people. She has innate cataract of both eyes that doctors discovered too late. Doctors had to warn parents about innate pathology at the maternity hospital. Evgenia didn't see anything and her crystalline lenses were extracted when she was 4 months in Ophthalmology Centre in Kiev. In 2-3 weeks commissure on her right eye was discovered.

I want to live in a world of sounds

Kryvyi Rih. Started 12.10.2017

Kizymyshyn Myhailo was born on February, 10 in Krivyi Rig. The large family of Kizimishin has three children, one of them is the oldest Misha - a weak-hearted, but a good and kind boy. He really loves his younger brother and sister, he helps his mother, plays with them. This year he went to the first class to a specialized school "Constellation". The child has hearing aids, but they are very weak and low-frequency.

Worthy start to gain knowledge

Kharkiv. Started 9.7.2019

Already the middle of summer, and this means that not far off and the holiday of the First bell. Whether this day is festive for first-graders from families in difficult life circumstances depends on each of us. Charitable Foundation "Caritas Kharkiv" wants to help 25 first-graders from families in difficult living conditions. 

I hope for a full recovery. 2

Kryvyi Rih. Started 26.7.2018

At the time of birth, Davyd could die. So the doctors said because the boy did not have enough oxygen. But the baby was born alive, immediately screamed, he was given to his mother. It would seem that everything is over. But after birth, the boy cried much and did not drink milk. This was a bad omen, which worried mother of Davyd. And not in vain, because a day after that the boy stopped breathing, and then with foam went foam. It was like a nightmare.

Love can never die!

Chernivtsi region. Started 7.6.2016

Has the ordinary guy, who led a healthy life, liked to play sports ever been thinking that at 15 his life will hang by a thread. That in two months he will look thin, pale and sluggish. That instead of studying and falling in love, his life will concentrate within the walls of his hospital ward of the size of 3 by 3 meters. Sergey Blyzniuk – has the acute lymphoblastic leukemia with pulmonary involvement. Survival is now his main goal...