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ICF "Everybody Сan"

Київ, вул. Біломорська, 1а

"Everybody Can" Foundation protects the interests of the children with disabilities affected by war and supports elderly and displaced people with disabilities. Charitable Foundation "Everybody Can" grew up from the volunteer initiative.

The mission of the organization – development of the philanthropy and tolerant society in Ukraine and help to those who are in need.

Tel: (044) 223 60 91







The cry of mother's soul. 5

Kharkiv region. Started 18.11.2019

For every mother, there is nothing more precious than her child, his smile, his health, his hugs! Zhenia's mother for 20 years dreamed of breathing in the smell of the crown of her baby and kiss the pink heels. For 20 years, the mother did not give up hope of becoming pregnant. And here they are, two treasured stripes in the test!
Unfortunately, in the 33rd week, the pregnancy had to be terminated in an emergency, saving the baby. Due to oxygen starvation, the baby was very weak. 5 days, which seemed to mother as eternity, in the intensive care unit, tiny lungs were ventilated artificially. 

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Christmas miracle for a sick child

Kiev. Started 22.10.2019

Christmas is the most magical, the most childish holiday. This holiday wakes up the most light and kind feelings and the feeling of miracle appears. This is the holiday when wishes come true. For everyone. And this is probably the most important thing. The tradition of bringing gifts is old and riches the time when presents were brought to the baby Christ. The little beneficiaries of ‘Everybody Can’ foundation also wait for presents on this day. Unfortunately, these kids were unlucky twice– when they got a hard diagnosis and when their home became the battlefield. 

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Help Artem overcome the disease. 4

Cherkasy . Started 8.10.2019

Artem is 8 years old, he goes to the 2nd grade of an ordinary school, tries to keep up in all subjects. The boy knows how to walk by the hand, stand near a support, sit independently and, more recently, he learned to eat himself. And this is all overcoming the strong tone in the legs. About such children as Artem, they say as very promising. But it was not always like that. As a result of a medical error, the boy was born at 32 weeks of gestation. During childbirth, he received oxygen starvation of the brain. Closer to a year old, the baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, tetraparesis, and motor development retardation. From that moment a difficult life began for Artem and his parents.

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Epilepsy is not a sentence! 5

Donetsk region. Started 4.10.2019

For already seven years, the entire Kislovsky family has been fighting for the future of their little Polina. Not noticing barriers and fatigue, in order that the girl could become independent. Polina has very beautiful blue eyes, the color of the sky. But, at a time when her peers go to school and to various studios, Polina does not walk, does not speak, and does not understand everything. The girl needs intensive rehabilitation courses. Each course moves the child's development forward. Course after course, lesson after lesson, scary diagnosis is losing ground! 

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Little Polina dreams of dancing. 4

Donetsk region. Started 20.9.2019

Dreams should come true! Parents of a special baby ask to help their little Polina, who needs to undergo a very important rehabilitation course! Polina is special not because she has a cerebral palsy, but because this girl is stronger than many adults. During the 5 years of her life through hard work and pain, she already achieved a lot. She seats by herself tries to talk. Despite the disease, she is a cheerful girl, who wants to move. Everyone who knows Polina notes how much she wants to run and dance! But unfortunately her hands do not work well, she can’t concentrate, all the skills which are easily mastered by other kids, Polina needs to learn hard. 

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Cry mother's soul. 3

Kharkiv region. Started 10.6.2019

It is impossible to cure Zhenia in a few days! It is impossible to cure him in a month. And even in a year! Zhenya has been ill since birth. From the day when, at the 33rd week of mother's pregnancy, there was a threat to life for the baby. Urgent cesarean, hypoxia, resuscitation, artificial ventilation of the lungs – this is how the life of our boy began. The next stage was – several lines of diagnoses in the medical statement and a conclusion about disability. 

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Little Victoria wins over the disease. 2

Kharkiv. Started 5.6.2019

Victoria has a very serious diagnosis, in her 3 and a half years she is still not sitting, not standing, not walking, not talking, not chewing, and she has painful cramps, but despite all this she is very patient, very purposeful and hardworking. Victoria was born at 33 weeks with a weight of 1600 grams. Up to the age of 8 months, the baby got three times into intensive care unit, where the doctors selflessly fought for her life. Since then, family life has turned into endless hospitals, examinations, rehabilitation. 

Зроблено Funded 19 000 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH

Little Polina dreams to dance. 3

Donetsk region. Started 24.5.2019

Polina is a long-awaited child, the only one in the family. Pregnancy foreshadowed no surprises. The appearance of the baby was expected in early June of 2014. But ... in April, the war came to the city. Fear for herself, for the unborn child, for loved ones, for her home - mother was in constant stress. On the eve of the birth, mother got under fire. Strong fear led to the fact that the child began to rush in the stomach and entangled in the umbilical cord. 

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000 000 000 UAH

SMA, stop! 2

Donetsk region. Started 23.4.2019

Charming Dasha in a beautiful dress on a wheelchair played Mary's role in the inclusive play of the ballet Nutcracker. Behind the scenes, there was a daily titanic work, orthopedic remedies, medications, injections, amino acids, all that holds back SMA – a difficult genetic progressive disease. It is impossible to cure but is possible maintenance of the body and desperate containment of the disease so that it does not progress quickly. This way of life of the child – incurable, expensive and lifelong. 

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Help Artem overcome the disease. 3

Cherkasy. Started 18.4.2019

Artem is 7 years old. As a result of medical error, the child was born prematurely. During childbirth, the boy received severe oxygen starvation and brain cells were affected. During these 7 years, the baby already underwent a lot: constant treatment, rehabilitation, painful procedures, 2 surgeries. Doctors consider the child as very promising. And he tries! Thanks to work and perseverance, results are achieved: the boy crawls well, stands with the support, tries to stand by himself, walks by the handle. This year, Artem went to the first grade, to an ordinary school, with ordinary children. 

Зроблено Funded 11 646 UAH
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000 000 000 UAH