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Running for the sake of saving little lives. Andriy Klymenko

Vinnitsa. Started 1.9.2017

Andrey Klimenko, businessman, trainer, motivational speaker, founder and CEO of Aiia, will join the team of the Svichado Charity Foundation to save premature babies, small patients of Vinnytsia Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. of M.I. Pirogov.

I want to live in a world of sounds

Kryvyi Rih. Started 12.10.2017

Kizymyshyn Myhailo was born on February, 10 in Krivyi Rig. The large family of Kizimishin has three children, one of them is the oldest Misha - a weak-hearted, but a good and kind boy. He really loves his younger brother and sister, he helps his mother, plays with them. This year he went to the first class to a specialized school "Constellation". The child has hearing aids, but they are very weak and low-frequency.

I hope for a full recovery. 2

Kryvyi Rih. Started 26.7.2018

At the time of birth, Davyd could die. So the doctors said because the boy did not have enough oxygen. But the baby was born alive, immediately screamed, he was given to his mother. It would seem that everything is over. But after birth, the boy cried much and did not drink milk. This was a bad omen, which worried mother of Davyd. And not in vain, because a day after that the boy stopped breathing, and then with foam went foam. It was like a nightmare.

We want to play football

Kiev. Started 19.4.2018

"I worked at a wood plan on weekend, to earn a little. For the money, I already bought boots – the green one. Will you organize the Caritas Cup championship this summer? My friends and I are waiting for it very much!", wrote to us Anton from Kremenna, Lugansk region. "Yes, we’ll do it again!", we answered to the boy. For the third year in a row, we are organizing a street football championship among children in difficult life circumstances. The Caritas Cup street football project is implemented on a volunteer basis.

If the holiday does not come

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 21.12.2018

Remember your childhood. In the childhood, probably, the greatest fear was not to get a gift for the New Year or Christmas. We were sincerely happy, finally finding gifts under the Christmas tree. Every time we find gifts under the Christmas tree, we were sincerely happy. That's why we still keep faith in a miracle and share it with our kids and the near. But not everyone is so lucky. There are children who live near to us and for them, the New Year's miracle is a real lottery.

New skin is a salvation for Volodymyr

Rivne. Started 19.9.2017

Dear donors, Voiodymyr was gone yesterday. We offer our sincere condolences to Vladimir Ivanovich's family and friends.

Often, help is needed not only by children but also by people of all ages. The situation with Volodymyr is exactly that. A man is more than 8 months old at the hospital. Due to the rapid development of the disease, atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities (to him, the operation was carried out on the shunting of blood vessels that failed) led to the amputation of both legs. Over the past six months, he has carried over ten operations.

Cinema art treatment

Kolomyia. Started 3.7.2017

Probably there are no people who would not like to watch cartoons or films, are there? One of the most favorite activities of our youth under wardship who visit the project on work with disabled youth is watching various interesting and educational films. Our educators look for the selection of the best works of film art and turn them on. Watching films which are regularly accompanied with eating popcorn provide the atmosphere of home and unconventional coziness.

My special need

Kiev. Started 9.4.2019

Have you ever thought that there are people who can not use ordinary forks, toothbrushes, chairs? About 15,000 children in Ukraine need specially equipped chairs. In most cases, they sit in ordinary wheelchairs, or not verticalized at all. It is difficult to help all children of Ukraine, but it is possible to provide special chairs for convenient placement and rehabilitation of a child in the Kiev city center for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities. Having provided the Center with at least two chairs, we will contribute to the successful rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. 

Magic ear for Masha!

Dnepr. Started 13.1.2017

Little blond Princess Masha suffers a bilateral sensorineural deafness. Why girl lost the hearing is unknown, because from birth the girl could hear. Three and a half years, Masha's parents struggled for its development using the most powerful hearing AIDS. The family believed that Mary will in them to develop.

They engaged a lot and achieved something. But this "something" is not enough for life. After 2 years Masha has to go to school, and she still can neither hear nor speak... URGENTLY need cochlear implants, only it will provide an opportunity to hear and develop. The state turns Masha is 325, and for 2017 identified 53 of the implant. To wait for her turn the girl can for few years, but she doesn't have no time! 

In 1 year and 6 months, with the help of caring hearts, Masha wore hearing AIDS. But since the brain some time did not receive sound information, he had forgotten how to recognize it. And in order that the child learned to listen, hear, understand speech and talk, she needs long-term rehabilitation (special classes). Little Masha had to sit at the desk and work since she was 1,5 years old.

For her native language as a foreign language to us. It takes months to study each new word. But parents do not give up – lessons, lessons and lesson again! Of course, nothing is done in vain and the results are there. Great for a child with deafness! It is very difficult, because AIDS compensate only 20-30% of hearing. She listens intently, trying to understand, has learned a lot to read lips. And with all this, Masha is very cheerful, active and sociable girl.
Very fond of children, enjoy visiting the mass kindergarten. She has the makings of a leader, she is liberated, sociable, finds a common language with any child and adult.

Therefore, the only way out is the cochlear implantation. Cochlear system is a communication device, which consists of directly cochlear implant (inner part) and a sound processor (outer part). Cochlear system provides the patient not only listening, but also contributes to the formation of speech function.

With implantation Masha has all chances to be full! You can change Masha’s fortune! Each hryvnia translated can become a part, which will help the little girl to hear the world, learn to speak and develop fully!


Name: Yagolnik Maria, 24.03.2012

City: Dnepr

Diagnosis: bilateral sensorineural deafness

I want to hear

Kiev. Started 14.8.2017

After a series of serious illnesses, little Miron has lost his hearing, and hence the opportunity to learn to speak. The only way to hear a boy is to have hearing aids that will help him to hear. The world of silence puts the baby in the future to live in a social reservation - boarding school system.