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PO "Vidchui"

м. Київ, просп. Академіка Глушкова, 1, буд. 60

NGO "Vidchui" is the Association of citizens with hearing impairments. Our mission is the protection of their interests and their integration in society, promoting social-labour and medical rehabilitation, enjoyment, and protection of lawful social, economic, creative, age-old, national-cultural, sports and other interests., 
Тел.: +380674634009, +380997154743

The main activities of NGO "Feel":

1) improve psychoemotional state of the family (leisure, rest);
2) long-term projects;
3) popularization of sign language;
4) social adaptation of children and adolescents with hearing impairments;
5) the development of an inclusive society;
6) assistance in pedagogical rehabilitation of children and adolescents with dentures;
7) advocate for the rights and interests of people with hearing impairments;
8) case management (support).

Our feel is to listen, to touch, to feel the world even when you can't!


Address: Kyiv, Academician Glushkov Avenue, 1/60

Tel.: +380674634009, +380997154743




I ran for very important. Lina Deshvar

Kiev. Стартував 7.9.2018

I am Lina Deshvar, a public activist and I love to help and be useful to children, because we are convinced, OUR CHILDREN - THIS IS THE FUTURE OF UKRAINE! My childhood passed on the boarding school walls, and I do not hear of the fact that living in institutions does not socialize children can not develop on an equal footing with other adolescents, and therefore, when they leave the boarding schools, children start life from scratch, they stay with the world on their own . Therefore, I am happy to join in a charity campaign that will allow adolescents to develop and not stop at the problems of society. I run for the sake of children who need our support and socialization in society. Join the Charity Race. Do it well.

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I ran for very important. Anastasia Fed-Titova

Kiev. Стартував 7.9.2018

I'm Anastasia Fed-Titova, a senior PR manager at the Gres Todorchuk PR agency, and I run a charity marathon, so that the teenage club, initiated by the "Vidchui" continued its existence. Every year, he becomes a meeting place for hundreds of children with hearing impairments and without. The place of communication, development, dating, the search for new friends and wonderful experiences. I'm running to help put together one idea on the road to a great dream to make our society more inclusive, friendly and open to change.

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I ran for very important. Dasha Lyubimova

Kiev. Стартував 7.9.2018

Hello! I am Dasha Lyubimova - Account Director at the Gres Todorchuk PR agency, focusing on social, cultural and educational projects. For more than 2 years my life has been filled with initiatives that are important for Ukrainian society, including the project "When the silence spoke" for the fund "Vidchui". To be honest, this project has given me the desire to help and talk even more about people who make incredible things every day and boldly overcome all the obstacles that are on their way. Thanks to the project, I became acquainted with talented children studying in the "Vidchui" center and sincerely fell in love with the fund team. All of them are incredible!

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Have a rest. Play. Communicate. Suzanska and Brezhnieva

Kiev. Стартував 22.3.2018

"We are sisters  Oleksandra Suzanska and Julia Brezhneva. We run because we love sports and good deeds. We are happy to realize that there is an opportunity to make this world a little better, more beautiful and more peaceful. And it's great to have the opportunity to share our efforts and actions with people around us on our own example. We want people to have more awareness and humanity in this period. By joining the marathon, we want to join the fundraising for the summer inclusive camp "Vidchui", because it is a worthy and strong initiative of socially responsible people".

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Have a rest. Play. Communicate. Camp team

Kiev. Стартував 22.3.2018

The volunteer team, which has been working with not hearing and hearing children for 5 years, is running because it no longer represents its summer without an inclusive camp. "My path began with the first step, and I'll start running with a dream about a summer inclusive tent camp, helping, I hope to see this summer with my friends, whom I met 5 years ago. I run because I love and I believe that God is always there!",  says Yuri Manko, volunteer inclusive camp, one of the camp team members.

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