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CF "Pomogaem"

Дніпропетровськ, вул. Красна, 3а

CF "Pomogaem" was founded in 2009 by volunteers who worked in the children's hospitals, helped seriously ill children, and foster parents who took care of orphans.  This determined the main areas for charity of the Fund. 

Nowadays, the Foundation implements charity in three areas: Health, Family and Accessability.,,   


HEALTH - the targeted charity assistance to seriously ill children, financial support to medical institutions, development of Hospital Clowing and Art Therapy in medical institutions.

FAMILY - aid to foster families and family-type orphanages, promotion of adoption and placement of children in the family-based forms of upbringing, aid  to graduates of orphanages, aid to the talented orphans.

ACCESSIBILITY - contribution to socialization of people with disabilities.


I’m running so that Andryusha lives without pain! Margarita and Valeria

Kyiv. Started 20.9.2019

Valeria Vishnevskaya is a project manager in the field of Internet marketing.
Margarita Gromova - team leader on the site on employment

We have been friends for more than a year and are engaged in crossfit together. We are united by many things, and now we will be united by a common good deed! Together we will run a ten-kilometer distance in Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon and not only in order to put another tick in terms of competition and not only in order to set a personal record. Our other goal is to help the five-year-old Andryusha Moskalenko get the better of epilepsy.

Сплатити Need 5 000 UAH
Still needed
000 005 000 UAH

I’m running so that Andryusha lives without pain! Olga Lavro

Kiev. Started 20.9.2019

Olga Lavro - wife, mother of two children, founder and co-owner of the automobile company Qiwi Motors.

My whole life is somehow connected with sports and charity. This fall I am running to support little Andryusha and help him defeat epilepsy.

Сплатити Need 3 000 UAH
Still needed
000 003 000 UAH

I’m running so that Andryusha lives without pain! Anna Kaplun

Kiev. Started 17.9.2019

Anna Kaplun is a co-founder of the Cowboy-Art visual advertising company.

"This fall I’m running to help little Andryusha get the better of epilepsy. Running is a huge and very important part of my life. Charity is no less important. And I also have my own favorite business, family, two children, and a lot of plans and goals. I love to walk the path towards the goal, which begins with small steps, overcoming myself and ends with a delightful sense of victory. I love to raise my own bar and strive for more. And I even manage to help other women go this way. 

Сплатити Need 6 000 UAH
Still needed
000 005 261 UAH

I’m running so that Andryusha lives without pain! Alexandra Grishina

Kiev. Started 17.9.2019

Alexandra Grishina – athlete and trainer, master of sports in swimming and triathlon, champion of Ukraine in long-distance triathlon, winner of the Ironman 70.3 series.

"I’m running to help five-year-old Andryusha defeat epilepsy. It is difficult for me, like other healthy people, to imagine what an epileptic attack is. Pain in the flattened muscles, inability to move, lack of air. Once I had to cope with serious injuries, rehabilitating myself after an accident. I know what it is to overcome pain with clenched teeth. In the end, I did it. I am infinitely happy when I see how my coaching example inspires others to go towards the intended goal. 

Сплатити Need 10 000 UAH
Still needed
000 010 000 UAH

I’m running so that Andiiko lives without pain! Alexander Sokolenko

Kiev. Started 17.9.2019

Alexander Sokolenko is an air traffic controller of the UkSATSE enterprise and an amateur athlete.

"This fall I’m running to help five-year-old Andryusha defeat epilepsy. Running has long been an integral part of my life, and over the course of a year I go through many races and marathons. Running has something in common with my favorite job: to achieve the optimal result, you need to plan your actions very clearly, taking into account the situation, conditions, and initial data. Weather conditions, the state of health and the emotional state of the crew – there are no important components in planning a flight and a run. 

Сплатити Need 6 000 UAH
Still needed
000 005 396 UAH

One on one with leukemia

Donetsk region. Started 27.5.2019

Is thirteen years much or little? What is it like to remain at this age without parental care? And if even the doctors discovered a terrible disease, on whom to rely, to whom to run for help, who will protect? Not every adult can cope with such circumstances, and Diana has been living this way not for the first year. She has been struggling for 5 years: first with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and now with his relapse. From the first days of her life, her mother left the girl, did not take part in the life of Diana, and soon she was gone. The girl has a father, but he also does not add up with parental responsibilities. Diana is engaged in volunteers and medical staff. 

Зроблено Funded 30 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Save the baby from convulsions. 4

Dnipro. Started 14.3.2019

2 years ago, when we first met Olenka Tanic, she was diagnosed with West syndrome – a severe form of epilepsy. Up to 70 times a day the baby was tortured with convulsions; Olenka did not know how to laugh, cry, focus eyes. The strongest anticonvulsants did not help. For 2 years of treatment and rehabilitation in the Chernivtsi clinic, Olya completely got rid of convulsions! She laughs in an infectious way, recognizes loved ones, holds her head and watches cartoons. To prevent epilepsy from returning, Olya needs another course of rehabilitation and therapy in Chernivtsi. 

Зроблено Funded 29 095.20 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Beauty will save the world if we save beauty. 4

Dnipropetrovsk region . Started 5.12.2018

Bilateral vascular malformation – these complex words actually look like a maroon spot on a girl's face. Not one year Dasha learned to take her reflection, to establish contact with peers, to remain indifferent to the sidelong glances of strangers. And in parallel with this, there was a constant fight against the disease - cosmetic laser correction procedures, from which the stain gradually turned pale. The treatment is nearing completion, but now another procedure is needed at a cost of UAH 38,950. Native girls ask you to help make this last spurt. 

Зроблено Funded 12 154.94 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Vlada needs to continue rehabilitation

Dnipro. Started 22.11.2018

Vlada is a mobile girl, she enthusiastically goes in for athletics, but at the same time, she finds it difficult to bring a spoon to her mouth during meals. Vlada has autism and a rare genetic disease. Only thanks to Tomatis-therapy, Vladochka learned to perceive the addressed speech and formulate her own requests. To consolidate the success and acquire new skills, she really needs to continue rehabilitation!

Зроблено Funded 11 053.31 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Give a holiday to orphans!

Dnipro region . Started 15.11.2018

Do you know what a "child from the system" is? So foster parents call children who grew up in boarding schools. And the longer the child stayed there, the harder this diagnosis. It’s harder then to form his understanding of the value of family, love and mutual support. For 10 years we have been supporting orphans and for 10 years we are dissuading donors from helping orphanages. But helping a foster family means giving it a resource to take another child. Instead of bringing gifts to orphanages, we invite you to support the festival of foster families "Christmas meetings". 

Зроблено Funded 15 450.42 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH