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Center for socialization of children with disabilities – OPEN

Kiev. Started 18.6.2018

Charity Kurazh Bazar Flower Power is absolute happiness, freedom, lightness, and love – a real little Woodstock in Kiev. June 23-24 will be possible to plunge into a positive bocho-atmosphere, put on everything mottled, drown in the oceans of flowers and truly relax.

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000 000 000 UAH

Кураж Базар Night Market India

Kyiv. Started 21.5.2018

Kyrazh Night Market India - the first and only night market in Kiev. On May 25-27, there will be 3 days of holiday for all: performances, the best DJs, a flea market of 370 vendors, a huge food court, spontaneous markets, Hare Krishnas, incense, yoga, meditation, belly dancing, fitting saris, incredible photo zones, large inclusive children's zone on the street and most importantly - the arrival of Panjabi MC - the best Indian performer in the version of the World Music Awards. All 3 days for Courage Bazar will collect money for charity. The aim of Courage Bazaar Night Market India is to raise funds for the purchase of a special set of rehabilitation equipment for people with visual impairment in two Kiev libraries: the Lesya Ukrainka Public Library and the Taras Shevchenko Central Library for Children.

Technical means of rehabilitation are created in order to make people with disabilities more free, independent and able to live in society, work and be realized on an equal basis with all people. So one of the largest companies producing equipment for the blind and visually impaired is called Freedom Scientific - Scientific Freedom.

The overwhelming majority of its employees are themselves blind and they create a technique for the blind. So, relying on the world experience and taking into account the needs of our people, we organize special places for reading and working with texts and images, in social. networks, e-mail, on the Internet and with a paper book for people with visual impairments. We will create an opportunity for people with myopia, dyslexia and other vision problems, with residual eyesight and for totally blind people to access information: books, websites on the Internet.

To get acquainted and learn to use specialized modern means of technical rehabilitation, to expand the circle of communication, to get an opportunity to learn.

1. Stationary video top-leveler Topaz HD 24 "

2. Stationary video-processor Topaz XL HD 24 "complete with a computer

3. MAGic screen magnification program

4. The JAWS for Windows screen access program

5. Headphones

1. The Topaz HD 24 "stationary video intensifier from Freedom Scientific, is equipped with a high-resolution camera and a 24-inch monitor for displaying an enlarged area. It is designed for reading books, for viewing photographs, maps, newspapers and can magnify up to 64 times. Therefore, it is applicable even for drawing and embroidering beads by people with visual impairments. It has advanced functions such as lines and read masks, focus lock, freeze frame, search functions, and 33 color modes. Thanks to very fast autofocusing, the reader's eyes are not subjected to additional loading.

2. Stationary video magnifier Topaz XL HD 24 "has an additional function of connecting to a computer. This makes it possible not only to read the information, but also to work with it, to transform and create its own works using images from a video enhancement device. A computer for connecting to a video-tester and for installing special software on it will also be delivered within the framework of this complex. System unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers. And also two uninterruptible power supplies for video amplifiers, in order to protect them from fluctuations in voltage in the power grid.

3. MAGic is a screen magnification program that helps people with poor eyesight to use PC capabilities, including the Internet. Increases the image on the screen up to 60 times, which makes it possible to read information on websites or electronic documents, as well as work with them. In addition to the simple increase, with this program it is possible to divide the screen and view information in different modes for the convenience of the user, it is possible to change the styles and colors, which is simply necessary for people with impaired perception of colors. With this program the visually impaired will have access to the technologies Adobe PDF, Adobe Flash and JAVA ... Not for nothing is the program called MAGic - "magic"

4. Jaws for Windows - the most popular in the world screen access program, running on a PC in a Windows environment. Jaws gives you the opportunity to completely get blind to access the necessary software and the Internet. Thanks to the speech synthesizer, through the audio card of the computer, the information from the screen is read out loud, providing the possibility of verbal access to the most diverse content.

5. Headphones. They are simply necessary for working with scoring devices, so as not to interfere with other visitors.

UPD: due to the fact that the Shevchenko's library was not able to provide the necessary conditions for the placement and access to the equipment for visually impaired and blind people; by mutual agreement, the equipment will be transferred to the NGO "Blue Giotto". The equipment will be installed on the basis of the "Library of the Future", which specializes in working with people with disabilities. The corresponding letter is placed under the heading "Documentation".

Зроблено Funded 600 000 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

Charity Kyrazh Bazar. SpaceCamp

Kyiv. Started 31.5.2017

At each Kyrazh Bazar we collect money to help children, and in June we hold a traditional Charity Flea Market, when we give all the profits from the event. As a result of our three-year activity, medicines were bought for children of Ukrainian oncology centers, occluders for children with heart disease, devices for nursing preterm infants, equipped schools and helped in the treatment and operation of children in the amount of 2.4 million UAH.

Зроблено Funded 283 954 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

We have something to say

Lviv. Started 18.5.2017

Are we ready to understand children who are not able and may never learn to speak? Will we help them communicate in a different way? Most of the clients of Dzherelo Children’s Rehabilitation Centre in Lviv are unable to talk or write due to their disabilities (cerebral palsy, autism, genetic syndromes). Each of 115 children is provided with an individual approach at Dzherelo’s Kindergarten-School.

Зроблено Funded 36 646 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH