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ICF of Dr. Bersenev V.A.

м. Київ, бульвар Марії Приймаченко, буд. 6-а

Dr. Bersenev's International charitable foundation was founded to attract funds for financial supporting of rehabilitation and scientific educational programs, such as:

• support for children that suffer from cerebral paralysis, and other disorders of the central nervous system, the spine diseases, etc. as well as contribute to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of these diseases;

• implementation of other charitable activities in the public interest.

Tel.: +38(044)272-47-06





Dasha needs treatment. 4

Donetsk region. Стартував 17.7.2019

Dasha is the only child in Mykolenko family. They live in the Donetsk region. Only the nearest and dearest know how many severe trials has this girl undergone. She couldn’t walk for a long time and barely survived. Her life became much better 3 years after the courses of treatment in The Institute of Pain’s Problems. She forgot what strabismus and cramps are, walks in much longer distances. 

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Let's not leave Misha alone with SMA

Poltava region. Стартував 25.6.2019

This nice fellow’s name is Misha, he is 8 years old. He is very happy, curious and the best child ever for his parents. At first glance, it would seem that he is a very active kid, who likes playing with a toy construction set and jigsawing puzzles. But due to very serious disease – spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) – this boy can’t move his legs and live a full life. Despite this terrible diagnosis, he attends school and has lots of friends there and beyond. 

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Oleksii wants to overcome cerebral palsy. 6

Kiev region. Стартував 5.4.2019

Every day he struggles for every new resolute step without pain, for every new word spoken, for faith in future and full life... The baby’s illness was diagnosed as cerebral palsy when he was 1 year and 7 months old and the whole family was shocked by it. Previously, the doctors assured the boy’s mother that he wouldn’t walk, talk and understand and would be wheelchair-bounded. Despite those predictions, the woman didn’t believe their words. She’s strongly convinced that this diagnosis would be overcome and her child would enjoy life to the full as the others. Mum brings her child up alone, doesn’t work because he needs care.

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We believe that Nastia will dance!

Cherkasy region. Стартував 5.8.2019

All the stories of our wards are so glum that listening to another family’s misfortune it seems that it can no longer be sadder. And unfortunately, sometimes, it becomes sad more and more. Nastia is six years old. The photo shows that this is an ordinary smiling and cheerful girl, but the photo can’t show the main problem of Nastia – her illness. It is called spinal muscular atrophy. And this means that her muscles are so weak from birth that she can neither raise her head nor roll over in bed by herself. 

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Invisible Vania's tears. 2

Lviv. Стартував 15.7.2019

Misfortunes never come singly. Vanya is sick from birth. He is the third child and the whole Voynov's family adores him. He’s born at 30-31 week pregnant, weighing 1 kg 980 g. The results were terrible: hypoxia, hemorrhage that led to resuscitation. In his 2 years, Ivan can't sit and play without assistance. He is clever, understands everything and tries to talk. He is an interesting, merry and normal fellow who wants to stand up on his feet and make first resolute steps. But he can’t do this… 

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Invisible Ivan's tears

Lviv. Стартував 20.3.2019

The war forced the family: father, mother and their 2 children, to abandon their home and become the refugees, like hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. They’ve lived in Luhansk before 2014. This family lives in Lviv now where the 3-d child Ivan was born. His birth was premature, at 31-st week. The boy spent one and a half day on the lungs’ mechanical ventilation. A cute little boy, weighing two kg, has a lot of diagnoses; the main one is an infantile cerebral palsy. 

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Hope in the mother's heart. 2

Kiev. Стартував 13.8.2018

Bogdan was a long-awaited child. During the pregnancy, his happy mother had a lot of dreams of how he would grow up and how joyful and bright his life would be. The family decided to call the boy Bogdan ─ this name means "given by God" and perfectly suits him. The birth began on time, although it was long and hard, and the doctors had to literally pull Bogdan to the light. The terrible thing happened in the first seconds of his life ─ a boy's head was injured. 

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The story of Paul touches the soul

Sumy. Стартував 4.7.2018

Any story that tells about a seriously ill child moves deeply and touches to the heart. And a heart is breaking when we hear this from the baby’s mother, whose child is only one year old. Nothing threatened pregnancy, all was going well. But all the hope was gone due to the unprofessionalism of the doctor. Based on the ultrasound research about of the presence of the cord entanglement around the neck, she decided to take birth in a natural way, that turned a fatal mistake. 

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I love you mom!

Donetsk region. Стартував 25.6.2018

"I love you, Mom!". These are the words that every mother wants to hear from her child. Especially when he is first and so long-awaited. A wonderful girl Zhenia is five years old. She is very kind, cheerful and sunny. Everyone loves her, everyone expects and dreams Zhenechka will start to walk and talk. After all, outwardly she is no different from ordinary children. And at first glance, it is very difficult to distinguish her "special" from a healthy child. And all because of her Cerebral Palsy. 

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Dina did not give up. 2

Poltava region. Стартував 14.6.2018

Dina from the city of Kremenchuk appeals again for your help. Recently, the doctors have set her pelvic bones, which have shifted as a result of a trauma and such a miracle! – Dina has taken her first steps after about three years of immobility. In doctor Bersenevs’ medical clinic in Kiev, she has undergone a couple of treatment courses, but the lack of finances for the trips to the capital made her change the primary plans. The women has started to attend a rehabilitation course in her hometown, at the military hospital of Kremenchuk.

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