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CO "Blagoveschenie"

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Since 2009, CO "Annunciation" provides comprehensive assistance to sick children Odessa and Odessa region.


Tel.: +38 (097) 456 60 35, +38 (096) 872-83-32, +38 (050) 642-12-91




The principles and objectives of CO:

- Providing financial, moral, volunteering, prayer support, and promoted our wards

- Collecting funds to pay for operations, medicines for children with cancer and children with disabilities

- Organizing and conducting charity events to raise funds address

- Carrying out activities aimed at preservation of Orthodox traditions

- Attracting volunteers to provide ongoing assistance to the needy

- Support for the idea of a society of kindness and mercy.

In the case of Mercy General have the desire – even if you have only 5 minutes a week, we'll tell you how to spend it for the good of the people, which is bad.


To return the opportunity to walk! 4

Odessa. Started 17.7.2018

You are already familiar with Kristina Buivol. The girl recently made her first aidless steps, thanks to your help and collected funds! There was no limit to the joy, Kristina could not believe it! This is a real miracle after 4 years spent in a wheelchair! This miracle occurred during the rehabilitation in the “Vital Center”, where Kristina is from June 12. It is important not to stop with such amazing results, rehabilitation must be continued. The body began to work, legs gradually began to obey, so all efforts were not in vain! 

Сплатити Need 62 500 UAH
Still needed
000 062 000 UAH

Infusomats in the children's department of hematology

Odessa. Started 1.6.2018

The Hematological department of Odessa Children’s Clinical Hospital is in desperate need of controlled syringe pumps – the apparatuses for continuous dispensing of chemotherapy. For our department with 30 beds, it is necessary to have at least 2 special infusion pumps for intravenous administration of medications. An oncology child stays in the hospital together with the mother. Definitely, each of us saw, just once in life (by TV or live), a tired mother sitting near the infusion drip and keeping a watchful eye how a medication is being fed.

Сплатити Need 120 841 UAH
Still needed
000 120 409 UAH

Priceless lives!

Odessa. Started 31.5.2018

Due to limited funding, the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery (CVS) of Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital is in desperate need of help. The smallest, newborn babies with heart problems often get to the department. For children, excessive blood loss during surgical intervention is extremely dangerous and poses a threat not only to health but even to life.

Сплатити Need 318 584 UAH
Still needed
000 313 489 UAH

Mom, I want you to live!

Odessa. Started 30.5.2018

Katrina Rybalka until recently was full of plans and hopes and raised a small daughter, as she had a whole life ahead! She imagined how she would lead her kiddy to school. She thought that she could show her a lot of interesting because the world is so beautiful! But the bright world became gray in 2017. The diagnosis of Lymphoma B-large-cell non-Hodgkin’s of the 4th stage became an absolute shock to her. This is an aggressive form of cancer, without a cure the fatal outcome occurs in a year. By this time her daughter will be only 5 years old!

Зроблено Funded 116 938 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Unskilled tests of Ksenia

Odessa region. Started 28.2.2018

Kseniia's life history is her patient history. The baby got on the operating table right after birth. Two operations were done simultaneously then: a spinal hernia in the lumbar spine was removed, and the brain was shunted because of the diagnosis of hydrocephalus. Congenital pathologies of Kseniia include the luxation and subluxation of both hips, paralysis of the legs.

Сплатити Need 250 000 UAH
Still needed
000 242 320 UAH

Life is expensive!

Chornomorsk. Started 4.4.2018

UPD: unfortunately, Denys died, the disease was still stronger. The boy bravely fought against leukemia ... The UBB team brings its sincere words of condolences to Denis's family and thanks to everyone who supported the boy.

In 2015, the life of Denys and all his family turned upside down, when the boy was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Over the past two and a half years, Denis suffered a lot – bone marrow transplantation, daily procedures, administration of medications and sometimes intolerable pain, isolation from friends, relatives. Not every adult can even imagine it! On August 12, 2016, Denis came through BMT in Turkey, and the results were good at first. However, six months later, aggravation began – the necrosis of the bones and tissues of the lower leg developed and he stopped walking. Then, necrosis developed in the hip joints.

Зроблено Funded 262 758.93 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

31-year-old guy in the old man's body

Odessa region. Started 27.3.2018

To stop uncontrolled body movements is the greatest wish of 31-year-old DmytroTryfonov from Odessa. He has the second disability group and a diagnosis of juvenile Parkinson disease, a malfunction of the nervous system. Dmytro cannot control his body movements and his condition is worsening day by day. The disease is progressing rapidly. Attacks happen more and more frequently. Unbearable symptoms can be alleviated by means of a neurostimulator at the cost of 609,900 UAH.

Зроблено Funded 12 338.80 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

I believe that I will be able to walk! 4

Odessa region. Started 13.3.2018

Dear donors, You know well Tinochka Shpatakovskaya whom you have already assisted three times! Her medical diagnosis is cerebral paralysis, spastic tetraparesis. Thanks to the funds collected on the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, Tinochka could have completed a rehabilitation course in “Innovo” and “Elita” clinics and get an operative therapy according to the method of Uzilbat. This combination treatment produced positive results which the parents are quite happy to see. Indeed, Tina grew up meanwhile and began to understand what benefit she gets out of rehabilitation, training, massages and therapeutic exercises.

Зроблено Funded 10 746 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

I dream about real childhood! 2

Odessa region. Started 21.2.2018

For the second time, the family of Oleksii appeals for help to the UBB donors. Thanks to you, the kid was able to undergo rehabilitation in the clinic “Elita” last year. Much has changed since then. Oleksii has been grown up, has become much more active. He practices physical therapy with pleasure at home with his mother and with rehabilitation specialists in the center. He doesn’t cry already during training. In November 2017 Oleksii was operated by the method of Ulzibat. The parents are more than happy with the results!

Зроблено Funded 10 540 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

To return the opportunity to walk! 3

Odessa. Started 14.2.2018

Do you remember Khrystyna? Her family has already sought help from UBB donors. Thanks to the sincere support of the well-doers, we’ve got funds to pay for 12 vials of the medicine Octagam and pay the debts of 9 bottles. We are very grateful to everyone who helps Christina, supports her and provides an opportunity to receive further treatment. According to the protocol, the next course she should take in a week. Eight Octagam vials worth 39 600 UAH. While treating with an immunoglobulin, you can not allow a long break in therapy, or change the amount of the medical prescription. Therefore, we appeal to UBB donors to help raise funds for the next course!

Зроблено Funded 39 600 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH