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In the search of clean water: Kherson, radio SVOBODA

air 13.07.2012Morning programme "The Meeting Place" on the radio in Kherson. Sofia invited Head of Kherson CF "Zakhyst" Larisa Polska. Larisa told about upcoming unique social event "In the search of clean water. You have to know, what you drink!" And about that how many good things they plan to do together with volunteers! You have to listen that!

Share the world with child: happy returning!

air 28.06.2012Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace has successfully finished its project "Share the world with child". In June children from orphanages enjoyed their rest in Turkey. Today the last group of children came back to Kyiv. RADIO SVOBODA (Full article:

Благодійність: примха багатих чи соціальна потреба?

air 28.05.2012Радіо СВОБОДА. Павло Новіков, директор Української біржі благодійності; Василина Дибайло, директор міжнародної благодійної організації «Партнерство «Кожній дитині».