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Help save the only daughter! 5

Dnipropetrovsk region. Started 6.11.2019

Sofiika Zbara is well known to UBB donors. The girl underwent primary treatment of leukemia in a hospital and is now continuing treatment at home. This year, Sonya became a schoolgirl. Since the girl has weak immunity, doctors did not allow her to attend school and she is in home studying. A teacher comes to her three times a week. Sonia likes to do, she writes, reads and draws. And on Fridays, she goes to English to a tutor. 

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A drop of motherly care for the youngest children!

Zaporizhia region. Started 5.11.2019

For nine months, our babies stay in their small and comfortable microcosm before they are born. All this time they live under the close and gentle supervision of their guardian angel – the mother. A difficult test awaits those crumbs who are in a hurry to make the world happy ahead of time. At such moments, it is very important that the mother is near. Her touch, hugs, and breastfeeding can work wonders: even very small and weak kids grow up as real strongmen. In the intensive care unit for newborns of Zaporizhzhia Regional Children's Hospital, a lot of time and attention is paid specifically to the nutrition of children. This is the same medical technology as the administration of drugs or artificial respiration.

Зроблено Funded 6 500 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

Children just want to eat

Kiev region. Started 30.10.2019

Seriously ill abandoned kids from Kyiv orphanage "Berizka" require constant and balanced nutrition. Although they can’t eat the usual food, the one their peers do. These children eat special food mixtures, with the help of a catheter. Dried therapeutic food allows them to receive enough calories and nutrients to withstand hits in a battle with the illness. Special nutrition required is not supplied by the costs of the state, and so these children can only rely on our help. 

Зроблено Funded 21 332.40 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

Surgery for Aliona

Kherson region. Started 24.10.2019

Aliona was born prematurely and couldn’t breathe on her own. Seven days on medical ventilator, brain hemorrhage, pneumonia, sepsis – and this is just a part of everything Aliona has had to endure since the first days of her life. But the doctors did not give up, and now the girl is at the Institute of Neurosurgery waiting for a surgery which should be the final stage of treatment. But the single mom has no way of providing everything she needs for her baby.

Зроблено Funded 21 532.07 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

These kids may lose mom

Zhytomyr. Started 17.10.2019

Natalia is the mother of two adorable girls. At 22 weeks of so much desired pregnancy, this woman heard a terrible diagnosis – a low-grade invasive non-specific type of breast cancer – cancer... At the risk of losing her life, Natalia decides to give life to her baby. And the treatment began. The woman underwent 4 courses of chemotherapy, which made it possible to bring the baby to 36 weeks, but, unfortunately, the medicaments stopped giving positive results. A decision had to be made. With the help of the doctors of the perinatal center, premature birth was caused and on June 20, 2019, Natalia gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. But this joyous event was overshadowed by the need for an immediate return to treatment... 

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Damian really needs medicine

Donetsk region. Started 15.10.2019

A boy with an unusual name Damian is already familiar to UBB donors. We raised funds for searching and for typing of donor for bone marrow transplantation. Damian is now 5 years old. On August 1, in Turkey, Damian underwent an allogeneic stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor. Bone marrow was used as a source of stem cells. The operation went without complications. At the moment, the boy is already at home. 

Зроблено Funded 15 244 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

Brain tumor threatens Dmitry. 5

Kharkiv reg.. Started 7.10.2019

Dima Kalashevich continues the fight against cancer for his life. During the time elapsed since the last fundraising, the boy has changed a lot. He matured, grew up. Since the treatment is not finished yet, Dima is studying at home. And he is making progress: the teacher praises Dima, and Dima makes up for a lost time during the illness. His speech is becoming clearer, without hesitation, and he himself, seeing the results of his work, tries to talk more. Dima’s hobby is not quite usual as for a boy: he loves cooking.

Зроблено Funded 11 514 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

Arthur needs to replace the lens of the eye

Vinnytsia . Started 3.10.2019

This is Arthur, he is two and a half years old. He has a big vision problem and only surgery will help him. He is waiting for her.
Arturchik was born a healthy baby with a weight of 4100 g. The boy grew and developed well. He started talking at the age of 1.7 months: then he fell ill and really wanted to be understood. “He is very cheerful and positive,— says Arthur’s mother. — He always smiles and tells how she loves everyone close to her, lists each person by name before going to bed, especially loves her older sister, who is 5 years old.”

Зроблено Funded 15 035 UAH
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I run for Dzherelo. Valentyna Siletska

Kiev. Started 27.9.2019

Valentyna Siletska is a lawyer and marathon runner.
"My sister has a disability due to cerebral palsy. I know the problem from within and that’s why I chose the Dzherelo Centre. I absolutely know how important our help is to every child and family of Dzherelo. We can do more together!". Children with special conditions of development have the same rights and needs as other schoolchildren. They aspire to have friends and communicate, have the right to study, and to develop and enjoy their childhood. Unfortunately, due to such physical barriers such as distance and inaccessible public transportation, the vast majority of such children have to stay home, although there are only several kilometers between them and friends. 

Зроблено Funded 10 000 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

Standby life

Lviv region. Started 25.9.2019

Bohdan is the youngest kid in a large family, has three older sisters. Although being the youngest, in his short life he had to pass a courage test. The serious disease doesn’t allow him to live an ordinary children’s life for two years: riding a bicycle or playing outdoor games. Instead of leisure time activities he has hospital, injections, surgery, severe complications of neuroblastoma therapy. During this time, little Bohdan grew up a lot. And he knows what the cost of life is. His life that is now on standby.

Зроблено Funded 14 600 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH