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Children's Future is in our hands

Kyiv region. Started 9.7.2014

Children are the future of our nation and state. That’s why, our first task is to bring up the national conscious, patriotic and strong generation. So that we can be sure: Ukraine's fate is in good hands. Also, it’s really important to protect our youth against destructive effects of alcohol- , nicotine- and drug-dependency. To accomplish thisб we must show youth the alternative ways of living: sport as a guaranty of a healthy and happy life. A sound mind in a sound body.

Help save Evgenia's eyes

Poltava. Started 9.2.2016

Soft mother's glance, father's smile, varicoloured butterfly, balloon are the memorable moments in the childhood... Our daughter is deprived of such impressions... Evgenia is only one year old. From the her birth, she strives for seeing her close people. She has innate cataract of both eyes that doctors discovered too late. Doctors had to warn parents about innate pathology at the maternity hospital. Evgenia didn't see anything and her crystalline lenses were extracted when she was 4 months in Ophthalmology Centre in Kiev. In 2-3 weeks commissure on her right eye was discovered.

Run – save the little preemies lives! Polina Nenia

Kyiv. Started 1.3.2016

Polina Nenya is a TV presenter, founder of site and its editor in chief, mother of 2 children, joined the team of CF "Svichado" to participate in Charity halfmarathon Kyiv, which runs under NovaPoshtaKyivHalfMarathon 2016. Within the Charity Half Marathon Polina is fundraising 98 000 UAH for the purchase of the reanimator of infants for the neonatal intensive care department of "Maternity home №2" of Chernivtsi.

Run – save the little preemies lives! Artur Gaspar

Kyiv. Started 1.3.2016

Artur Gaspar is an artist, dancer, frontman of Kazaky band has joined the team of Charity fund "Svichado" to take part in the Charitable Kyiv Halfmarathon, which runs within the NovaPoshtaKyivHalfMarathon 2016. Within the charitable Halfmarathon Artur is fundraising 56 540 hrv. for the purchase of the oxygen therapy system for the department of intensive care of newborns of the "Maternity house №2" of Chernivtsi.

A quality vacation for children!

Kyiv. Started 29.3.2013

Each year the Ukrainian scout organization "Plast" organizes recreational camps for children. Through living in nature filled surroundings, the Plast camp offers the perfect means for developing the child's best qualities and abilities. And every year we face the same challenge of placing children from both poor and large families into the camps. We hope that, thanks to your generous support, we would be able to grant many children an opportunity to have an enjoyable time in our camps this summer again.

Street basketball is a sport for everyone

Kyiv. Started 15.1.2014

This spring the Charity Fund "Ukraine! I am for you! " wants to realize an very important social project: to provide opportunities for young people to play basketball and teach to achieve team, not just the individual, result. On the territory with the open access will be installed Spalding basketball stand 54, where everyone can play basketball.

Save my mom!

Kyiv. Started 8.2.2013

Fundraising stopped. We regret to inform you that Irina didn’t rally from the coma. On 21st February her heart was stopped beating. We offer her family and friends our condolences. And we express our gratefulness to all people who believe in Irina’s recovery and support this project by donations.

Dima: turn on the sound

Sumy region. Started 13.8.2019

Fourteen years old Dima has a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss of the 4th degree. This means that without hearing aids, the boy does not distinguish words, and the world around him turns into a chaotic set of sounds and constant noise. Dima will help high-frequency digital hearing aids. If do not install them now, the boy will forget how to speak. Then it will be possible to forget about studying at school and communicating with others. 

Extend a helping hand to kids!

Kyiv. Started 20.3.2015

Just imagine a line of parents with their children with established or suspected congenital heart disease, waiting for heart ultrasound examination! Children of different ages, from preterm neonates to 18-year-olds… Yes, the line is built up by appointment, but there are either children, who came in time, or those directly from the train station (the patients come from the entire Ukraine), who still have to wait for long; there are also healthy siblings of the patients whom the parents couldn’t leave at home alone.

To live without a corset. Stage 2

Kyiv region. Started 26.2.2016

"Starting my story I want to thank you for the help, I completed 10 months of treatment. The results have been impressive... the Angle of curvature of the spine decreased from 70 to 54 degrees. But you can not stop, and I am again asking for your help. Here is my story... My name is Lyudochka, I am 13 years old. My diagnosis: a scoliosis of 30 degree curve, I am handycapped child. On August 25th, 2007 I was bitten on head by American Staffordshire. I was so close to death but rescued by doctors. I have been suffered many injuries including the seventh cranial nerve injury".