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CF "Pomogaem"

Дніпропетровськ, вул. Красна, 3а

CF "Pomogaem" was founded in 2009 by volunteers who worked in the children's hospitals, helped seriously ill children, and foster parents who took care of orphans.  This determined the main areas for charity of the Fund. 

Nowadays, the Foundation implements charity in three areas: Health, Family and Accessability.



HEALTH - the targeted charity assistance to seriously ill children, financial support to medical institutions, development of Hospital Clowing and Art Therapy in medical institutions.

FAMILY - aid to foster families and family-type orphanages, promotion of adoption and placement of children in the family-based forms of upbringing, aid  to graduates of orphanages, aid to the talented orphans.

ACCESSIBILITY - contribution to socialization of people with disabilities.


Give a chance to beat melanoma!

Kiev. Started 16.10.2018

Elena has a close family: an adult daughter, a loving husband, sister, and the greatest joy are her granddaughters. Elena is only 53 years old, in the past she is an anesthesiologist, and she has a dream - to dance with her grandson at his wedding! About two years ago, Elena was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. After the standard treatment, the insidious tumor returns again and again. Only expensive targeted drugs of the last generation can give Elena life and health.

Сплатити Need 61 100 UAH
Still needed
000 058 094 UAH

I run to Olena survived! Angela Plishko

Kiev. Started 5.10.2018

Angela Plishko is an amateur athlete in the triathlon, finisher Ironman Barcelona 140.6 2017 and mother of three kids.
"I have already participated in the UBB fundraising marathon, having successfully raised funds for children with Down syndrome. This fall, I'm running so that my friend's mom can beat cancer. When our children are born, we see a new parent-child relationship and begin to appreciate in a new way the only person to whom we can come up with the request “to take on our hands”. Mother is the only support of my friend Maria. 

Зроблено Funded 14 950 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

I'm running to make children's dreams! Ksenia Foschiy

Kiev. Started 6.9.2018

Ksenia Foshchy is a family nutritionist, blogger, happy wife and mother of three kids.
"As a nutritionist, I fully understand how important sport is for health, I realize that this is the most important prevention of many diseases. And yet I have a deeply personal relationship with me: I just get a lot of pleasure from it and I get charged with energy. I urge you, together with me, to strive for a noble goal: to raise funds for gifts to orphans from foster families and family-type children's homes.

Зроблено Funded 7 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

I'm running to make children's dreams! Alexander Sokolenko

Kiev. Started 6.9.2018

Alexander Sokolenko - air traffic controller of the enterprise "UkSATSE" and an amateur athlete.
"Autumn marathon for me is the second year in a row to help those who need help. This time I'm running to raise funds for gifts to foster families and realize the dreams of adopted children.

Зроблено Funded 1 157.87 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

I run to realize my childhood dreams! Anna Kaplun

Kiev. Started 5.9.2018

Anna Kaplun is the development director of the visual advertising company Cowboy-Art.

This fall, I will run to raise funds for gifts to foster families.

Зроблено Funded 1 727.26 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

I run for the sake of children's smiles. Ekateryna Gavrilenko

Dnipro. Started 16.5.2018

My name is Ekaterina Gavrilenko, I'm an employee of the CF "Pomogaem" and in the race almost a rookie. I was led to a charitable action by our foundation, and when it was over, I did not quit my morning jogs – so my work and life are closely intertwined with me. Now I'm running so that the smiles on the faces of children from the oncology department of the Dnieper appear more often!

Зроблено Funded 3 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

I run for the sake of children's smiles. Oleksii Kharlamov

Dnipro. Started 7.5.2018

Oleksii Kharlamov is a sportsman, active European champion (2nd place) in sitting volleyball, public activist.
"I was running when I was a kid, and it's not going to be easy for me to pass the distance. But I want to do everything possible so that smiles on the faces of children from the oncology department appear more often!

Зроблено Funded 3 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Beauty will save the world if we save beauty. 3

Dnipro region . Started 4.5.2018

It is a long way that Dasha Kondyuk has overcome with us – in the struggle for her health, calmness, and confidence. Slowly and gradually, the procedures of laser therapy that we and you paid together erased purple spot from Dasha's face – vascular malformation, which progressed before the treatment began, threatened with heavy bleeding and the possible development of oncology. Dasha has almost reached the goal, 9 courses are passed, 4 are left. The nearest course takes place in the summer and costs 38,950 UAH.

Зроблено Funded 18 461.04 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

Let’s not allow problems to grow with Misha

Dnipro. Started 18.4.2018

Again our unique Misha needs help. He is unique not only for his rare disease, but also for the amazing strength of spirit and the ability to enjoy life in spite of difficulties. There are a lot of difficulties: edema, pain, long healings on the legs, bleeding right through the pores on the skin. These are just symptoms, and there are a number of really serious threats. To remove for the near future from the boy the risk of embolism, a stroke, a heart attack, in the summer he needs to undergo an operation in a German clinic.

Зроблено Funded 176 251.98 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH

We run to help Sonya may hear! Alexander and Valery Vishnevsky

Dnipro. Started 22.3.2018

Oleksandr Vyshnevskyi is a project manager in an IT company and a volunteer; Valeriia Vyshnevska – project manager in the field of Internet marketing.
"We love sports and participated in volunteer activities for ATU fighters, but we did not have to unite sport and charity. And the idea is magnificent! In this half marathon we support Sonya, who needs earphones and supplies. It is unfair that someone is born with fewer opportunities than others. We want Sonechka to hear and do everything possible for this!

Зроблено Funded 8 000 UAH
Still needed
000 000 000 UAH