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CF "Pink Ribbon Ukraine"

м. Київ, вул. Челябінська, б.17, к.56

CF "Pink Ribbon Ukraine" is a charity organization that provides information support for the treatment, rehabilitation, and diagnosis of cancer, advocacy, and protection of the rights of people with disabilities with tumors, fundraising for adults diagnosed with oncology. Our priority is breast cancer, HER 2 +++.,, 

The mission of the Foundation is to help psychologically and socially adapt to new living conditions. The most important thing is to provide access to innovative technologies in the treatment of the disease, advocacy at all stages of life, helping women to continue living an active life, despite everything, drawing on various sources and resources for medical, psychological and moral-ethical consultations. Organization and collection of funds in support of female patients through the implementation of works (goods, products, services) themselves oncological and partner organizations for the treatment, prolongation of life and quality of women in Ukraine.


Address: Kyiv, Cheliabinska street, 17, office 56




Three women, three fates, three stories of struggle

All Ukraine. Started 3.7.2017

They live in different parts of Ukraine – West, East, Center. They have different preferences, different professions, different tastes, different ages, but they are all united by one "front line" - a terrible diagnosis: breast cancer. All three have the aggressive form her2 / neu. The only chance to stop the progression of the disease is therapy with the innovative targeting drug Herceptin (Trastuzumab). Medications are extremely expensive, and the treatment is long and complex. 49 thousand hryvnias is what one bottle of medicine for one infusion costs. And they need 18 (a year of therapy – when infused every three weeks)!

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