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Life without immunity: Mikhailyk needed drugs. 3

Sumy region. Started 31.10.2019

Misha Nikolayenko was born with a very rare disease - granulomatosis. With this disease, the child’s immunity is practically zero and there is practically no resistance to infections. The life of a child with this disease is accompanied by huge doses of antibiotics, antifungal, and antibacterial drugs. In August, Misha and his mother went to the Kyiv City Children's Center for Clinical Immunology, where he is seen by specialists. There he passed tests for myopathy and with his mother they are waiting for the result. In October, Mishutka fell ill again. 

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Her dream is sight. 2

Sumy. Started 10.9.2019

We convey words of gratitude from Eva's parents to everyone who helped the girl with the first operation. The eye has been successfully operated on, and the joys of parents have no boundaries! "The positive results were already at the first examination of a specialist," says the father of Eva. "We heard the long-awaited: vision has improved! And the daughter’s words that the eye began to see better give hope that she will have a long-awaited good vision". 

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Help these two sisters fight for their lives

Sumy. Started 5.9.2019

"We really need your help", Julia, the girls' mother, writes in her email to us. For the last 15 years, the most important thing in her life has been fighting for her two daughters. Sisters Lera and Sasha were born with a serious genetic disorder. To keep this disease in check and not to let it destroy one's body, one needs a great deal of effort, work, and money. Some of the medically necessary things are paid for by the government medical programs, some of them Julia pays for, but it is impossible to afford everything without the help of caring people. When one child is seriously ill, it is a difficult situation; when both children are seriously ill, the situation is twice as difficult. Please help us support this family. 

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000 000 000 UAH

Six years of misdiagnosis!

Sumy region. Started 30.8.2019

Maksym likes to run around, to play games and construction toys. The boy dreams of becoming a train driver and traveling the world. So, he was happy to go to school to acquire new knowledge. But the constant problems with the eyes which appeared a year after his birth did not allow him enjoying life to the full extent. For six years (!) the boy was treated for different diseases – and only then a brain tumor was detected.

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Twins want to walk!

Chernihiv region. Started 3.7.2019

Diana and Mykhailo were born deeply premature by cesarean section and immediately went into intensive care. The twins spent 2 months under a ventilator, then the same amount of time in the second nursing stage. In the end, they were discharged home in satisfactory condition. 

Зроблено Funded 39 000 UAH
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Life without immunity: Misha needs medicines. 2

Sumy region. Started 7.6.2019

Misha Nikolaenko is a naughty and cheerful little boy from Sumy region. During the time passed from the publication of the last project, this boy grew up, at the end of January he turned 6 years old. Like all boys of his age, he loves cars and races, he drives rapidly on everything that rides. Misha loves to "chemize" (as he says): mix everything that comes to hand. "He counts up to 100 and reads by syllables", says his mother. 

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We ride a biсycle, so that they could live-2! Winners

Lviv. Started 21.5.2019

When you are ill, it’s hard to be positive especially when you have gray moldy walls and a handful of antifungal drugs around you.

Once upon a time, the whole Ukraine raised funds for our treatment. Thanks to the support of thousands of people, each of us has won our battle against cancer.

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I believe that cancer will recede! 4

Sumy region. Started 17.5.2019

Last year Nastia Yaroshenko completed the main treatment. Two years ago, in March 2017, doctors discovered the girl's nephroblastoma. Nastia was then operated on, removing the tumor along with the kidney. Behind left numerous courses of chemotherapy, to which the girl's body reacted with low tests, weakness, and poor well-being... But still she was unable to achieve remission and Nastia was discharged home. 

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Do not leave Ania in trouble

Sumy region. Started 13.5.2019

In August last year, a new girl, Ania Zeliona, appeared in the hematology department of the Sumy region. The girl has a difficult fate. She is an orphan and the grandmother has taken custody of the child. With grandmother and two sisters, Ania lives in the Sumy region. The girl graduated from 8 classes. Ania loves animals very much and after the 9th grade, she planned to enter the veterinary college. Unfortunately, the insidious disease has made its changes in the girl's plans. Back in February, Ania had a very tiny "pea" on her hand, which was not even immediately noticed.

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Children's Hope: help to National Cancer Institute

Kiev. Started 26.4.2019

In November 2018, Kyivstar, together with the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, launched the project "Children's Hope" to help children with heart and cancer diseases in Ukrainian hospitals.

In the framework of the project in the direction of Oncology on May,7 2019, the Department of Radiation Diagnostics of the National Cancer Institute was received assistance.

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