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Price for examination – 1000 km

Odesa. Started 24.4.2013

There are more than 200 oncology children registered in Odessa region. Who in intervals between difficult and exhaustive courses of chemotherapy accomplish a feat – they go to the capital to make an examination. The reason of it - there is no appropriate apparatus for such examination in Odessa. Charity Fund “Pchelka” raises funds to buy this apparatus for regional children’s clinic in Odessa which enables to examine children without making any long trip to Kyiv.

Christmas tree in flippers

Sevastopol. Started 29.10.2012

Every year we organize Christmas parties for disabled children in the pool...! In diseases of the locomotors system water therapy is very important, but sometimes it's hard to convince a child to go into the water. Therefore, we combine the training with fun holidays. But the microphones that we are using now, are out of date, they are in terrible, "emergency" condition! For further events we urgently need to purchase wireless microphones.

The healing horses

Sevastopol. Started 27.2.2014

David was only two years old when the accident occurred – he was pinned with a heavy metal door. The child barely managed to survive - serious injury of the internal organs, a smashed spine. For 10 days he was in a coma. He lost his speaking abilities, could not sit, and keep his head. He did not even respond to his name. Though supporting this project you will help David and other nine disabled children to recover their physical functions. They will be rehabilitated in the center of hypo-therapy.

How many chin-ups can you do?

Sevastopol. Started 25.1.2013

The youth in Sevastopol wants to be the healthiest and strongest! What to do with our environment and considerable prices for training in gyms? But there is a solution! Together we can help to build universal sports complex for workout – for training on outdoor gym and shells. The goal of this project is to raise money for its purchase and installation.

Dancing on the stroller

Kherson region. Started 21.9.2018

She remembers that day as a terrible dream. Sandy 13 years old, she is playing with friends, climbing on a tree, at the very top. The crack of the branches underneath it and the fall, after which – the darkness. Getting tired, Sandy sees a cart. Since then he is her legs. Doctors voice the diagnosis: spinal cord injury, fractures of the thoracic spine. The girl has three younger brothers and sisters. They stayed at home, and Sandy was sent to a boarding school...

Save the heart Natalia Holiavko

Kherson region. Started 30.5.2017

Take a look at this beauty with blue eyes! It is Natalia, she is 10 years old and she is a very cheerful and positive girl. It's hard to believe that she needs our help. But, unfortunately, Natalia was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect – atrial septal defect. She is very often sick with colds, and recently it started to hurt her heart.

New joint for Aliona

Odesa. Started 16.6.2015

All the doctors were surprised how Aliona still can walk on her own with such a disease she has?! She was meant to use a wheelchair when she turned 18, but the girl is solicitous to live the full life! Since she was born this girl got the dislocation of her thigh that caused the destruction of thurl. The operation she had gave her an opportunity to move painlessly and independently. But today Aliona is 22, and she feels terrible pain recently. The inspection she had showed that the operation is urgently needed! 

The closed world of a deaf child

Odessa Region. Started 20.4.2016

The diagnosis "deafness of the 4th degree" was made to Vova since 9 months old. In the autumn of 2015 the child had the influenza virus (H1N1), which caused the complication on the weakest place – on the ear. And in November 2015 the terrible diagnosis "deafness of the 5th degree" was made. This is the total deafness in both ears, which is a tragedy for the eight-year boy, who can not speak well, is not able to communicate with his peers and is under hatches of his own world, where there is no mother's voice, no music and laughing. For that to be able to hear, Vova urgently needs powerful hearing aids.

I dream to hear the sounds of victory

Kherson. Started 28.11.2019

Oleh is 12 years old now, he is an active and hardworking boy, loves sports and his dreams are about sports too. In his dreams he imagines his achievements and victories in sports, his relatives, friends, acquaintances applaud and greet him, but in response, Oleg hears only silence, because the boy has bilateral neurosensory hearing loss 3 degrees, this boy was diagnosed in the first year of life. For parents, this news did not come as a shock, because they are also silent. But how would they want a better life for their only son! 

He saved 2 lives

Kherson. Started 24.3.2014

My father was diagnosed with rectal cancer. He was operated. And we are fighting! He is undergoing courses of chemotherapy, spent for the last almost all our money that was succeeded to save our family. But we believe! And for the first time we hope for the help. I understand that wanting people to help adult who has had to live - not so much. But this man, having 61 years old, had saved 2 lives! He saved a guy who was frozen in the cold with unconscious condition and 9-year-old girl that was followed by some weirdo. For the first time in my life I’m begging you to Save my Dad!